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The observant who visit here often may or may not notice that I've been doing some fiddling again. If you look over to the right side I've now added a list of categories for things here. I know it's not a huge accomplishment but I think it'll add somewhat to the usefulness of the site in general. For what that's worth to people. I'm also going to be writing up a search module. Or more likely borrowing one from somewhere.

The archive links have also been changed. It seems Google was being unkind in its indexing methods and was choosing to cache entire archive pages full of posts under a single link. That's not how I want things to happen so if you click on an archive link it's only going to show you post titles, dates, and authors. If Google or any other search engine wants my stuff they'll be forced to come get it on my terms where you'll be able to find the actual post title instead of "Archive: July 2007" as the page title. I think we can all agree that's not very useful.

Once I've got all that done I'll roll it up into another Sandbox software update. For all 3 of us who still use it. Yeah.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Aug 5, 2007 11:26 pm by Samson in: | 9 comment(s) [Closed]
Found a Google thing to play with, give it a shot. I doubt that's going to be permanent but it's still interesting that they let you create "custom" search engines. BTW, though it should be obvious, I don't have any association with the ads they'll throw up.

I think the blog categories adds an element of "professionalism" to the site.. the change in archives looks really nice.. I haven't tried the search box yet, but mainly because I've really got nothing to search for. *shrug*

You know what'd be really cool, a recent comments link list like forums have that would show you which blog entries have new comments posted since your last visit sort of thing...

You mean like the ever so convenient RSS feed that already lists the last 5 comments posted? :)

Well, yeah, something like that, but local to the site so that, rather than have to check my RSS reader to see which topics I should be checking, I could just click on the list to go to that topic, like good forums (like QSFP) provide. ;)

Oh well, it was just a thought, maybe that is a feature better left to forums. *shrug*

The changes look good. And I like the fact Kiasyn added you to the the inews too!

I suppose I'll have to put some sort of entry in place, since I've not put anything out there since March. Five+ months is a bit of time to wait, I suppose. And I agree with Conner, I think a list of recent comments, or a link to the appropriate posts would be nicer than always looking at rss. Your site though, and a damn fine one it is!

Actually I was planning to put a recent comments thing up, I was semi-joking about making everyone use the RSS. Even I don't always remember it's there. The navigation controls are starting to crowd up on the right but I guess it'll just have to suffer. A "last 5 comments" box would only get so large, so it's not like it'll expand forever like the archives box will in 5 years.

I've also seen some blogs where there's an option to notify people when new comments are posted but I'm not sure exactly how that works unless theres a db table with a bunch of email addresses and post numbers. But that could turn insane if for some reason if a Sandbox site gains a major audience.

I agree, a last 5 wouldn't get more than 5 entries big, but the archives list could eventually get huge.. notifying people would be tantamount to the subscribe option on forums, I'd image, and could indeed eventually generate some massive emailings for each new post/comment if you had enough 'subscribers'... Actually, I do use the RSS here and still find that there are times I get here and go, "damn, now which topic was it again?" since my rss reader is in another program on another machine. *shrug*

Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for the new "Last 5 Comments" section on your sidebar! :)

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