Randomness of Dreams

Have you ever had one of those truly weird dreams you can't place? Wondered where exactly you were and why you were there? Couldn't figure it out because it doesn't look familiar at all? Well I had one of those last night, and managed to recall just enough of it after waking up to jot down this crude floor plan. Yay MS Paint, and paper + pencil before it.

So. Do you recognize this place? Is this your house? If so, I think we need to talk, because we probably know each other! Seems like a somewhat unique layout too, but it's not one of the houses my family ever occupied.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Dec 12, 2009 6:58 pm by Samson in: | 14 comment(s) [Closed]
Where's the outhouse? ;-)
I have similar dreams where I'm in houses that I know I've never been in, and often they have very odd layouts.
Usually there's talking animals involved, dogs and cats mostly.
Lots of dreams where I'm being chased by non talking tigers and bears.
I'm pretty sure the tigers represent women, because there's always three of them.
But the bears are the worst. Ever been partly eaten in a dream by a bear? It's not pleasant.

I can handle zombies and chainsaw massacres... no problem.
But this is one of the more terrifying movie scenes... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G31h5gbazwU
Probably why I started dreaming about bears chasing me. :-P

Well, that's why dreams are weird. I don't recall there being a bathroom :)

No talking animals in this one, but lots of people I didn't recognize. Some kind of party or something.

And you know, if you're going to go into the woods to poke sticks at bears, you shouldn't be surprised when they want to eat you face off. WTF were those two thinking :P

Definitely not the layout of my house. Sorry, Samson. Then again, if you'd visited my house, I'd really like to think it'd be more pleasantly memorable anyway. ;)

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #5 Dec 17, 2009 8:46 pm

Sorry, just figured someone otta know that the bastards there have taken every opportunity to slam your good name for no good reason. Including insulting the only working implementation of overland for Smaug. Amazing what they'll do when you don't show up and set them straight. I'd like to see the damn kiwi pull off something better, but we all know he's incapable.

Sounds like a typical thing he'd say about someone who actually accomplished something instead of spending all his time on theory with no results. If I thought it would do the damndest bit of good I'd go tell him to piss off and advise everyone else to not hold their breath waiting on him to come up with a better working system that's actually implemented somewhere.

Oh well. When he's done as much for the MUD community as I've done for the Oblivion community, he'll be in a position to allow his over inflated ego to run wild. Until then, he's just a spoiled kid with too much time on his hands for his own good.

Samson about Kiasyn said:

Sounds like a typical thing he'd say about someone who actually accomplished something instead of spending all his time on theory with no results. [...] he's just a spoiled kid with too much time on his hands for his own good.

Wow, you know, I think I said something very close to that a few years back about him myself.. sadly at the time, I believe it was Samson telling me that I needed to try to get along and not get bent out of shape over a silly 16 year old.. guess now that the kid's reached the age of majority others are starting to see it too. I do believe now, as I did back then, that, for his age, Kiasyn's got some real talent with code but that he spends too much of his time worrying about his parents' reaction to his stupid stunts that he knew better than to do in the first place and on starting projects that will never go anywhere because he doesn't stick to any of them long enough to take them where he wants to. The funny thing is, when I was as young as him I wanted to go to college to become a theoretical physicist because I was much the same way.. amazing what a decade or two of maturity will do for one, isn't it?

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #8 Dec 18, 2009 12:08 pm
Ya. so. tried ya'lls advice. Went to say my piece about all this recent shit. Assholes deleted the posts without a word. Then banned me. Shoulda seen that coming. Seems their little Happy Pony world is all an illusion and the iron fists are in total control.

Ntanel [Anon] said:
Comment #9 Dec 18, 2009 2:09 pm
Hey Sams, you shuld go tell that guy to stuff it. I no your a better coder than him. You cant let people smear your name like that.

Sorry to hear it, Anonymous, though we did warn you that would most likely be the outcome.

Ntanel: First I'd point out that Kiasyn already knows that, while he is good at code in general, he can't compare to Samson, and everyone else already knows it too. Second I'd have to ask if this post was really by you since I was under the impression that you usually used a bit more care in your typed comments with regard to spelling...

On a barely related note, the other day I was skimming my daily summary from TMC and was caught a bit off my guard when I saw the following:
The Mud Connector (TMC) Discussion Summaries - 12/15/09 said:

Subject: RE: New mud looking for coders/builders/enforcers
Author: Gatz
Posted: Mon Dec 14 [5:09 PM]
Url for Post:

<blockquote style='border: solid; border-width: thin; padding: 1em; text-align: left'>Both DBSaga and DBX are extremely buggy (based off an existing
buggy Smaug/Circle), so I have no idea why you would use them.
Not only that, they aren't even maintained.

