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It's been a busy time with my various projects. Lots of stuff flying around in the worlds of PHP and C++ lately. Since I'm bored I figured I'd toss out a few semi-random updates:

Quicksilver Forums

QSF released version 1.4.0 after just over 10 months. In the world of forum software, that's a very long time to go without something new. We're now sporting a brand new skin, new bbcode parser, new database backup/restore, better timezone handling, tighter permission controls on guest viewing, HttpOnly cookies for you IE users, and a whole pile of bugfixes and other enhancements.

It's been a long time since I personally handled the release and I'd forgotten how much of a huge pain in the ass Sourceforge and Berlios are to deal with when submitting project updates. Freshmeat isn't quite as bad but updating that too soon after new submissions to SF tends to annoy it.

Release candidate testers have all had nothing but high praise for the new skin and we're hoping that will help drive adpotion of the software a little more. For you Ashlander lovers, the new Ashlander 3 for QSF will be out very shortly. I needed to breathe :P

QSF Portal

I was hoping to get this out in parallel release with QSF 1.4.0, and might still go ahead with that, but I was hoping to get an updated logo to go with it before doing that. Those of you who had expressed interest in the logo creation otta speak up quick! QSFP will also be sporting the new skin, based on the QSF core skin. Since there have been more incremental releases it hasn't been quite as long, but this does include tightened guest controls a number of important bugfixes.

The Ashlander 3 skin will be released at the same time as the main package. The feedback on it has been overwhelmingly positive, except for a couple of folks who had a spaz fit about vertical space loss. :)


Those of you following the AFKMud trunk already know it's in a bit of disarray. This was somewhat expected after the fallout from all of the Smaug 1.8 additions. Fixing the trunk has been somewhat low priority while the Alsherok code itself is in such a mess. I really should at least make it possible to compile the trunk. :)

AFKMud 2.1 is going to be a huge step forward on the C++ conversion. I'm in the middle of turning everything over to std::string and it's a long, tedious process. Justice has been quite helpful during all of this and I'm getting a better feel for how nice std::string is to work with compared to regular C strings. He's also provided me with a new set of functions to handle indexing the skill_table which are quite nice.

Those of you who are looking for SQL stuff to play with, I haven't forgotten you. I'm still planning on getting a snippet together for the help files once we're back to stable code. I'm also going to be releasing a module for QSF Portal as a companion piece which will allow access to the help information from the website. It should also work ok in Quicksilver Forums too, though it hasn't been tested for that.

I'm also planning to make it possible to have overland maps with variable dimensions, but this is going to require a bit of restructuring of the code and that won't be happening for awhile yet.

Smaug FUSS

Right now the project is somewhat on cruise control. I suspect everyone is still reeling from the magnitude of changes that came with 1.8, and being shocked by the new skin update that happened around the same time on the project site. We're still very much alive over there though.


Funny how things work out. This was never really supposed to be my project but sometimes it happens. Devenon found a bug in the RSS feed which I've incorporated here and will show up in the 1.2 release. Sandbox 1.2 will have several improvements, the most obvious of which is going to be the new sidebar boxes. I still need to add the "last 5 comments" and a search box. Behind the scenes the image gallery got a huge shot in the arm with the ability to edit the information associated with images.

I suppose that means a proper set of upgrade scripts will be needed too since a lot of this is adding to the templates and altering database fields. I hate writing upgrade scripts though. :)


We just did a major code sync with the QSFP core and threw in some more subtle goodies. There's huge potential at the site but for some reason we just don't seem to be sparking a huge amount of interest. Perhaps we're missing a killer app or module or something? Otherwise things are rolling along nicely.


I bet you all forgot about this one. Seems everyone else has too. It's hardly getting any more visitors and I'm considering shutting it down since all it's doing now is wasting space. It's not even attracting bots. The entire Registerfly scandal has been resolved anyway with GoDaddy taking over all of the domains. That's a whole other debacle waiting to happen though.

