Terminator Salvation

Ok. Forget what everyone has been saying, what's been speculated, and all the inconclusive ads you've been seeing on TV and/or in trailers. For the cake was a lie. What's that mean? Well, find out....

Terminator Salvation covers the events of the war with the machines several years into the future. At the beginning though, we're given a critical piece of backstory information that's not revealed through the trailers, TV ads, or anything else about the origins of the new nemesis for this round of action. Once that's over, we're taken to the year 2018 where the human resistance against the machines is on the ropes and getting desperate. Connor leads a suicide mission into a secret Skynet research bunker, only to escape just in time to witness the facility destroyed by a nuclear bomb set as a booby trap, killing all of the men in his unit. From there, the plot begins to unfold as the information recovered from the site is analyzed and the resistance believes they have found the key to destroying Skynet once and for all. The only complication - Skynet has captured a number of human prisoners. Not for execution as expected, but as part of some new sinister plot that was not anticipated, even by Connor.

You want lots of big, nasty machines? You'll get those in droves. Skynet has been busy producing some really BIG things we've not yet seen before and they pack quite a punch. And loud too, oh so loud. I think my ribs are still vibrating from the loudness. But it's a good kind of loudness because it properly conveys the scale of what we're up against 9 years from now.

So the question then. I can hear people asking. Does it adhere to Terminator canon? Unless I saw the wrong movie and was tricked into seeing something that wasn't there, it fits in perfectly. There were no plot inconsistencies, no blatant rewriting of history. No complete curve balls. It may not seem so at first as you're watching, but it all falls into place nice and neat by the time the movie ends. And though we all more or less know the outcome of the whole thing, they've added enough new deviations to make things feel uncertain - in a good way. Much like they did when in T3 you realized that T2 didn't fix everything after all. And yes, they left plenty of room for one final movie to bring us back to the point of origin we're already familiar with from T1. Personally I can't wait, assuming they're going to make it. I want to see Skynet smashed to shit :)

So over all, everything fits in nicely, doesn't violate canon, and leaves room to tie everything off once and for all in one final movie. Paradox and all. Definitely worth the trip.

One new preview not seen before, Surrogates. Starring Bruce Willis, so you know right away it's an action flick. The apparent premise being that in the near future we have all adopted remote control "surrogates", basically android replacements for our real selves operated from home. Find a trailer and watch, it looks interesting.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on May 22, 2009 1:56 am by Samson in: | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
So, would the Terminator series be more interesting, and make more sense, if watched T4 then T1, T2, T3?

Re: Surrogates: "Starring Bruce Willis" is almost enough by itself, but the premise you've described sounds pretty intriguing as well. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :)

I think once they get to the point of making T5, and I have no doubt they eventually will, then it might be fair to say it's more interesting to watch in that order. But really, the whole thing works perfectly well as is right now.

Guess that's a matter of personal preference. When the original Terminator movie came out, it was pretty good as a stand alone, but as a series T2 and T3 didn't work so well for me. I was trying to give benefit of doubt here and speculate that maybe this new one filled in enough of the backstory to make the other three work together better finally. *shrug*

Well as I said, it works fine as it is. For me T2 and T3 worked just fine too, though I wasn't too crazy about the actor they got to play Connor in T3. There's backstory for this one too, and it fits, explaining the one thing the previews will leave you wondering about if you're paying enough attention. I'm afraid I can't really go too far into detail without being Mr. Spoiler though. :)

You've got a
spoiler tag
on here, isn't that what it's for? ;)

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