Scaly Liberation!,2933,350848,00.html A jury acquitted a man of smuggling endangered iguanas in his hollowed-out prosthetic leg but convicted him of concealing and possessing the endangered species.

Live free my brothers! No longer shall ye be held in chains, victims of the oppressors! Cast off the yoke of subjugation and prosper in your new found freedom! The scaly ones score a victory today against the hideous beast known as man!

In all seriousness though, this is great. You've got to hand it to someone who thinks "Hey, I know! Use my hollow leg!" to smuggle reptiles into the country. Pure genius. Surely he must have known he'd be caught though. I mean, how easy is it really to hide these things in such a small space - and for so long a trip? Clear up from Fiji of all places. Curious though that it took them six years to make a case, that seems to me like it should have been beyond the statute of limitations. And come on, you're going to sentence the guy to 20 years in prison for bringing a bunch of iguanas home with him? You might as well have arrested me and thrown me in jail then since I brought home a cricket box with 10 Texas anoles in it when I was 15.

This whole endangered species thing has gotten itself way out of control when a guy who hasn't killed the things is facing 20 years in prison for bringing some home with him. Even if he had killed them I doubt very much I would have convicted him of anything in court had I been on the jury. It's just insane.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Apr 12, 2008 2:02 am by Samson in: | 4 comment(s) [Closed]
Wow, six years to prosecute. don't we have something about a speedy trial in the bill of rights?

It's not like iguanas are particularly loud creatures, how'd he get caught over it? Did they just start to smell?

20 In Canada you're lucky if someone gets 20 years for MURDER, much less smuggling a freaking reptile. That's crazy.

Yeah, I know. Speedy trial, cruel and unusual punishment, jury nullification, the insane nature of the endangered species act itself, I think this guy has plenty of things he could appeal his case on.

And I'm not sure how he got caught, those details were missing. Iguanas are pretty quiet but if you keep them in too confined a space that's not well taken care of, yes, they will stink like you wouldn't believe. There were times when I just got lazy and didn't feel like cleaning the tank mine used to live in, and when I did, a few days later I paid for it dearly. That was a 200 gallon enclosure too. I can't imagine how foul this guy's fake leg must have been.

It takes a long time to prosecute someones henchmen when your computer files keep disappearing,,,,,,,,, thats all I gotta say about that

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