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So it looks like our old liberal pals at NBC are at it again. This time rejecting a pair of ads that do nothing more than thank our troops for their service in war during the Christmas season. they've invented some cheap ass excuse about it being against their "controversial issue advertising". Well that's a crock of shit coming from the most left wing dung heap in the media today. The weasels at NBC do not deserve to have our viewership. They don't deserve the advertising dollars that flow in from powerful corporations. They don't deserve to get away with slapping our troops in the face during what should be a happy time.

The men and women who serve America every day deserve nothing but our unwavering support for their devotion to the cause of freedom and for being willing to sacrifice time with their families and friends here at home. Regardless of what NBC may think of the war, or their president, the troops don't deserve this kind of treatment from an organization that just wanted to do something nice for them back home. By refusing to air these ads and making up lame ass excuses, the folks at NBC reveal themselves to be truly cold and uncaring jackasses.

Watch the ads. See for yourself. NBC is a despicable organization.

Visit Freedom's Watch and sign the petition against NBC, and sign the greeting card for our troops overseas.

To all our brave men and women in the military, thank you for your service.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Dec 7, 2007 11:37 pm by Samson in: | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
There are still people out there who watch the old aired networks these days? If it's not a cable channel, I don't think it comes in on my TV. ;)

I know I've posted what we watch in a few places before, I don't recall if this site is one of them, but suffice it to say, basically if it's not on Sci-Fi, the Food Network, Discovery Health, Hallmark, Cartoon Network, PBS, or (rarely) AMC/TNT then we probably don't watch it here. I'll grant that our TVs are rarely actually turned off and we do sometimes watch stuff on other channels besides those already mentioned, but it's very unusual.

Oh, actually, I suppose we do watch NBC once each week for roughly an hour when ER comes on because it's Dragona's show, but I think that's the only thing we ever watch (generally) that can be watched without cable or satellite anymore, aside from the kids shows on PBS like Sesame Street. Unfortunately, I don't see any way to get Dragona to forego her episodes of ER no matter what else NBC decides to do or not do. *shrug*,2933,316231,00.html

Power to the people. That was fast. NBC has reversed its decision and the ads will begin airing on Sunday. I suspect they were afraid of the consequences of a boycott led by conservatives against their network :)

I suspect it was just some dumb exec that didn't even look at the ads before putting the kabosh on them. Stupid people exist everywhere. Shit, this town's full of 'em.

I don't get it. Is NBC television the only outlet to say thanks to the troops? Do our troops even get NBC broadcast to them overseas? Why doesn't FreedomWatch just use the ad money to e-mail the greeting directly to the troops? I guarantee it would be cheaper and more effective than relying on the hope that our troops are watching NBC round the clock.

Or maybe NBC was right. This isn't about thanking the troops. This is really all about FreedomWatch.

The ads went out to more than just NBC. Fox, CNN, ABC, and a few others are all supposed to be airing them. NBC was the only network to reject them. The excuse was hollow and lame since NBC has aired ads from and other far left liberal organizations in the past. If they're so against controversial issue advertising, why run ads for one of the most controversial groups that exist, but not for Freedom's Watch? It couldn't possibly be because of liberal bias.... oh wait.

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