Sit and Spin

This goes out to all of the assholes lately who are insisting I shut my White Conservative Christian American mouth and stop posting my opinions on things. Sit and spin on this.

If you can't fucking stand what I decide to say here, don't read it. Simple enough, right? You all claim to be such tolerant and understanding people but when someone comes along, speaks the truth bluntly, they're racist xenophobic hatemongers. You don't like what I have to say on the forums? Fine. Ban me and get it over with. You don't like the pictograms I make in response to your fucking idiotic tripe? Don't look at them. You don't like that I stand up for my country? Don't complain when it turns to shit then. But I will not stand for any of you assholes telling me I can't even use my own blog to post this stuff just because you're too damn ignorant and pigheaded to tolerate hearing about it elsewhere.

I especially don't take well to lying assholes who troll the forums gloating about how they've shamed the evil one in some grand plot to prove your point. All you do when you pull shit like that is demonstrate your own childish stupidity and hatred. People who respond to legitimate statistical information with charges of racism are the true racists. People who respond to legitimately raising the issue of illegal immigration with charges of xenophobia are the true xenophobes. People who respond to legitimate exposure of terrorist plots with charges of bigotry and hatemongering are the true bigots and hatemongers. And people who respond to legitimate expressions of free speech by demanding censorship are the true censors.

So to you all, SIT AND SPIN. If you were offended by this post, too fucking bad.
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Dec 5, 2007 2:48 pm by Samson in: | 17 comment(s) [Closed]
Taking a wild stab, But I'm assuming this was in response to things said on IMC today? Things like:

[12/05 12:16] [ichat] Conner@LandOfLegends: I can honestly say that I'm tired of the entire issue already. It doesn't even matter who was right/wrong, it's gone on long enough and impacted more than enough already on MudBytes, TMC, and Samson's Blog (and whereever else), let it be between the folks who are actually involved. :(
[12/05 12:17] [ichat] Kiasyn@Talon: i agree with conner

And of course the actions of Cratylus, the entry before this about the Al-Qaeda plot, and I'm assuming that all the recent events involving MudBytes played into this as well. But Where'd the Xenophobic stuff come from again?

No Kayle, I'll take my own wild stab and suggest that this was far more likely to be in response to the crap being spewed on TMC. You'll notice that neither I nor Kiasyn ever suggested that Samson didn't have business talking about this wherever he'd like to, just that your zealous attacks against Crat in IMC are becoming excessive, you're replying to things he didn't say and going on and on after he's conceded to you because you're too hot to read what else is said. It's really not your fight. Crat posted a link to yet another picture and quite awhile later you responded by turning it into a fight, how's that helping Samson? Let Samson handle it, he's doing just fine so far and I'm sure he'll let us know if he feels that he needs some support.

The xenophobe stuff comes from all the people who insist on coming here, reading what I have to say about the invasion of illegals across the southern border, and then equating that with me having a blanket distaste for ALL foreigners from everywhere. It's a typical left wing style tactic and has no basis in fact behind it. There are others who assume I'm a xenophobe because I won't do business with foreign domain providers. Which is again an assumption with no basis in fact.

As far as the rest, yes. IMC logs played a part. People who don't want to listen to my tripe on the forums can petition to have me banned and be done with it. But if they're going to come here and bitch about what they read, nobody forced them to follow the link that got them here. And further, nobody forced them to keep reading once they had. I like it when people read. I like it more when the participate. But I don't like it when that participation amounts to calls for censoring my opinions in my own online home, and as you've seen I won't hold back in making it known I don't appreciate it. I'd expect nothing less if I ran to Conner's blog and bitched at him for talking about his life there, or going to Cratylus' blog ( assuming he has one ) and whining to him about how I don't like what he's saying there.

To clarify, while I may personally disagree with stuff you post on here, I do not disagree with you posting it here. This is your site, and I do just skip over the posts and topics I don't agree with, or don't want to know about.

What does IMC have to do with here? I'll say it again, neither Kiasyn nor I said anything about Samson expressing his opinions, positions, etc about any of this, what we said was that Kayle was being excessive in IMC. This has nothing to do with this blog at all. I can't imagine presuming to tell Samson what to post or not post here, but if you somehow feel I've said otherwise or somehow betrayed you in this, while you're very sadly mistaken, you're welcome to your opinion or to come discuss it with me personally but I refuse to have Kayle as a go between for whatever beef you might have with me. If it's not about me, then I guess I'm reading more into this than I should, but that is what I'm seeing and I really thought that you knew me better than that. :(

Since I think you know what I'll say to the substance of the post, I'll settle for noting that that picture? It's cool.

Best. Picture. Ever.

Yes. The image is second to none. Easily the best one I've used. And fits perfectly with the mood I was in when it got posted.


