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It's an obsession. What can I say? I love Oblivion. Even in vanilla form there's a bunch of different ways to play the game with completely different personas to play as. Throw in some cool mods to go with it and you've got a game that's still wildly popular two years after its initial release. Not to be outdone by Dwip, I've got my own band of heroes to show off. So lets get to it!

Samson Male Dark Elf, level 42. Born under the Thief sign. Custom class.
Skills: Armorer - 100, Athletics - 100, Blade - 110, Heavy Armor - 110, Destruction - 94, Restoration - 64, Acrobatics - 96
Factions: Dark Brotherhood - Listener, Fighters' Guild - Master, Mages' Guild - Arch-Mage, Thieves' Guild - Gray Fox, Arena - Grand Champion, Court of Madness - Madgod
Champion of Cyrodiil and Divine Crusader

As you can see, Samson is a killing machine. Mostly brute force blades with heavy armor to stay in the fight. With some combat and healing magic thrown in for good measure. He's my first character to play the game and as a consequence has the most activity. I've pretty much done every quest imaginable with him as evidenced by his standing in all of the guilds and the Arena. Don't let this brute force stuff fool you though, Shivering Isles is an unforgiving place for the hack n slash types. Fights with Grummites were largely an annoyance because they took so long to wear down, even with that sword. Gnarls proved to be nearly deadly on several occasions. Still though, in a heated battle nothing beats being able to physically outlast your foes. I have no doubt that this character would have been immensely more powerful had he taken the block skill instead of destruction magic. Live and learn. Obviously he's been through the entire main quest, as well as all of the DLCs.

Cat-Fu Male Khajiit, level 36. Born under the Thief sign. Custom class.
Skills: Athletics - 86, Block - 79, Hand to Hand - 100, Acrobatics - 100, Security - 70, Sneak - 102, Speechcraft - 63
Factions: Dark Brotherhood - Listener, Thieves' Guild - Gray Fox, Fighters' Guild - Defender
Champion of Cyrodiil and Divine Crusader

My second character is actually a concept character I played partway through Morrowind with. The basic idea here was to see how far you could get fighting with only your hands, and wearing no armor. However, since Oblivion has no proper unarmored skill ( BAD Bethesda! ) I had to acheive this through the use of a very fine mod: Galerion's True Unarmored. Cat-Fu is a very fast, very agile, and very deadly martial arts combatant. Yes, blocking with your bare hands hurts, but in the end it all evens out. The big surprise comes when combining the hand to hand with stealth. Being able to single punch someone from behind, nearly kill them, and go completely undetected is quite interesting. Cat-Fu had little trouble beating the main quest as well as Knights of the Nine. I never bothered taking him through any of the DLCs though.

Aswerf Male Bosmer, level 16. Born under the Mage sign. Custom class.
Skills: Alteration - 64, Conjuration - 70, Destruction - 53, Restoration - 44, Acrobatics - 51, Marksman - 46, Sneak - 63
Factions: Dark Brotherhood - Eliminator, Fighters' Guild - Journeyman, Mages' Guild - Conjurer, Thieves' Guild - Shadowfoot

Despite what it might look like, this character actually sucks pretty badly. I tried to make a cross between a stealth archer and a combat mage. In theory it sounded good. It even played well for about the first 5 levels. Then it turned to shit and has been going downhill fast. Even though his stats suggest he should be a powerful mage, it just isn't so. Having no close combat skills at all makes him weak beyond belief. Having to rely on the first stealth shot and then start casting spells afterward doesn't quite work. Touch range magic is no comparison to a good solid weapon. Then again, it might be later in life. In all likelihood this character will be abandoned and turned into a guinea pig for iffy mods or something.

Scales the Shadows Male Argonian, level 26. Born under the Warrior sign. Custom class.
Skills: Blade - 63, Block - 60, Acrobatics - 69, Marksman - 59, Security - 79, Sneak - 106, Speechcraft - 51
Factions: Dark Brotherhood - Listener, Fighters' Guild - Swordsman, Thieves' Guild - Master Thief, Court of Madness - Tourist

