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You may or may not have already noticed. If not, don't worry too much about it. If so, good eye :)

Anyway, yes. I've updated this site to Sandbox 1.0. Technically still in beta but working just fine here now. Still needs some tweakage as I've noticed that previous posts with images have overrun their containers. Again. Blasted things. I hate divs sometimes.

You'll notice that there is now support for categories and that I've spent the last... um... 10 minutes categorizing and such. Sorry Dwip, I know how long it took you to categorize yours :)

Anyway, other than the known issue with images, if anyone spots anything out of the ordinary let me know. There might still be some problem areas left to address.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Mar 24, 2007 2:32 am by Samson in: | 16 comment(s) [Closed]
You say that like I FINISHED categorizing mine. Alas.

Anything related to post dates and such at the bottom of the posts is freaking tiny. In that "OMG 6 point font!" sort of way.

Well hopefully I've fixed the image problems. Some creative use of the clear:left CSS attribute to get around the floated image. That seems to have brought the post borders back in line.

And the microprinted dates in comments, as well as the microprinted category link has been fixed. Still have more to go though since I also want the sidebar displayed even when you're in here reading an individual post. Probably gives Google fits but that's their problem :P

The categories look great, otherwise it looks pretty close to the same as it'd been before, so nice working tweaking. :)

I did notice that on your links page, Al Rantel is not a link, and it doesn't appear as if that's intentional.

Yes, Al Rantel doesn't have a specific webpage on the KABC site so he didn't get to be a link. So it's intentional that he doesn't get one :)

Ok, well you'd asked us to let you know: "Anyway, other than the known issue with images, if anyone spots anything out of the ordinary let me know. There might still be some problem areas left to address." and that one seemed out of the ordinary to me, I do like that your images appear to be behind your nav bar and such now and otherwise everything looks pretty good to me. :)

Oh, btw, when you get a chance, Samson, would you swing by and register?

I've disabled email registration until I can figure out why my sendmail config isn't working right with QSFP and will manually upgrade your account as soon as I become aware of it, but this way when I cross post your comments from my sandbox I won't have to flag them as being posted by Guest. ;)

I'm still sort of debating about switching to QSFP versus Wordpress, but I'm leaning to QSFP if only because lack of html support seems a lesser evil than lack of bbcode support at this point, just in case you were wondering...

Well I've been tweaking like mad trying to get things back the way I want them. Including several nags I had with the PHP code. I'm going to be throwing together a nice big mega patch for Kiasyn. Don't know that he's going to do much with it, but frankly if he's looking for wider adoption of Sandbox it would be wise to think about strongly. Nothing I put back in my copy is overly deviant from his original intent. And since the skin is what changed the most the patch won't be cluttered up with all that anyway. Mainly put back HTML post support which he didn't take, along with the Akismet code I refuse to live without.

When you say "your images appear to be behind your nav bar" what do you mean? There shouldn't be any images behind the navbar.

I'm still inclined to think the whole using QSFP as a multi-blog is like swatting flies with a baseball bat. The only technical limitation preventing Sandbox from functioning in the limited way you want is the lack of limited admins, which would not be overly difficult to add. When I was poking around with Wordpress, even the restricted users they provided had enough authority to exercise total control over their own content submissions. So if that's what you were looking to modify I don't know of any blog solutions that provide it.

Sounds like Kiasyn's going to love you. ;)

Well, apparently it's browser dependent.. maybe screen size as well. At the moment, in firefox under windows with my nice 19" widescreen monitor, the nav bar is pretty far from your iguana, but in firefox under linux on my older 17" (squarish) monitor, the iguana has part of his body under/behind the Home button whereas before your upgrade that same portion of his body was in-front of the home button so I'd only see "ome" instead.

I don't know, I think Dragona would like to restrict them that much, personally I'm alright with letting them have total control over their own posts and even comments to their posts, I just don't care to allow them to edit/delete posts that aren't theirs nor the accompanying comments, and I want to not let them be able to edit pages that aren't theirs and so forth.. as for word press' limited admins, there's a plug-in for word press called role manager that lets you tweak the limited admins to not be able to do anything you don't want them to be able to, right down to editing or deleting their own posts if you want to go that far with it. *shrug* ...on the other hand, swatting flies with a baseball bat does still work. ;)

Oh, and your new account is all validated/upgraded now, btw. I've already imported all 48 posts, but I still need to import all 103 comments. *sigh*

Alright. As much as I'd rather avoid it, I've switched the page header to tables instead of divs. The CSS styling just won't cut it to produce what I want out of it. I've checked it with the Web Developer extension in Firefox @ 1024x768, and Kayle confirmed it on his as well. No more crowding of the navbar into the poor iguana.

As far as plugins vs natively supplied features, you're comparing apples to caramel coating. The plugin needs something to stick to. And Sanbox hasn't got that support yet, and I'm not sure if it will since I'm certainly not up to the task of providing it properly and on the same level as Wordpress. I also find it unlikely that Sandbox's intended audience would need a sophisticated permissions system like QSFP already has. Remember, you're not the norm. You're a special case. Most bloggers fly solo. Those who have guest authors don't typically restrict them as severely as you intend. I'm assuming that MySpace didn't even offer the level of control you were after. But since I won't set foot at the place I'm unlikely to ever know :)

Well, the new header quotes look great and the iguana's no longer crowded even for my Firefox under linux, so even if it's not the way you'd wanted to go, it works. :)
(Oh, and I"m set to 1024x768 in both Windows and Linux.)

That's true enough, and I don't know that Kiasyn will ever get around to deciding to expand Sandbox to allow plugins either since you two discussed it and his responce was a bit lack-lustered... *shrug*

Nope, I'm not the norm, and I knew that going in, but I'm also not that far-fetched either, most bloggers may well fly solo, but they also don't self-host typically either. I'm not sure that I'm looking to restrict the 'guest authors' as severely as you're thinking either, but the fact that my 'guest authors' are my children does make a difference too.

MySpace is crap at best, they have controls in place that are far worse. You can edit aspects of your "page", post/edit/delete your own blog posts, approve/delete comments others leave you, and that's really it. If you leave a comment elsewhere, you can't edit it. You can also upload/delete pictures (not files) and exchange what amounts to PMs with other members and post/delete 'bulletins' to all your 'friends'. Oh, and you can also rate other people's blog posts. The big thing with MySpace that makes them so popular is the whole 'friends' thing.

Get out! Meet new people! Without leaving your chair! That's MySpace's thing. Plus drama.

You make the div work for you. Working for the div doesn't go very far.

My opinion of MySpace is pretty low. Thoughts of cesspools come to mind. It was merely an example of the kind of controls being discussed.

The div was fired. So no. I don't make it work for me. It refused to, so out the door it went. Table works for less money :P

OMFG! This software is such a shitpile! Samson thinks hes so k00l but hes just a fucking asshat!

OMFG! Someone's stupid enough to post to a popular personal blog site with remarks that are obviously not the opinion of any of the folks already there... what a moron! :P

You know what they say... when people start attacking you, you're doing something right. I'm popular enough here to attract the spammers, and apparently Justin feels somehow threatened by Sandbox, so Kiasyn has obviously done something right :P

:lol: That sounds good to me, Samson. I'm not sure I fully agree, but I do like the sentiment. ;D

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