Sandbox 2.3

Well. It's one of those times I guess. After fiddling around with the code some, it occurred to me that I hadn't done an upgrade test or a new install test in AGES. So this last flurry of updates on GitHub have been to correct that.

Also, I've really got to stop just adding stuff across the back end SQL query box. How dumb do I need to be to have never put code in to generate the necessary Anonymous user account? I wonder if that's why nobody's been using this package :troll:

So anyway, it may not look like much, but here it is:

Changes for Sandbox 2.3


* Added site_tagline setting to go with a site's name in the header.
* Made the iTouch icons used on Empire of the Iguanadons into a standard feature.
* Analytics tracker code updated.


* Social media button links for gallery images needed to be updated.
* Clean up the upgrade installer to handle upgrades for sites running Sandbox 1.8.
* Numerous bug fixes for new installs, upgrades, and minor security issues with hidden image and download folders.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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