Primaries End

So the long boring dull end of the primary season is upon us. I say boring and dull because after February, there was really nothing left of interest to me. McCain locked it up for the Republicans back then. We've just been waiting all this time for the other shoe to drop, and it appears as though with tonight's results that it finally has. Barack Obama has enough delegates as of right now to be declared the nominee. Of course, that's still very much dependent on how the superdelegates play out, but there's little chance they'll abandon him now.

I'll spare everyone the details of more silly results and just say for the record that Clinton won Puerto Rico on Sunday, she's won South Dakota today, and Obama is probably going to take Montana. Either way, it's looking like it's him or nothing now for the Democrats.

With this in mind, both candidates are now looking to pick a VP. I'll make two predictions right now. McCain will pick Romney, and Obama will pick Clinton. I know, it doesn't seem all that likely, but just wait. If it happens, don't say I didn't warn you :)

Delegate Counts to Date - Possibly final tally

John McCain: 1,517
Mike Huckabee: 275 (Dropped out, but still holding delegates)
Mitt Romney: 255 (Dropped out, but still holding delegates)
Ron Paul: 35 (No, he hasn't dropped out, but what good do 35 delegates do him now?)
Barack Obama: 2,132, includes superdelegates. Has 1,761 pledged.
Hillary Clinton: 1,925, includes superdelegates. Has 1,636 pledged.
John Edwards: 6 (Yes, he's still apparently clinging to a few even though he dropped out)

So from here it's on to the general election in November. My prediction there is that McCain will win but not by a very wide margin. It will once again come down to the quirks of the Electoral College.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jun 3, 2008 9:10 pm by Samson in: | 10 comment(s) [Closed]
Well, it was quite the ride getting here though, wasn't it? *snicker*

So, in November you're going to vote for Ron Paul, right? Afterall, it's not like the electorial college will even consider who any of us voted for before they decide for us anyway.. ;)

Ah, clearly you don't yet understand American politics. The next president has been picked already and we're all just sheep to the slaughter thinking we still have any say in it. The process has been entirely corrupt for decades. The Electoral College is a scam. It may have been what worked in the early 1800s but it's a useless mess now.

I don't understand... isn't that what I'd said?!?

I, for one, welcome our squirrel alien overlords.

Just because those alien overlords seem a bit squirrely doesn't mean they are actually squirels. :P

Oh my. I'm stepping out of the way on this one before Dwip vaporizes you for heresy :)

All part of the plan, really. If he does not understand the true nature of our masters, he cannot effectively rebel, now can he?

Yeah, that must be it... to your Squirrel Alien Overlords I say 'oh nuts!' :P

Oh, I don't think the Negative Magnetic Space Wedgy is going to like that. Not one bit. He's very protective of his Squirrel Alien hoardes.

All hail the Wedgy!

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