South Carolina Democratic Results

Results are in for the South Carolina Democratic primary. Once more, as with past contests, it doesn't pay to bank on what polls showed or who won or lost the previous contests. As with the Republicans, the Democrat race has just been blown wide open. The margin of victory appears to already be large enough for CNN to project a winner.

With 99% of precincts reporting in:

Barack Obama: 55% +25 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 27% +12 delegate
John Edwards: 18% +8 delegates

The results for John Edwards are more or less the death of his campaign. South Carolina is his home state, and a victory for him was critical. Though nobody should be surprised he's been soundly defeated, it may well surprise him.

Also, as I commented in the previous election thread, but worth repeating here:

Fred Thompson has dropped out of the Republican race as of last week after SC.
Duncan Hunter has also dropped out of the Republican race.
Dennis Kucinich dropped out earlier this week on the Democrat side.

For the Democrats, this leaves only Mike Gravel as the only other second tier candidate remaining in the race.

Delegate Totals So Far
Hillary Clinton: 230
Barack Obama: 152
John Edwards: 61
Mike Gravel: 0

Next up: Florida - The first winner take all state. This is do or die for Rudy Giuliani, who isn't polling very well right now. But we all know how wrong the polls have been so far.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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