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So yet again I've been forced to shuffle things around because of a bad choice in registrars. Most of you are probably already aware of my past problems with Registerfly ( oh God, if you're not, you should be ! ) which caused me to have to make a sudden bail out. The mess from that took months to sort and I thought I had everything in good hands with

That turned sour in a hurry when they suddenly and without consent renewed all of the domains I had pulled out from Registerfly. There were some I didn't need anymore, so I was rather upset with this. makes it difficult at best to undo the auto-renewal and I spent several days going back and forth with their tech people before I finally just said screw it and transferred the domains I wanted to keep over to and wrote a nasty letter telling them to obliterate the rest. At least they did so without too much trouble. For whatever it's worth, they're owned and operated by a British company and don't even have ICANN accreditation. As if that means anything anymore anyway.

The trouble hasn't ended there though. As I later found out, also has no means for blocking auto-renewal. So once more I got a surprise bill for two of the domains that were among the first early ones to get shuffled out. This time when I went to investigate how to solve this, there are simply no options available. You either auto-renew and pay for things you don't want, or you close your account. There's no happy middle ground unless you threaten the billing department, at which point they will grill you needlessly for your full account details and only then will they block the auto-renewal from their end. How a company operates this way and gets a BBB seal of approval is beyond me, but I trusted that symbol to mean something. Apparently in Canada it doesn't mean what it does here in the USA. Has nobody heard of credit fraud in the world?

During all of this, I decided to sample another foreign registrar people have raved about., which for some strange reason gets good reviews. Their site is pretty bad, and when all was said and done, they charged me nearly twice what a domain registration goes for elsewhere. Even other foreign companies. While they had options to block the auto-renewal on by default, I discovered that their supposedly stellar whois privacy protection wasn't quite so private. All it blocked was your email information. Why pay a premium for having your address and phone number on display to the world? Craziness. At least they didn't put up a fight when I left. Then again, they're French. They wouldn't know a fight if it walked up and bit them in the ass :)

So where does that leave me now? Currently I've got all of the domains I care to keep, 18 in total right now, registered with So far it's been a much more pleasant experience. Their interface is clean, easy to use, and has all the options I need prominently displayed. Auto-renewal is off by default, so no surprise bills. They charge extra for domain privacy, but their initial fees are lower than everyone but GoDaddy, so in the end it's like registering anywhere else and not getting whois protection. The protection activates immediately and hides everything. All of the transfers I ordered were processed literally overnight. Something I've never been able to get from anywhere else. Only time will tell if this was a wise choice or not, but so far so good, and it's a US company to boot.

I don't believe in the wild coincidence theory that would normally state that what happened to me in all this was unique. I don't buy into the BS that these foreign companies are all great and wonderful and I just managed to get screwed somehow by sheer accident. I think they just treat everyone like shit, including their own countrymen. Sure, I may be looking at all this with a very narrow perspective, but everything I ran into was put there by design by someone sitting in some big office somewhere. If this is what being multi-cultural subjects us to, I want no part of it.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 20, 2008 3:12 pm by Samson in: | 7 comment(s) [Closed]
Amazing, Samson.. at least we have you to serve as our registar watchdog (or is that guinea pig?) so we know who not to use. ;)

I thought the BBB only rated a company 'badly' if they got complaints about them and otherwise automatically gave them a 'positive' rating...

*chuckles and waits for the protests of personal attack from a certain supporter of France who frequents this blog...*

Gee, down to only 18 domains, eh? *Laughs and crosses his fingers for Samson's sake regarding this latest registar.*

*sigh* Normally I'd very quickly point out that, so far, no one had put forth this wild coincidence theory, etc, but I know just where this is coming from in this case. *shrug*

But I don't like being the registrar watchdog or guinea pig. It's expensive!

The BBB only rates companies based on complaints received, yes. But they also have this little online reliability logo that is flying ( so is btw ) that is SUPPOSED to be a sign of good service. What I got wasn't anywhere close to that. I suppose I should file a complaint, but what good would it do? They're not going to cancel the company's logo because of me :P

Yes. Down to 18 domains. It was 26 not too long ago but I've been letting the ones I don't need or don't want anymore expire as they come up. I'm sure you must have seen my posts about the FUSS ones that expired and became porn sites, right?

I think in David's case his stay in France has colored his view of what to expect from a company and perhaps he thinks being treated like garbage is the norm. I can assure you most US consumers are not that tolerant of being jerked around.

Entirely understandable, was just trying to find a positive spin for you. ;)

Samson said:

I suppose I should file a complaint, but what good would it do? They're not going to cancel the company's logo because of me :P

And this is how companies like that remain in good standing with the BBB. :P

Yes, I do indeed rather clearly recall those posts, but it's still amazing to consider that you're down to a mere 18 domains that are still must have when I, myself, currently have none.

and I was trying so hard to avoid actually stating a specific name.. ;)

Yes. I suppose you're right. Perhaps I should file a complaint then.

The 18 domains aren't must-haves I just didn't feel like leaving them in the hands of a company that planned to rob me to keep them there.

*L* In the long run, it probably doesn't really matter that much, but ultimately it rather comes down to the notion that if you don't feel it's worth the complaint then how can you expect others to feel that it is either? *shrug*

Well, no, I wouldn't have left them there either, just seems like a lot of domains to someone like me who's never actually had more than a third of that number at a time himself...

Yeah, well. You have to keep in mind that it's not 18 distinct domains either. It's packs of domains. The whole get the .com/net/org at one time thing. That's the reality of domain purchases these days. You have to buy all that to keep the spammers from stealing your customers/visitors/whatever by deliberately duping people with your name just because you forgot to get one of the 3.

Sady enough, I did understand that and was comparing apples to apples there, the most I've ever owned were two domains plus their .com/.net/org alternatives. *shrug*

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