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Yes yes. I can hear the cries and screams now. Why Samson! Why did you do it! I hate this skin! My browser hates you. You hate my browser. Bill Clinton just hates everyone. Or something.

Regardless, it's not the end of the world yet folks. I'm still working on that one. When I perfect that plan I'll be sure and warn you all ahead of time. In the meantime, force a browser refresh and enjoy.

For you IE6 users ( Dwip ) there could be some loss of function - so far from work all that looked affected were the images in blog posts, and some formatting in the gallery. I haven't noticed any loss of text display anywhere. Simple advice: Upgrade to IE7 and get it over with. I know it's harsh, but I don't intend to allow Microsoft to hold back advancement of the site.

There's also still some minor tweaking going on since a couple of elements are being uncooperative in the header. But nothing drastic.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Sep 5, 2007 10:00 pm by Samson in: | 7 comment(s) [Closed]
Aside from the fonts feeling a few points smaller (which I can fix from my end easily enough), the new skin looks pretty good to me, now that I've done my forced refresh so I can see it. ;)

Unfortunately Conner/Samson, the forced-refresh doesn't work for my feed reader. (I tried the ultimate force refresh: killed the program and restarted it.) I believe it's using the Mozilla rendering engine, for what it's worth. (Samson, you might be able to see this in the server logs, if you care enough... I don't have an easy way of figuring out its user agent.)

It almost looks like CSS isn't being rendered at all, which can't be right, since I know the feed reader's browser renders CSS just fine on many other sites. But, everything is laid out vertically, the text is all black, no backgrounds, etc.

That and the menu header is still squished with the title at the top, but that might be due to the things that are undergoing "minor tweaking". :)

"GET /index.php?a=rss&type=posts HTTP/1.0" 200 1071 "-" "Liferea/1.2.19 (Linux; en_US.UTF-8;"

That's the user agent your rss reader left behind. It's not leaving any errors, just access requests to the feed URLs.

The CSS all depends on how well the reader deals with multiple float positioning. The header area uses quite a bit of it. But the ultimate test would be what happens when you go to the FUSS site with the reader? Does it work there? I took all of the CSS I needed for this skin from that skin :)

Oh really, I hadn't noticed :wink: FWIW I think it looks a lot better here. (Although I still would like slightly diff. shades of grey so that my eyes don't go nuts on me :P)

Interestingly enough, the FUSS site works... and like I said it's more than just the floats: even the text is all black. It's as if the CSS isn't being read at all.

And also interesting is that when I click on the news item to load the page, it hangs the browser sub-window; but, if instead I tell it to open the news item in a new Liferea tab, it loads the page but without the CSS. I wonder if this might be a bug in how Liferea is making connections. I've been meaning to upgrade to the new version anyhow: let me do that in the next couple of days and report back before concluding anything too dramatic.

Just an FYI for everyone - there's been some more slight tweaking to get the header working how I want. So you may need to refresh again to update the CSS.

As for Liferea David, this site validates as XHTML 1.1 and has only 2 CSS errors ( bastards ) which shouldn't be an issue. So it sounds like you need to go pester the developers to become standards compliant :)

I liked the simple one better. This one looks campy, and the rounded edges don't match all the squared edges for everything else. Too much color alternation, too. Too much alignment alternation, too.

Why yes, I _am_ perfect.

Alignment alternation? Not sure what you mean by that.

I never really liked the old skin - I'm sure by now that's becoming increasingly obvious. But I don't think this version is "campy" any more than your rotating anime images are "noisy and obstructive" on your blog :)

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