Read the Readmes People

Ok. Remember, this is your fault for it being somewhat aimless and random, but here goes:

WTF is it with people who don't read your readme after you've spent time putting it together? People who ask "is it compatible with X" when there's a compatibility section in a readme annoy the shit out of me. If the readme says it's compatible with anything that doesn't alter a certain NPC, then Jesus Christ people, use your brains. That means it's compatible. If a mod's readme specifically says it doesn't touch worldspace or city cells, then why the hell would you even need to ask if it's compatible with Open Cities?

If a readme tells you a clean save upgrade is REQUIRED because the mod's feature has been redone in a different way and you have to get the game to toss out the old code, why would you then show up in the topic and ask if it needs to be clean saved, or complain that the very problem mentioned is happening in your game? Come on.

Then there's the even more obvious resource downloads where people actually get mad at you for not including the ESP - when the readme clearly states there isn't one and it's intended for modders to use as a resource in their work, not a standalone mod. These particular idiots even down vote stuff like this due to their stupidity.

Anyway, yeah, probably a crappy rant but there it is. READ THE DAMN READMES.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jun 9, 2010 7:04 pm by Samson in: | 462 comment(s) [Closed]
Yay! Random Rant Time!

- Released unfinished mods
- Released mods with no pics - when will people realize this is what 'sells' mods?
- Stupid mods that have nothing to do with the game. I've recently seen a motorcycle and a leather jacket (that comes with a t-shirt!)
- Everybody who's trying to outdo the other guy with their giant new world space mod .... with nothing in it.
- the CS
- Stupid people

I'm sure I have more. That's just off the top of my head. And I can't believe I almost missed the All Natural update. Do I need to clean save? *ducks*

Hey, what's the story behind the guy who released a mod about IC using the UL name? I get the impression he's not even on the team?

I also despise the ones where you release an update to a patch, then get complaints that shit in the patch is broken that you didn't touch - ever - which has been the same for 2 years or longer. Yet suddenly and magically it just breaks for no reason. I sometimes wonder if people are just making shit up to be trolls.

That IC sewers mod is a parody. A really bad one at that. I guess the guy got frustrated that something he was working on needed a UL patch and so he decided to just make fun of the whole process by crapping out a bunch of nonsense at sewer openings and then call it a Unique Landscapes to seal the deal. Except he got hammered with a huge public backlash and ended up having to change his mod's name.

Whats a README?

Come on Fury, even you otta know what a readme is :)

The text file that has directions on how to install something, what it does, that sort of thing?

Cat killer!

Hostilities must have broken our too close to town. Always interesting. Was Thalonias off slacking? He usually does a good job on cleanup.


Ok, I'll admit, I did do it. I wanted to see Dwip cry. And he did when I told him in email what I did.
In fact, I've killed mostly everyone in Weye (except Thalonias and Lucius. I like them). Sithis would be proud.

(It was the only way to test gossip on dead NPC's)

@Samson (Original Post):
Interesting readme rant, Samson. In general, I'd very much agree with your sentiments. In defense of the poor shmuck who did read the readme but isn't actually a modder (newbies?) Without knowing what characters are involved in every other mod out there, if your readme says yours only affects a given character that doesn't really tell me about compatibility. Likewise, I've only learned what worldspace and city cells are or have to do with anything by listening to y'all discussing modding, otherwise that wouldn't have meant anything to me either. Frankly, I'm still not entirely clear on what a clean save actually entails, but if one of the mods I'm already using required one I'd do a site search here to get a refresher on what y'all said about it regarding Dwip's big mod awhile back. I'll grant that if someone's downloading a strictly modder's resource that's not intended for use directly in the game, bitching about there not being a esp or esm file included seems kind of stupid. Forget the readme at that point though, now you're just talking about not having bothered to read the file description at the point of download.

Um, yeah.. you mean you don't want a leather jacket with t-shirt for your character in-game and a motorcycle instead of a horse? :rolleyes:

Could be that they're just now noticing something broken and not bothering to read the change list so they don't know that it's not something that has anything to do with your update, but yeah, I can easily see where it'd be annoying though.

There's always at least one in every crowd, right? :lol:

:Smacks Fury upside the head: The file authors include with their software packages to tell you last minute changes or installation instructions or what have you. Given that almost all mud codebases come with one, you aren't really in a position to be having to ask that at this point...

He's gotta just be trying to be facetious. There's no way he doesn't know what a readme file is.

Well, you could've at least positioned his corpse so that I could've seen his face to be able to put face to name. ;)
She looks awfully happy considering that arrow sticking out of her side there..

