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There has always been somewhat of a gap in the Star Trek history, covering the backstory behind how Spock and Kirk came to know each other. Paramount now attempts to fill in that missing block of time with the story of how the original Enterprise crew came to meet, along with details on Kirk's childhood. The story actually begins immediately prior to Krik's birth - during the aftermath of a battle with an unknown enemy. As events unfold from there we get to see a few glimpses into Kirk's childhood and his eventual entry into Starfleet Academy. From there, the events take their course and provide a very engaging and believable story revolving around the unknown enemy encountered by Kirk's father during his brief command of the USS Kelvin.

You will at this point begin to realize that, as the marketing slogan goes, this is not your father's Star Trek. I doubt I really need to say it, but purists are going to take one look at this film and reject it out of hand since it will deviate wildly from the established history of the series once the Enterprise's maiden voyage is underway. However, if you are not a purist, and you enjoy good sci-fi with a good story, coherent plot, and all of the cool technostuff that goes with it, you will enjoy this movie immensely. I fall into the second category. While I appreciate the value of keeping to "lore" I don't see any problem with altering it, even radically, as long as what you end up with is still a good story and you stick with what you're now establishing as fact. Assuming Paramount is planning to make sequels, they are definitely planning on taking the franchise in an entirely different direction. Don't go into this expecting to have things turn out the way you might expect.

most of the marketing hype for the movie has been centered around the role of Spock played by Zachary Quinto. If you don't know who he is, he plays the lead villain role on the Heroes series. If you haven't been watching Heroes, what's wrong with you! Zachary pulls of an excellent young Spock. So if you were looking to see the movie just for his portrayal I don't think you'll be disappointed. Over all, I think all but the most hardcore purist fans will love this movie and I highly recommend it.

As for stuff on the horizon, I ran over much of this in detail last week. Saw a trailer for the Transformers sequel, excellent stuff. It's a must-see based on what I saw. As expected, Land of the Lost is a complete piece of trash. A perfect example of how *NOT* to retcon your storyline material. They've turned the whole thing into nothing but a massive slapstick mess, which is precisely what I figured was going to happen with Will Ferrel in the movie. Terminator Salvation seems to have finally settled on a trailer that sorts out some confusion - it lays out that Connor and the resistance know exactly what they're up against and the only "WTF is this shit" moments appear to be referencing something new that Skynet is changing. As for District 9, pass. Turns out after a bit of digging that the production team who did Cloverfield is behind it and Peter Jackson is about to make a horrible career mistake. Shame.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 9, 2009 12:25 am by Samson in: | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
Although the new Terminator looks excellent, I am quite scared to watch this Star Trek movie.

Considering JJ Abrams was the guy behind Cloverfield..

You'll just have to trust that Abrams didn't botch this one. I might have been a lot more skeptical myself had I realized he had anything to do with Cloverfield. Fortunately I wasn't aware of that and this movie was well worth the trip. It is easily better than most of the previous theatrical releases. I still hold higher regard for Wrath of Khan for story value and Voyage Home just for the pure humor value.

Funny thing is, a lot of people are dogging this movie for being too much like Transformers. I don't really get that. If that's supposed to be a bad thing, then I'm lost as to how because I thought Transformers was excellent.

What I'm still somewhat skeptical of is the new Terminator movie. Though they're doing better on the trailers there's still something nagging at me wondering if it'll be worth the money. I'll probably still end up going as I'm unlikely to have much else better to do unless a job offer comes along.

I'm very glad to hear that the new Star Trek movie is worth seeing, I am enough of a fan of the franchise that I'd have probably seen it either way, but I'd much rather watch a good movie any day. As for purism.. I do get annoyed when the continuity of the story is botched, especially in a series that took such effort throughout the years to maintain it, but I'm not a die-hard who's going to flake because they included captions for the Klingon language or got the bridge a little wrong either.

Wait, folks are upset that the sequel to the Transformers movie is too much like Transformers???

I'm very sorry to hear about Land of the Lost, maybe I won't see it afterall. *sigh*

I'm still passing on this new Terminator and quite likely District 9 as well.

No no, folks seem to be upset for some reason that Star Trek is too much like Transformers. Something I really don't get, but ok.

Yeah, the Land of the Lost thing bugs me. It's pretty damn clear that the new production team watched the old 70s show through a bad set of comedy colored glasses. The original show was meant to be quite serious, though very much toned down since it was targeted at kids. Grumpy was trying to eat the family - not play chase with them over a canyon, the sleestaks were a dangerous bunch of creatures - not a bumbling bunch of reptilian dancers (or at least I think that's what they were doing?), and Chaka certainly wasn't getting himself off by feeling up Holly's boobs. Oh yeah, and the Marshals were a family. Father, son, daughter all out on a family vacation when the earthquake struck. Not a bafoon of a college professor (Ferrel) and two of his students, neither one of whom were related.

District 9 is tanked as far as I'm concerned. Dug up some more info and found out that at least half the movie will be the same lame ass bouncy camera shit as Blair Witch and Cloverfield. Oh, how I wish I'd known about all that before I wasted my time on Cloverfield.

Star Trek is too much like The Transformers? While I could maybe see the connection between the good vs. evil battle with the decepticons ...I really don't recall Spock (or any of the rest of the original crew for that matter) ever transforming .. that was Odo's role as a changling in Deep Space 9...

Alrighty then.. sounds like they went all out in an effort to pervert the original series about as much as they could. Maybe it's a "sex sells" sort of comedic mindset? Either way, having actually watched (rather faithfully, at that) the original series back when it actually aired, I don't think what you're describing even begins to sound amusing. :(

Oh geez, just what we all need, yet more movies that give the audience motion sickness from sitting in the theater. Ok, if there was any doubt left before, I'll not be wasting my time nor money on District 9 then.

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