Skyrim: Fixing Notes That Show Up As Books

This brief tutorial will outline how to fix a note you've created to use the proper inventory icon to represent it instead of having the game's UI list it with the icon for a book.

Ordinarily such a thing would not be necessary but the Creation Kit does not have the checkbox in its interface to allow this to be changed.

You'll need a copy of TES5Edit (3.0.26 or later), and have at least some reasonable familiarity with using it.

First, you need to locate the note you're wanting to fix. In this example, it's one from the vanilla game. You should be able to locate it by expanding the BOOK tree on the left pane, and scrolling down until you find the one you want. Your note will not likely have all of the green highlighting in the specific records since you'll probably be working with something new you created. The colors in my pics are simply because this was being done with the USKP, which modifies numerous vanilla records.

Note the smaller rectangle red within the larger red rectangle. This is the error we want to fix.

Highlight the Book/Tome field, wait a few seconds, then click ONCE again and you should see a small menu appear:

Change it to Note/Scroll, then click anywhere outside of that menu and you should end up with something like this:

That's it. You can then repeat this process for any other falsely tagged notes in your mod. The same process is used to fix one that is improperly tagged as a note that should be a book.

Once you're done, close TES5Edit and save your work when asked to do so.
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