In other miscellaneous news, I've started linking more to the The Truth About Medievia page I've got mirrored. Don't be surprised if you see links to it popping up in places it didn't used to :)

So, yeah. I've rattled on enough now I think. If anyone has anything to suggest or offer on what's been said, the floor is open :)
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Aug 26, 2007 3:00 pm by Samson in: , | 7 comment(s) [Closed]
Well, now that the floor's been opened, you knew I wouldn't miss a chance to comment. ;) *LOL*

You're bored, with all that you have going on?!? *L*

QSF: That sounds awesome, especially given the implications to QSFP. ;)

QSFP: If everything's ready to go but the new logo, it's prolly safe to go with what you've got. If I were doing up the logo for you I'd just cheat and use, so if the submissions so far have been as slim as they seem from my end of the internet, maybe you want to alleviate a bit of that bordom by checking what you can come up with there for a bit?
(I was not one of the ones upset about the space, I was defending the new skin.) :(

AFKMud: You've done some amazing stuff with this one so far. Yeah, in the long run the trunk should probably be compilable, but it's the current branch that most folk ought to be more interested in. Can't wait for that snippet. :D

SmaugFUSS: Agreed, it's had a lot of recent change and can stand to sit idle for a wee bit while folks figure out what bugs the new stuff introduced and how they want to incorporate the new stuff.

Sandbox: So Kiasyn did finally turn it over to you entirely then? If this site is now the (un)official beta site for it, love the directions you're taking with it. If only it better supported multiple bloggers and member groups... *shrug*

MudBytes: I thought the site was doing great, have hits been dropping on us?

Registerflea: Nope, hadn't forgotten about it, but I did think the scandal that spawned it was over and done with so I was moved on already. *shrug*

Let me know if you'd like me to link that page elsewhere for you too. ;)

Ok, that's my two cents.. next! ;D

Heh, I fully expected you'd drop in to have a look :)

QSFP: I thought about hitting up I've had less than stellar results from things generated by sites like that though.

Sandbox: No. He's never said anything official one way or the other. I just grabbed the torch he left lying around and ran with it. I think even he regarded my site as a forum of unofficial testing though.

MudBytes: Well. Judging by our current GA stats, we're attracting more hits. But that doesn't tell us the whole story. They're coming, they're just not really doing much once they're there. Discussions have picked up a bit recently but that's about all.

As far as the link, yes. The more it's spread around, the better. Even with marginal page value it's sitting at #3 on Google for lookups on the Medievia keyword. Boosting it's ranking can't hurt.

QSFP: Eh, they may be less than stellar, but it's still got to be better than nothing and if the only submission you've gotten otherwise was the one from Vladaar (which I didn't look at) and you didn't care for it, maybe it'll work out to give you something at least passable for the time being?

Sandbox: *nod* I wasn't sure if he'd finally actually let go officially or not, I kinda think he should already, it's not like you're the type to not give him continuing credit for the original product after all.

MudBytes: Hmm, I know there've been new articles and uploads and posts.. even new mud submissions lately, what else could we be doing there? :(

Ok, I'll throw it onto my pages for you too then. :)

He isn't? He totally gave all my work to someone else to COMPLETELY COPY and then claim to copyright.

Yes, I'm still quite bitter about that.

Um, sorry, Whir, I don't know anything about that.. and from the sounds of it, I'm not certain that I'm not better off that way.. I'm assuming this is some old matter between you and Samson and I take it that it involves code which he didn't comply with your licensing about and which you feel was never satisfactorily resolved.. good enough summation?

No. He's bitter about some old web code he thinks I just handed to Orion to copy when all Orion had was a bunch of static PHP includes of raw HTML he could have stolen from the HTML source ( he being Orion btw ). I've attempted to explain it all before but Whir chooses not to listen.

I'm sure I'm about to be told I'm full of crap and that I'm just a code thief and Orion is a dickhead, but in the end it's just a lot of hooey. The issue never really involved me. Only the fact that I played host to stuff Orion was doing. He never took action on his own and expected me to do so without any proof. Then blamed me for it happening. Yes. *I'm* still a bit peeved about that part.

The point is moot now though. Orion is gone. MUD Planet and all of its child sites are gone. All of the crappy ass old static PHP/HTML sites that ran with the code Orion produced are also gone. The only one remaining using the code structure is Arthmoor. But Orion designed the look and layout of all of that. Which won't last much longer since it'll be going to QSF Portal when I get the time.

Um, I see.. I'm not sure that I wanted to..

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