Gotta agree with Zeno here. Also, DB Saga is a bit over-used by MUDs that typically are looked down upon around these parts. I think you'd gain a lot more momentum with your Bleach MUD if you went with something like SMAUG FUSS or even a non-Diku MUD, but that depends on which programming language you feel most comfortable in or want to grow your ability in.

Personally, I'm a SMAUG FUSS (<a href="http://www.smaugmuds.org/">http://www.smaugmuds.org/</a> ) guy, the community for it is pretty nice and it has MUD Titans like Samson, Kayle and Remcon who have really, really done great work in making sure the base has been kept in good shape. I also know AFKMUD and LoP are pretty cool, too. While I don't see a billion AFKMUD and LoP based MUDs popping up here and there, they look sexy enough to check it out.

Also, since it seems you really aren't hardcore in love with DBX/DBS, I'd suggest spending some time booting up code bases like SMAUG FUSS, AFKMUD, LoP and even non-Diku bases and playing with them before you decide. While you may view this as an initial waste of time, it'll pay off in the end.

I really hope your Bleach MUD takes off, I'd love to see a pure Bleach MUD around, sorry Zeno :). I know I'd play it...or at least seriously try it. Good luck!

Granted, one has to consider the source (not just TMC, but also that the poster was Gatz), but still, to see Samson, Kayle, and Remcon lumped together as "MUD Titans" was a bit shocking.. when did Kayle become even close to the status of either Samson or Remcon?? But at least the rest of that paragraph seems to be pushing www.smaugmuds.org and did specifically give relatively high praise to both AFKMUD and LoP neither of which owe credit to Kayle.. ;)

Well to be perfectly honest I have no idea why *I* was lumped in with a group of "MUD Titans" either, but I'm glad to at least have my contributions recognized for what they are instead of being attacked for my political beliefs because I don't agree with the other members of the community. And right now I'm having a hard time remembering why Gatz is supposed to be bad? You may well have told me recently but I've tried to ignore most of this crap for awhile now, which doesn't seem to be working.

Kayle has also done plenty to help with the SmaugFUSS and SWRFUSS branches and is working on his own custom codebase on the side, so don't dismiss his contributions for what they are. We may not agree with his position on all the recent BS but what he's done still counts for quite a lot in my book.

And Conner, Ntanel hasn't always been picture perfect with his typed posts, so there's no reason to suspect it wasn't him since I would have no clue what IP he comes from these days. However, trying to go defend my good name won't make any difference on MB, they'd decided i'm scum and no amount of evidence to the contrary will change their minds, so they can stew in their hatred all they want. Kiasyn knows what he said was a boneheaded insult with nothing to back it up and he took that shot knowing I'd be unlikely to show up there to say anything. I wouldn't be surprised to find out he did it to try and provoke a rise out of me because he's bored and needs to flex his banhammer muscles some more. Though if he'd done as I asked it would be moot because I wouldn't even have an account there.

I can understand, within the context of Smaug, why you'd be stacked with Remcon but not so much so Kayle, I don't think I'm discounting his contributions, just classing him a step or two below you guys. Though I agree that the phrase "MUD Titans" does sound a little strange in general. Nothing against Gatz really, per se.

Hmm, you may have a point about the account but you definitely have one about Kiasyn's remark.

Don't dismiss Kiasyns abilities and talents as a programmer, he is one intelligent person with a whole lot of ability. Having worked with him on a Ruby project, i can attest first hand to his abilities. However, the most important area were Samson trumps him, is in his ability to complete things. Where Samson competes and releases things, Kiasyn hordes or never finishes much at all. To mind mind, he who completes and releases things has much more value than someone who has extraordinary talent and skills and never completes or releases anything.

This is why i do not have much respect for many people at MB, but to give someone like Crapulus his due, he does actually keep on releasing software and deserves credit in this regard, where as people like DH spend countless hours postulating and showing how intelligent they are without really ever putting out any code. No skill and Lots of skill, dont you think its funny how the no skill noobs always achieve more than those with incredible talent. Hell even i have 8 odd releases of my codebase and i couldn't code my way out of a wet paper bag.

Anywho just my 20 cents on a subject that has nothing to do with this thread. :)

Well, Fury, I don't think anyone was dismissing Kiasyn's abilities nor slighting his intelligence, but his comments are ridiculous given how much Samson has done. While I'm not so concerned about (and not as impressed as you seem to be by) quantity of released materials, I do think the inability to actually finish projects speaks loudly.

As for Cratylus versus David.. For all my dislike of David, I've never tried to discount his ability and I've checked out his released works (on his blog site as well as at Smaugmuds.org and MB) before and am always impressed by his programming skills, it's his personality and people skills I find badly wanting. Cratylus, on the other hand, does have some programming credit due and his people skills are quite well honed, but to an intentionally evil end.

Regarding your own programming skills or lack thereof, I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I've not previously actually ever checked out your released codebase(s), primarily because I tend to look far more actively into snippets than full codebases, but also, and almost equally, because of y "smaug-centricity".

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