Snowfall in Baghdad

The people of Baghdad found themselves with a rather unusual circumstance Friday morning. No, it wasn't a bombing. It wasn't a crazy cleric declaring jihad on the people. It wasn't a military operation. It was something they hadn't seen in at least 100 years. Snow. That's right, the picture to the left is not of a typical US city or town, but is a shot from downtown Baghdad where the last snowfall was at least 100 years ago. As far as anyone can remember, the closest it's come to doing this were hailstorms. Some Iraqis have never seen the stuff at all and thought it was just another weird type of rain.

The strangeness of it all seems to have temporarily brought violence to a halt as Sunni and Shiite all stopped to take in the unusual sight. As of late Friday afternoon, there hadn't been any bombings, shootings, killings, kidnappings, or anything else reported. It's amazing how the simple things seem to have the most profound affect. Now if we could just convince the global warming fanatics that they're all wrong too, the world would be much better off.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jan 12, 2008 12:14 am by Samson in: | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
But, it snowed in the desert, the globe must be getting warmer... *rolling his eyes*

Global warming is great stuff.

I just did a small article on research done at Scripps that shows that there was glacial _growth_ during the Cretaceous Thermal Maximum, IE the warmest climate on Earth in the last 100 million years where the average water temperature was 10C higher than it is now.

Still, if Baghdad wants snow, there's no lack of supply here. I invite them to come over and take as much as they like! In fact, you guys are welcome to it as well! Bring big trucks! Take it! Exclamation point!

IE the warmest climate on Earth in the last 100 million years where the average water temperature was 10C higher than it is now.

Not that I doubt the validity of the result, but did they bother to explain in that research just how they came to the conclusion that 100 million years ago, the average water temp was 10C higher than it is today? It always amazes me how researchers make such bold and definitive claims on things they can't possibly know with any certainty. Especially that long ago.

The material I used as a reference did not say, however, I don't doubt it's possible to know considering such things as chemical makeup and isotope decay in fossils from that period of time.

The research wasn't being done to find out the temperature of the water at any rate, evidently that's already been done (feel free to look it up yourself if you want to dispute the claims, I will side with the scientists who know what they're talking about, even if they could be wrong).

You can't know with any certainty that they can't know with any certainty.

Knock yourself out (this was part of my source).

They can claim whatever they like, but honestly, how can they know beyond a shadow of a doubt about anything THAT specific that happened 100 million years ago? Average water temperature isn't an easy thing to get right from 100 years ago, and we kept records on stuff like that back then too. They can't know what the average anything was like even 500 years ago. It's all pure speculation. They may have data which suggests the sea was warmer than it is now, but that's about all they have.

I think the fact that you have oil buried under the arctic circle is a much more solid indicator that back when that oil was tropical plant life the Earth was MUCH warmer up there than it is now. Which is why these global warming freaks and climate disaster morons always piss me off by being so arrogant as to assume that the climate, right here and now, is the one true and correct climate. Evidence proves beyond all doubt that we've had planet-wide tropical conditions as well as planet-wide ice conditions. We're just in the middle of the transition to the tropical phase again.

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