Snow White and the Huntsman

By now I'm sure we all know the classic Disney version of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. How sanitized it was, how innocent and pure the girl was, all the animated prancing about and dancing with the animals and all that. The poisoned apple, the evil witch, the mirror, and the breaking of the spell and everyone living happily ever after. We do, right?

Time to shatter that image and present to the world a much more believable tale centered around a much more dark and sinister evil witch, and a much more human version of Snow White herself.

The story sets up with the witch tricking the king's men into entering into an open field battle with her shade warriors. While he and his men are away, the queen dies, leaving him and his daughter in grief. She later manages to worm her way into the castle without arousing suspicion, where she hatches the plot to take over by secretly opening the main gate and allowing her real army of darkness to enter. Thus, the stage is now set for her eternal rule due to the immortality spell her mother placed upon her. There's only one catch... and the story begins in earnest from here...

Up front, I'll make it known I'm not a huge fan of sanitized fairly tales, the children's story versions of these things are usually so bad it hurts. Disney did a huge disservice to the tale with their animated version of it as well, which has been a classic for several decades. So way back when this movie was first mentioned, it sounded like another ho-hum retelling of a tired old story that would just make you gag on unicorn puke and rainbow rivers.

This was not the case. Snow White and the Huntsman was every bit the dark, gritty, and gut wrenching affair the original unsanitized version has been described to me as. Yes, there's the happy forest place, and yes, there are dwarves, and yes, there's a poisoned apple and an evil witch. But the similarities end there since the movie studio decided, rightly so, to deviate from the classic tale and include a lot of action, battle scenes, fantasy material, and a real sense of suspense and attachment to the characters. This movie has alot more in common with the recent modernized version of Red Riding Hood than it does with the children's fairy tale.

There's a lot of rich backstory that was built into the plot as it progressed to give the audience a much better understanding of the true characters. What drove the queen to be so ruthless? Why did the Huntsman not simply do as she commanded? Why haven't the people simply revolted and turned against her? It's all explained, which is a welcome change from most mindless plots of today.

I highly recommend seeing this movie. It has plenty to offer for everyone, and I doubt anyone could be disappointed by the deviations from the classic which provide a much better story experience.

Subnote: A shout out to the kind folks at the Harkin's Chino Hills. Technical glitches with equipment suck for everyone, but you guys handled the situation with the utmost professionalism. Even if you hadn't offered up the free re-admit to a future showing. No other theater chain has ever gone the extra mile the way you guys always do.

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Prometheus, June 8. Alien fans, this is all about you guys. A direct prequel to Alien (1979). Remember LV-426? The reason Mother pulled the Nostromo out of hypersleep? Yep.
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Posted on Jun 1, 2012 10:35 pm by Samson in: | 13 comment(s) [Closed]
Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #1 Jun 2, 2012 1:29 am
Kristen Stewart is good in it?

I may actually watch it then :o)

Yes, and your question implies I should know who this girl is, but this is the first movie I've seen her in.

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #3 Jun 5, 2012 1:33 pm
Oh yeah, Kristen Stewart. She was in that other thing with that one guy and they did that other thing.. Nope, I don't know her either.

I was dragged to several showings of the Disney version when I was younger and it was re-re-re-released in theatres over and over again. I was but a child but I lost all sense of wonderment while standing in line and looking at the poster and asking, "Shouldn't the plurals form of Dwarf be Dwarves?" Surely if a first grader could pick out that mistake then I don't have much to look forward to when the movies starts. But I turned out to be wrong, i was very much looking forward to it ending.

This new version looks interesting, I have been hesitant because it could also have been just as bad on the opposite side of the spectrum. So thanks for the review.

She was in those Vampire movies, even i know that and i live under a rock.

Caves are bigger than rocks, and mine is pretty big :)

"Those vampire movies" is awfully vague.

I could not think of the name off the top of my head but i am sure she was in Twilight, my wife has watched them over and over and all the series and read all the books and blaa blaa blaa i find them all tedious, but i am pretty sure i have seen her on my TV in the Twilight movies.

Probably why I didn't recognize her then. I've never seen any of those, and have no real desire to either.

Me either, i could not stomach the whole vampire fad that was going around, and some of them like those sooky suckhouse ones, or whatever they were called, were nothing more than glorified porn.

I am still lamenting that The Legend of the Seeker series was canned, and was glad to see Terry Goodkind release a Richard and Khalan novel.

I have been also toying with the idea of downloading the Game of Thones tv series, as its not on tv here is kangaroo land, i have the books on my ebook reader, but have not read them yet, do not know if it will spoil the books if i watch before i read, or if i will be disappointed when i watch the series and it departs from the story too much like The Legend of the Seeker did.

Hard to know what way to do things sometimes.

The popularity of the twilight series amazed me back in the day (although that was a few years ago now). Every single girl I knew and and every second guy was reading it. Although, I am proud to not be one of them. Although, me and my friends are just as into A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) as these people were ever into to Twilight. Although, unlike Twilight, A Song of Ice and Fire is actually mature and clever.

And get Game of Thrones, Fury. Its got to be the best TV series I've ever watched and its pretty much everything the book series deserves, although it obviously can never quite be of the same caliber (and part of the plot of the second series is significantly changed from the books, although, the author is behind it so it doesn't break anything). There's also quite a bit less back story, simply because of time constraints, so you probably would be better off reading the books first. And its not family viewing. A lot of stuff that was inferred in the novels is depicted in some pretty explicit sex scenes.

Thanks for the heads up Prettyfly, i have the books on my ereader, i guess i will hit them up when i am done with the Jeremy Clarkson book i am currently reading. I put the Tv series on download now also, that will keep me amused for sometime between the new short course rc truck i just ordered and the rc sail boat i am scratch building, i will not have time to troll Samson on politics. LOL

Kristien Stewart is of "The Twilight Saga" fame, which is a story about a human girl's love affair with a vampire. Based on the book series by Stephanie Meyer which was written largely to pander towards adolescent teenage girls. And if you are not one of those, it is pretty much guaranteed for you to hate the books on principle. And the movies if you saw them (I didn't, but I've heard the horror stories).

In the end, the show-stealer for Snow White and the Huntsman is Charlize Theron as The Wicked Queen (probably the only time I've seen the same actor's name on two movies showing at the same time in theaters, she also has a starring role in Prometheus). But apart from that, I have no interest in this movie (blame Kristien Stewart, like I said, I will never take any movie starring her seriously because all I am going to see is suicide-happy Bella Swan).

Oh, and why is the Huntsman so prominent on the posters but only gets a side role in the film? Well, as MovieBob so eloquently put it:


Edited by ThomasKaira on Jun 17, 2012 11:55 pm
Alrighty then... Here I was expecting this to be one of Samson's movie reviews with commentary about the movie from the rest of the peanut gallery, not a debate about Kristien Stewart, but, okay.. as for the movie, I'm eagerly awaiting its release on video so my family and I can watch it. As for the actress in question, I take it she's the one playing Snow White?

Yep, she plays Snow White.

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