This is the character I'm currently playing. Though he has not maxed out his skills and indeed has lots of advancement potential still left, he's already become more or less a godlike stealth assassin. He's using the unarmored mod just like Cat-Fu, only in his case it turned out tons better for some reason. When faced with a room full of necromancers, conjurers, or zealots from SI, he's usually able to drop more than half of them each with a single shot before the others figure out where he's hiding. But because he's also skilled with a blade, closing in for the kill is no problem. Daedra from the Oblivion planes? No worries. They're easily dispatched. Often times with several free stealth arrow shots before being noticed. Even in the relatively bright towers. Grummites from Shivering Isles? No problem. Gnarls? Never know what hits them. He's also been helped along by some rather lucky item finds that have given him an effective 55% damage reflection and 40% shielding just with robes, rings, and an amulet. The only worry I have is what the Battle of Bruma is going to be like once he's done with Miscarcand. I've never waited this long to finish that part of the main quest. And yes, those are blue suede shoes he's got on. Who says an assassin can't travel in style? :)

If I build another character, I may give the pure mage type another shot, this time with an Altmer, and configured properly. Who knows. It might just work.
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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Man... all you guys and your cool characters. I may have to break blogging hiatus just to do one of these posts of my own. Yes, I've only got one char, and she just got to level 10, but I can go on and on about how much I love playing her. (Stealth archers ftw!)

Oblivion, in small doses, is one of the things that's keeping me sane this semester. :)

Thread necro :devil:

I decided it's about time to show off my characters, since you've all seen bits and pieces of them. So here goes; (I won't embed the images cause they're large)

This is Dreylor. He's my first character. Pure muscle he uses his brute force and deadly sword skill to pillage and plunder his way into any location he wants to. No one dares to stop him. He's a bit of a goody two-shoes, except for his foray into the Dark Brotherhood. He's a big adventurer always with his loyal Shadowmere near and can soundlessly explore anywhere, killing his unsuspecting foes with ease. He's currently working on his Marksman skills. As you can see, he's not one for playing with magic. Thank you Dwip for his new (old?) rusty steel cuirass, fits him perfectly.

Major Skills: Athletics 101, Blade 103, Blunt 52, Hand to Hand 41, Heavy Armor 102, Destruction 28, Restoration 48.
Minor Skills: Armorer 54, Block 43, Alchemy 41, Alteration 11, Conjuration 17, Illusion 13, Mysticism 8, Acrobatics 50, Light Armor 35, Marksman 79, Mercantile 70, Security 79, Sneak 101, Speechcraft 38.

Order of the Dragon - Champion of Cyrodiil
Dark Brotherhood - Listener
Fighter's Guild - Master
Arena - Grand Champion
Kvatch Arena (from KR) - Grand Ranger of Cyrodiil
Knights of the Nine - Divine Crusader
Nine Divines - Pilgrim
Blades - Knight Brother
Order of the Virtuous Blood - Brother
Knights of the White Stallion - Knight Captain
Knights of the Thorn - Honorary Knight
Archeology Guild (from Lost Spires) - Headmaster

Other interesting tidbits to know:
Fame 170
Infamy 53
Days passed: 633
Creatures killed: 4750
People killed: 2132
Places found: 464
On gates shut: 10

This is Drey. You'll never see or hear her coming. Deadly with her sneak skill and bow the enemies never know what hit them. She can smile sweetly at you while thinking of several ways to kill you in your sleep. Yes, she's a bad girl. She explores locations only when she needs to, also with the ever faithful Shadowmere at her side, and helps only those who can help her in return, or pay enough for her effort. She's the only one brave enough (or crazy enough) to take on Shivering Isles. She also has no desire to play with magic.

Major Skills: Blade 74, Alchemy 40, Acrobatics 62, Light Armor 101, Marksman 98, Security 95, Sneak 100.
Minor Skills: Armorer 47, Athletics 61, Block 27, Blunt 3, Hand to Hand 9, Heavy Armor 23, Alteration 8, Conjuration 11, Destruction 9, Illusion 7, Mysticism 12, Restoration 24, Mercantile 74, Speechcraft 38.

Order of the Dragon - Champion of Cyrodiil
Dark Brotherhood - Listener
Court of Madness - Madgod
Thieves Guild - Gray Fox
Fighter's Guild - Master
Kvatch (from KR) - Countess
Knights of the White Stallion - Knight Captain
Order of the Virtuous Blood - Sister
Blades - Knight Sister
Varo's Knights (from Windfall) - Captain
Knights of the Thorn - Honorary Knight

Other interesting tidbits to know:
Fame 87
Infamy 76
Days passed: 584
Creatures killed: 1737
People killed: 1249
Places found: 323
Ob gates shut: 8

So I might, at some point, try making a BattleMage, but I doubt I'd ever try a full Mage type char. I don't know why, they just seem to weak too me. I'm more of a hack n slash player.

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