Primary Results: February 9, 2008

The race rolls on, with fewer participants left in it at this stage. It appears to have been a very solid night for Barack Obama, and Mike Huckabee makes another good showing. There's not quite the number of delegates at stake tonight, but as we've seen up until now, every last one the candidates get can have a huge impact.

Hillary Clinton apparently had another one of her tearful moments tonight as well. I guess the prospect of losing to Barack Obama is too much for her to handle, even though she still maintains a slight lead in delegates according to CNN's numbers.

Ron Paul is making a rather surprising showing in Washington for some reason. Perhaps with Romney out, the conservatives there are getting a bit desperate?

Kansas Republican Caucuses - 100% reporting
Mike Huckabee: 60% +36 delegates [Winner takes all]
John McCain: 24%
Ron Paul: 11%

Louisiana Primaries - 100% reporting
Mike Huckabee: 43%
John McCain: 42%
Ron Paul: 5%

Barack Obama: 57% +23 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 36% +15 delegates

Nebraska Democratic Caucuses - 99% reporting
Barack Obama: 68% +16 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 32% +8 delegates

Washington Caucuses - 87% reporting
John McCain: 26%
Mike Huckabee: 24%
Ron Paul: 21%

Barack Obama: 68% +35 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 31% +14 delegates

Delegate Totals To Date
John McCain: 714
Mike Huckabee: 217
Mitt Romney: 286 [Dropped out]
Ron Paul: 16

Hillary Clinton: 1108
Barack Obama: 1049
John Edwards: 26 [Dropped out]

Up next is the Maine Democratic Caucuses, where it's expected Barack Obama will make another killing.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Feb 10, 2008 1:47 am by Samson in: | 3 comment(s) [Closed]
Samson said:

Delegate Totals To Date
John McCain: 714
Mike Huckabee: 217
Mitt Romney: 286 [Dropped out]
Ron Paul: 16

Hillary Clinton: 1108
Barack Obama: 1049
John Edwards: 26 [Dropped out]

Hmm, these numbers certainly make it look likely that the electorial college would be electing Hillary if they voted today, I hope that you're right about Obama gaining the lead over Hillary. I'm sorry to see that Ron Paul has had such a poor showing overall, but maybe you've got a point about him and the fact that we're in a state of war, maybe his stance is a bit too over the top given that war status. Too bad really, I think he'd have made a much better president than Clinton, Obama, or McCain, and those are clearly the three most likely to include the winner at this point. Though I'd very happily take McCain over those other two if he can pull it off, even he's a far better choice than they are, and that's saying quite a bit... *sigh*

I wouldn't be so quick to hand things to Clinton just yet Conner. She just replaced her campaign manager, and loaned her campaign $5 million in personal funds to stay afloat. Barack Obama is rolling along quite nicely.

As I said before, Ron Paul is an isolationist wacko who otherwise has excellent domestic policy ideas. Maybe John McCain would consider him for a cabinet post or something. Secretary of the Treasury perhaps. Don't hold your breath on that though :)

And it looks like you're next up to have your say Conner. Your primaries are up in two days. Make the most of it.

I'm not eager to hand her anything, I'm just going off the numers you'd provided. I do agree that the indications beyond those numbers are that she's not going to win and she knows it. I'm not entirely sure that Obama being in office would be that great an improvement either, but.. well, hopefully we don't have to find out.

As you said before, if he had done better overall or changed his isolationist policy given the current war climate, you'd have voted for him yourself. :P That might be nice, but it doesn't matter all that much, I understand he's currently trying to shift his focus back to congress anyway.. maybe he'll try again in four years.


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