Split Decision

Guess what folks! There was another oh so exciting set of primaries today. North Carolina and Indiana both put one in the books. Nothing terribly surprising, or really even worth getting excited about at this point. A lot of people I know didn't even realize this stuff is still going on. But it is, and here we are. Obama is inching himself closer to total victory. They split the "win" tonight, but overall Obama has more delegates and is just piling them all on now.

North Carolina Primary - 100% reporting

Barack Obama: 56% +58 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 42% +42 delegates

Indiana Primary - 100% reporting

Barack Obama: 49% +33 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 51% +37 delegates

Delegate Totals to Date

Barack Obama: 1,836
Hillary Clinton: 1,681

2,025 delegates is the magic number to win. Obama looks like he's going to have that before the end of May. Also of note, all of the other Democratic candidates are out. That Mike Gravel bozo finally threw in the towel at some point, so officially the Dems are between Obama and Clinton. Edwards still has 19 delegates, but who cares!

On the Republican side, that stubborn old geezer Ron Paul is still hanging in there clinging to his 21 delegates even though John McCain long ago locked this all up.

May 13th is next up, West Virginia primaries. I could have sworn they did this already, but I guess that was only the Republicans. :)
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 7, 2008 1:40 am by Samson in: | 1 comment(s) [Closed]
As incredible as it is that this is still all going on, how could anyone not be aware that it is still going on with all the media coverage of the silly primaries??

I'll still be out of town May 13th, so I guess I'll just have to wait to hear from you how it went in West Virginia.

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