State Sponsored Kidnapping

Child Protective Services (CPS). The name invokes a certain sense of safety, calm, protection. The last place you'd expect to find thugs, liars, deceivers, and just plain evil people, right? Wrong. CPS, or whatever your state happens to call them, is a government sponsored terror group who has been given license to kidnap children from their parents, place them into foster care "for their own good" and deny all access to the parents for abuse, neglect, or whatever else they cook up. Supposedly this is all done for the good of the child. This is nothing but a steaming pile of bull though.

On Fox News today, I saw a story about a man who had taken is 7 year old son to a Detroit Tigers game. A day that was supposed to be fun for both of them. A father and son enjoying a day at the ball park. As part of the day, the father bought some lemonade. He had no idea the lemonade he'd bought turned out to be alcoholic. As they were drinking it, an overzealous security guard called the police. How the guard knew the drink was alcoholic is beyond anyone's guess right now, but somehow he did.

The child was taken to the hospital, checked out, and no trace of alcohol was found in his system. I guess the lemonade wasn't as "hard" as advertised? Who knows. It didn't end there though. CPS showed up and took the son away from the family. The child spent two days in state custody, and the father was barred from his own home for a whole week. No charges were ever filed by the police, and the hospital said the kid was just fine. So why did CPS overreact so badly?

I'm not sure one could say they overreacted at all. This is their normal operating mode. CPS is federally funded and they get continuing funding based on their case loads. If they have no cases, they have no funding, and everyone they employ loses their jobs. Sounds like a pretty good motivation to run a racket to me. It's lucrative, the feds approve of it, and the public pays little to no attention to the agency because they assume it's only doing good things for the children. All one needs to do to find out the real truth is Google for "child protective services" and read the many stories about the system gone haywire nationwide. Children stolen from their homes based on lies, false reporting, deceit, you name it. Some of these children get adopted out without the parents ever knowing. Lawyers, therapists, doctors, nurses, judges, and state employees make mountains of money doing all of this. Most of the lawyers are court appointed because the parents can't afford good ones. Even when they can, finding a good one who knows the system is next to impossible.

There have been documented cases of children with medical problems getting severely ill. Sometimes even dying while in state custody. Reports of abuse by foster parents who help game the system are rampant. Usually more so that the legitimate cases of child abuse by the real parents. There are cases out there built entirely on the word of a nosy neighbor who saw a kid outside for 30 seconds without the mother around. Cases where one social worker inspects the home, finds no fault, leaves, and then the state turns right back around with another worker who accuses the parents of running drug labs because they have air conditioners in their windows. There are cases where the state has tricked a parent into confessing to something, such as neglecting a child because they were alone for 7 minutes in another room of the house. There are even documented and verifiable cases of parents who's only "crime" was that they home schooled their children.

Folks, this agency is dangerous. If ever there was a fascist organization loose in the United States, this is it. It's not the neo-Nazi thugs on the streets with their shaved heads and Aryan ideology you need to fear. It's the federally funded agencies that operate silently, without oversight, who steal your children in the night on the jealous whims of an old ex-lover from 10 years ago. It's time we put a stop to these people once and for all.

Fox News story:,2933,353186,00.html
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Posted on Apr 29, 2008 4:13 pm by Samson in: , | 6 comment(s) [Closed]
Funny. Where I grew up, the scare stories ran the other way - about child protective services that fail to remove children from even the most dangerous situations, and social workers who are so underfunded that they miss their necessary calls and don't intervene in time to stop children from severe abuse or death.

You think maybe you and I are just reading different propaganda, Samson? I'll google your stories if you google mine. Check out Newark's system in particular.

You should know I already have a deep distrust for the media in any form. The stories I'm referring to are told by the victims of CPS, their lawyers, and uninvolved parties. There were far too many of them to be coincidence. But sure. If they were all propaganda, then I've been duped. My instincts tell me otherwise though, and so does Google.

The parents of a friend of mine from High School too into foster care (and sometimes adopted) upwards of 50 kids (not at the same time) throughout their careers / lives. As you can imagine, they saw the good and bad sides to the CPS, foster agency, police department, etc. In upwards of 25 years of doing this, I don't think they ever had a complaint against them, or at least not one that reached a serious level. I'm sure they've also experienced their fair share of "horror stories" with regards to foster care, adoption, child services, neglect, etc. That said, they believe the system works.

It's easy to be outraged when the CPS over-reacts, especially to something like what was mentioned in your story. Unfortunately, since most abused, neglected, and exploited children can't speak up, and their parents are good at hiding their behavior, oftentimes a nosy neighbor or a subtle "hunch" is the difference between stopping it at not. The CPS doesn't deny that when they take measures, it's usually hard and fast, but I would agree that sometimes they draw things out way too long considering the [lack of] evidence they have.

Like Regina said, most of the people working for the CPS, foster agencies, etc are low paid and spread pretty thin. In the end, even when the CPS does long term damage, "innocent" parents generally get their kids back unless a very, very serious mistake has been made (which usually falls on multiple false witnesses, bad police work, etc). I don't have kids, but if I did I would rather have them wrongly taken away from me for a week than have my neighbor abusing his kids for years and get away with it. I would also like to think that if I saw something wrong going on next door, somebody would take me seriously, even though I am just one person.

The CPS (and similar agencies) make mistakes. So to hospitals. Hospitals make thousands of mistakes every year, equally killing thousands of people. Even so, we still know that a hospital that accidentally diagnoses the wrong illness, administers the wrong medicine or dose, screws up a surgery, etc. is better than no hospital at all.

Maybe the problem can be addressed with more regulation, money, or exposure, but I don't see cutting the programs or severely handicapping their power to be a positive solution.

It always amazing to hear these wonderful testimonials of how great CPS is coming from folks who have no children, and odd that's it's never coming from anyone who does have them. Doesn't that speak loudly enough in itself?

I work for a Mental Health agency and what I see is a lack of removement. I'm sure there are shenanigans going on in CPS, but where I'm at CPS doesn't do squat about anything. I work in an elementary school so I see kids coming to school with bruises, open sores, beyond dirty clothes, matted hair and so on. I've had kids tell me that their parents hit them, but when CPS is called they go over and talk to the parent and then leave. A month later I get a letter saying 'Unsubstantiated'. This sickens me. I've had this happen a few times. One kid was in fear of going home. The kid was crying and trembling saying he didn't want to go home. CPS did nothing. I've seen a kid not get his meds because they 'couldn't find the bottle' which I suspect someone in the house sold it or was using it. The bottle was never found and had to get a new subscription after the first sub ran out so the kid went without his medicine for about 13 days. Going cold turkey on some meds really affect your system. This kid had a horrible time during those days.

So I do believe that there are some things wrong with CPS on one side, there are also concerns on the other side as well.

I would certainly never try to argue that the system wasn't established to begin with because of need, nor that the problems with the system are entirely the onus of corrupt CPS staff, but I will always quickly point out that it's very rarely those of us children who feel ready to sing the praises of CPS or even just fault them for not being agresssive enough. CPS (whatever it may be called in your jurisdiction) makes mistakes far too often. Removing kids who shouldn't be (thus persecuting parents and children undeservedly), and failing to remove those that should be, as well as lesser measures meant to address such situations that they get called upon for. Frankly, I fully agree with Samson's post in that the Child Protective Services are given far too much power and are not held nearly accountable enough. I do understand that they are, in some jurisdictions, carrying too full caseloads to afford the time for a proper investigation and that they all too often do not have the dirth of evidence that one would hope for in an investigation, but these agencies are dangerous and need, at least, the same degree of checks and balances that all other components of the government are required.

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