Sabre Rattling

So it looks like North Korea is trying to get themselves annihilated. Following on from last week's threats that everyone assumed were as hollow as Obama's promised of transparency, North Korea voided the armistice that ended the fighting in 1953.

So far, nothing has been done to back this new threat, but it's beginning to look like we shouldn't still be ignoring Dear Leader's words. It appears he's intent on actually picking a fight this time.

Perhaps his father didn't quite get him up to speed about what it means to fling around stupid propaganda. Perhaps the isolation of their country means Kim the Younger actually believed it when his father kept saying we were out for blood. If this is the case, then we'd be fools to pass this off as more empty threats and hollow posturing.

War with North Korea would mean Seoul gets lit up like a Christmas tree by the North's artillery. That would happen fast enough that we wouldn't have time to mount an appropriate response to that before thousands of lives are lost and billions of dollars in damage is done. Considering the boob we have running our country right now, I'm not even assured we'd respond AT ALL.

If hostilities do break out, then all the threats they've been making are on the table, up to and including striking the US with a nuclear weapon. If the fools actually start fighting then we need to wipe them off the map as quickly as possible. Nothing less will be sufficient to end this.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Mar 11, 2013 8:43 pm by Samson in: , | 36 comment(s) [Closed]
Well, hopefully, "Kim the Younger" will have the poor sense to at least wait until 2017 when Samson's had time to get inaugurated and warmed up to the post in the White House and familiar with the codes and such needed to push that mystical button that everyone always jokes about the president having. ;)


If this makes no sense to you why I'd bother posting it, the background music is the opening theme to Oblivion.




...I could keep going.

Slightly more seriously if not any less sleep deprived, I note that:

1. North Korea has voided the armistice 7 or 8 times since 1994, last I checked.

2. As much as I'm sure North Korea would love to nuke us in the face, they literally can't. Their missiles suck too much, as do their nukes.

3. This is probably mostly for domestic consumption. That said, they've been getting awfully belligerent lately, and honestly I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they started a war for would look to us like entirely batshit reasons, because the number of people who understand why the leadership of North Korea does anything is an extremely small number.

Man, North Korea's IT department is certainly up to date.

Samson, it occurred to me watching that video that you do a far more effective job demonizing Obama than North Korea can.

@prettyfly: Hey, a man's gotta have skillz. ;)

@Dwip: by the numbers...
1. Why shouldn't they have Oblivion gates? They've got all sorts of acres of woodland to hide them in... er, I mean of course they've voided the armistice numerous times, it's what they do, but this time matters because they've got a new leader who needs to be put back in his place...
2. I think Samson's right in so much that if they tried we'd wipe them off the map before they really had a chance to get started. ..agreed, their technology just isn't there yet no matter what Kim tells his people, the problem is that he is trying to get it there with a stated goal of attacking us, we really ought to at least, you know, kind of take it as a someday threat or something...
3. Wouldn't know, I tend to avoid watching videos most of the time, sorry Samson, it's a bandwidth thing. ...Apparently Dennis Rodman would understand it. :D

I'm just going to leave this here and note that these guys can pep talk while wearing fake green plants and waving guns from WWII like bosses.

Heh. That's pretty funny actually.

Damn! I wish our countries all had such modern and enthusiastic armies! :sniper:

When you are an impoverished 3rd world nation, the highest you can aim for militarily is "Spray and Pray" NK knows if it does anything more than wave its epeen about, it will get wipe out of existence in the first few days of any war it starts. So the only thing it can do is sneak its artillery and mortars upto the boarder and bomb the crap out of the south before being nuked.

And were those MG30's they were training with?

Apparently these guys are actually paramilitary reserves, which explains the shitty...everything. Sort of.

Most of them seem to have either RPDs or original 1947 model AK-47s. There's also a guy with an RPG-2, all of which are Korean War vintage, and there at least a couple of guys with WWII-era DP-28s.

Not really sure what vintage the fake green plant camo is.

As best I can tell, their real front line dudes are equipped (and probably trained) about like the Iraqis were in 2003, and I think we all know about how well that worked out for them.

Sabres be rattling loudly, yo.

Might be time to reload those B2's with live ammo and send them back for the real deal.

Yeah i was LOLing myself today, NK Declares war, yet again. Makes you wonder dont it, what kind of whacky weed they smoke up there, because, don't you have to like shoot someone or at something when you declare war, and when you have done this and are at war, it stays like that till someone wins, someone quits, or everyone is dead.

Servent: Mr Omnipotent Gracious Leader sir, what would you like for breakfast?

Kim Jong Ummm: Get me a bowl of declare war on the south alphabet soup, with extra declare war this time.

I think declare war translates to Kim Chi with more garlic in North Korean.

Edited by The_Fury on Mar 29, 2013 9:45 pm
It might well be lol-worthy but I have the suspicion the kid actually believes what the propaganda says. Daddy didn't teach him the difference between chest thumping and pushing the button for real.

I doubt it, next weeks headline will read NK declares war, yet again. They have been doing this for 30 years, makes them feel relevant, while the rest of the world ignores them. Sure, keep the spooks on them keeping a watchful eye, but as for anything else about them, i think there should be a 100% total ban on reporting how dumb they are.

Yes, they've been making idle threats for decades, ever since the armistice. They haven't, in all that time, ever claimed they were "declaring war" again though. This is a first, and apparently some believe the kid is trying to save face because he's not been fully established as legitimate within NK.

They've got some batshit insane codes of honor there that could lead to him feeling like he's been backed into a corner and has to do something about it.

What's worse is that the people of NK will fight to their deaths believing they do so in the name of their god should the idiot actually decide to fight. The only good thing here is that he'll be doing it with no air force after we've wiped it out.

Samson said:

The only good thing here is that he'll be doing it with no air force after we've wiped it out

I think it might be a stretch to say that North Korea has an air force (in any practical sense) in the first place.

But yes, war would be really bad and the entire situation is really shitty. I, for one, hope they aren't serious, but if they are, well, best of wishes to all the innocent people that will get hurt.

One more push toward hostility: They closed the Kaesong industrial complex to traffic from South Korea. That was pretty much the last shred of cooperative action they still had going.

Kind of getting the feeling NK is for real serious this time. :nuke:

Well it seems that NK had approved a Nuke Strike on the USA, looks like you are all going to be dead soon. Before you go, can i have your stuffs Samson. ;)

I don't live on Guam, so it's all good. Though, getting nuked would be the best thing to happen to San Francisco, so if NK wants to hit California I volunteer them for the strike.

Well you have nothing really to worry about, you have The Governator who will come out of his Office and do a little Hasta la vista, baby, I'll be back and save all your sorry asses from the bad guys. And to think, all this time you have been mocking your savior just because he is a Democrat :)

You appear to be reading from the Kim Jong-Un guide to California politics. Arnold hasn't been governor for some time now. We've got Jerry Brown now. Yes. That Jerry Brown who served two terms as governor after Ronald Reagan.


Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #23 Apr 8, 2013 7:41 am
This war is going to be so much fun. I'm really looking forward to it. Especially once the Chinese get involved. Get on with it already!


I am really looking forward to a new series of MASH with Ashton Kutcher playing Hawkeye. As far as there being a real war, well i am not so keen for it, it is not going to be a walk in the park like Iraq and Afghanistan, NK has everything underground negating your air force, so it will end up being a rather conventional ground assault and well, lets face it, those are damn bloody.

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