[12/05 12:16] [ichat] Conner@LandOfLegends: I can honestly say that I'm tired of the entire issue already. It doesn't even matter who was right/wrong, it's gone on long enough and impacted more than enough already on MudBytes, TMC, and Samson's Blog (and whereever else), let it be between the folks who are actually involved. :(
[12/05 12:17] [ichat] Kiasyn@Talon: i agree with conner

That right there is why you got mentioned by name. I know we talked about this over Yahoo earlier, but for the record I'll state it here too. That pair of statements from the two of you, in the context of the rest of the conversation, sounded to me like the two of you wanted me to shut up and stop talking about it. But you've since explained that's not what you meant, and I apologize for reacting so harshly to both of you.


You and I have had plenty of disagreements, some rather heated. Call me ignorant but I'm actually not sure what you'd have to say about the substance of the post, so feel free to elaborate. I promise, though I may bite, that bite is not fatal :)

Well, arright. I'll even elaborate more than I was actually going to.

1. I feel like you're getting to the point on this MudBytes thing where you're, oh, almost trolling yourself in the comments, let's say.

2. Obviously we disagree heavily in the AQ WD comments, and I do confess myself uncomfortable with the blanket statements made there. But I'm not going to name call over it, because I've learned better than that.

2a. That having been said, you brought up racism there, too, and I didn't think anybody was accusing you of it. Just that your position is, well, wrong.

3. We sure are a lot more civil than we were ten years ago.

4. This IS your place, and you do get to say what you want here and set the rules. And we get to deal with that, or not as we choose. So while I think you're ranting a tad much (or maybe you aren't, I'm obviously not connected with all the MUD stuff), you are perfectly right in saying what you said.

Dude, don't get all pissy at us because you post racist tripe and we call you on it. You're the bigot spewing invectives out of your ass. We're just trying to cover for the billions of people you've just labelled terrorists. Thank god you don't have the executive powers of George W Bush or Guantanamo would be absolutely overflowing.

Thank you for making my point for me, Mr. Anonymous Coward. You've just jumped to the wildest most unsupported conclusion anyone could reach. And you don't even have the courage to stand up and identify yourself. Way to go. If you can point out some racist tripe here, please do. But at least have the balls to show yourself instead of hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.

I thank God people like you don't have the executive powers of George W. Bush too because by now you would have surrendered us to the enemy without a fight.

I came here looking for news about the "unresignation" and noticed this post. Geez, umm, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something? :) (or did I miss another massive flamewar somewhere?)

And yeah, funny pic, though.

Well. If you count being at work with nothing better to do than blog at 1pm, then yes. You could say it was an "or something" post :)

But the message behind it rings true. So many people think that those with unpopular or controversial viewpoint should just shut up and go away, but that would be counter to everything free speech is about. Granted, the trigger for my rant was my reaction to Conner's statement that looked like even my own blog was off limits for idiotic flamewars, but overall I think the idea of having to stay quiet because you don't think in lockstep with everyone else is abhorrent. I also think the deliberate misrepresentation of one's opinion as something it's not is despicable.

I don't really want to get into the free speech discussion much, in part because I find the very notion of free speech on private, topic-specific forums to be somewhat misguided, but I do have one short thing to say. I think you need to balance your desire for a healthy site with your desire to say whatever you want. Sure, you can say whatever you feel like saying, but you should be aware of the tradeoffs involved. Just because you *can* say something doesn't mean you *should* -- it might simply not be worth it. Each battle costs political capital and you need to ask yourself which battles are actually worth fighting, especially on, say, a MUD community forum...

I don't think it does much for a site if the admins themselves feel they need to restrain their own speech. As we've witnessed the results can be ... messy.

I agree that the issue of "free speech" on a private community forum is silly, but the general concept is there anyway. It comes with the understanding that if you say something out of line, you'll get dinged for it if the rules say you should.

Where I must disagree is that on a personal blog, all bets are off. The grand majority of blogs I run into are used as a means for that person to have an outlet for their opinions. That person should not have to be shackled by those who would silence their opinions. It's just like the disclaimer at the bottom of my blog - people who don't like what is said here can leave. Those who participate may well get singed in the effort, but political debate isn't supposed to be about Care Bears and Smurfs.

I suppose that partially depends on who's reading your blog and how important their opinions are to you. There have been instances of folks getting fired over something they posted to a blog site, just as an example, and even to a less extreme consideration, some folks might feel that not offending their friends is worth watching what they say even on their own blog. We won't even go into what the lawyers these days like to do with blogs should you ever have to appear in court for anything. :(

True friends don't let political opinions get in the way of things. I've got plenty of friends who are die hard blue state liberals. Naturally we disagree on many things, but that's never prevented us from all having a good time anyway.

As far as the lawyers go, I'd have no trouble defending against a lawsuit. Any such attempt would be frivolous at best. Nothing said here is libelous or illegal. Just politically incorrect most of the time. :)

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