"Cat killer"? Killing cats is bad?

Why'd you want to make Dwip cry? :(
(Yes, Sithis would be proud.)
Ah, that makes more sense then.


Ok, I think I'm caught back up on this new thread now...

Come on Fury, even you otta know what a readme is

:Smacks Fury upside the head

BAZINGA; my carefully designed rouse got 2 for the price of one. LOL. Of course i know what a readme is, i was playing dumb end user who is too lazy to read the instructions. 6am here and its bloody cold, im going back to bed to read, atleast its nice and warm there, praise be to the prophet alla peanut butter sandwiches that i have today off.

What, pray tell, is BAZINGA? :tongue:

Right, the dumb end user who can figure out where to find mods to download and how to complain about them, but not how to follow the readme to install them...

"the prophet alla peanut butter sandwiches"? Is that a bearded peanut butter sandwich wrapped in a linen clothe, perhaps with a swirl of whipped cream on top of it and a couple of raisins shoved into it's front as eyes?

In other words, we've been trolled. But I remain the ruling troll on this blog, so nobody get any funny ideas.

Um, yeah.. in the meantime, I'm still curious about this "the prophet alla peanut butter sandwiches" that fury mentioned, as I outlined in my last post, it conjures quite an interesting and amusing bit of imagry. Of course, Radical Extreme Islamists would have to stone Fury to death for the remark on two counts, were they to learn of it and have access to him: first, for parodying their god and reducing him to a mere prophet at that (Allah is God and Muhammod is his Prophet, as I understand it.. not that dissimilar from the catholic concept of Jesus being part of the Holy Trinity, actually, but I suppose that's a whole other argument...), and secondly for conjuration whch, as we all know, is a form of evil sorcery...

What, pray tell, is BAZINGA?

Bazinga is what Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory says when he tries to be humorous, which if you know the show is funny in and of itself.

"the prophet alla peanut butter sandwiches" that fury mentioned,

Kind of got this from some kids cartoon or perhaps Sesame St magician who would wave his magic wand and say Ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches. EDIT: The Amazing Mumford Turns out it was a muppet.

it conjures quite an interesting and amusing bit of imagery.

Yeah i have to agree, especially sitting where i do and knowing the background to what made me say that.

In other words, we've been trolled. But I remain the ruling troll on this blog,

True, but you have to admit it was a good troll and I got both of you, however we will grant you King Troll status. :)

Edited by The_Fury on Jun 11, 2010 12:53 am
Alrighty then, Fury... Now you're quoting Muppets while admitting that you're a Sesame Street fan... next thing we know you'll be breaking out in a rendition of It isn't easy being green or The Rainbow Connection. :tongue:

Huh, I just noticed over at the Bethsoft forum there's a thread for suggesting modder interview candidates and our fearless leader has been nominated over 10 times in the past month.

So, Samson, have they asked you yet?

And who among us hasn't quoted a Muppet or two? :P

It's not easy being green. *ducks*

No, I haven't been contacted about that yet, and I'm flattered all those people have been pushing to get me interviewed. I'm sure when Gstaff or Nick is ready they'll get ahold of me. I'm not hard to find :)

Sounds like some smart people out there have figured out that our fearless leader is indeed one of the best modders available. ;)

Yes, Samson, but I don't believe that song involves scales.. :lol:

Nope, you're not hard to find, except by IM. ;)

Today's chuckle...

Peek a boo?

Come out, come out wherever you are

Sneaky little Khajiit. Oh, and ignore the dead horse.


Which is to say...lolwut?

Yeah, that's uh... a good one. How'd you manage to make him invis?

Now that's an effective stealth mode. I could understand if it was your character, though even then I'd expect to see more outline, but an NPC?

:lol: :shrug:

I didn't do anything. I walked out of the Inn one night and ran into invisible Maliq. It is weird there's no outline at all, plus he didn't say anything, so I guess he's not even really there. After a small rest to make it morning he was back to normal walking down the street from the manor to come have breakfast. When I asked him about his little trick he just smiled.

Edit: Heh, well, I went back in game this morning and same thing happened the next night. Apparently I was wrong, he is there. Activating dialogue made him show up. There was just no random 'near an NPC' greeting until he was visible.

Edited by Hanaisse on Jun 13, 2010 12:42 pm
Sounds pretty strange, but if it's working otherwise... :shrug:

Why do I get all the random weapon glitches?

Lucius in Weye.

Sanjani in ABR

Speaking of lolwut...

What the hell?

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