Say What You Mean. Mean What You Say.

I am irritated more and more by people who say one thing, mean another, and then claim to have meant it that way all along.

Take for example, the recent mess with my domains.

Enom said: "Send us a fax with your domains, drivers license, and proof the Registerfly account is yours."
I did that. A week goes by. I check up on it. They say: "No, we meant for you to email us all that information. To blah blah address." So I did, and then I get this email back saying I sent it to the wrong people. Ugh.

Or, take my boss at work.

He says "We need volunteers for Saturday overtime. We'll only need you to give up one of them over the next 6 weeks, if you can." Naturally, being the type of person who values weekends above all else, I decline. Voluntary has a distinct legal meaning after all. Today, ye olde boss says: "Oh, no. I thought we made it clear this was mandatory and that it's 6-8 weeks minimum. We don't know how long it will really be." Right. Credibility problems abound here. I'm not even sure they can do this, but whatever. I can just quit.

Then we have my bank.

On their high horses because JD Power & Associates gave them some big fancy customer service award. So I filed a fraud complaint. The debit card people said: "No problem. We'll have you a new card in 5 days." Fine, I figure. Until the next day when at the bank they tell me "Oh, no, we meant that it would be 5 days after the dispute is settled." Right. How long is that going to take? "Anywhere from 10-90 days." Oh. Ok. So you *LIED* to me. Right. I managed to set them straight with a nastygram to customer service. I'm holding my nice shiny new card, freshly activated, in my hands. It never should have gone this far, but it did.

The masters of this though are the wackos controlling Congress. Passing silly resolutions bashing Bush, yet confirming the commanders he appoints to lead the very same troop surge into battle that they just got done telling us all they oppose. But not really. Because it's "non binding" or some crap.

If so many people say one thing, mean another, and do a third, how the hell are any of us suppose to trust them?
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"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Feb 20, 2007 9:25 pm by Samson in: , | 3 comment(s) [Closed]
I blame California. Us in real states have not these issues, though I do need to find out about some mail order stuff.

Be glad you got even the pretense of choice. In my job, they told you you were working overtime, you worked overtime. Technically illegal, I think, but not like anybody's going to do anything about it.

On Congress, to be fair, if you're talking about the appointments I think you are, those are things that need to happen ANYWAY, despite surges or what have you. Part of long established military rotation systems. IIRC it's also the military who does the lion's share of the actual picking, but it's been a while since I've read up on it. In either event, a normal occurrence not so related to the surge. Too, they haven't been all that shy about fighting any given other appointment.

Which is not to say that your premise (Congress are masters of lying to our faces) is wrong, just that your example is.

And while that non-binding resolution is silly, and so very UN of them, at least they don't actually have the power to move troops around. That would be all kinds of disaster.

I don't doubt that California itself may be to blame for part of it. But the registrar and bank thing cuts across state lines entirely. National commerce you see.

And my Congress example is very much relevant because the people Bush appointed and just had confirmed testified during their hearings that a troop surge was necessary to try and stop sectarian violence in Baghdad. So I very much take them to task for confirming people they knew wanted a surge, and then turning around in the same stroke trying to pass resolutions condemning the surge.

I'm totally with you, Samson (not trying to be a brown nose or anything) In my opinion, we started this whole thing with Iraq to make things better for the people there. We need to finish what we started (and while this wasn't the topic at hand.. ) I've dealt with management, especially management, saying one thing and then totally NOT following through, or keeping things the way the had it originally. Which is to say, they *LIED* to the workers. Too bad people can't easily be held at fault for what they say as opposed to what they actually do. If they did that though, I have a feeling politicians would feel the full brunt of that... or at least the majority of them.

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