The Bourne Ultimatum

Looking for an action filled spy movie? Look no further. The third movie in the series about Jason Bourne, the amnesic CIA assassin, is filled with more action, suspense, and intrigue than anyone should be allowed to see on screen.

There's hardly a moment's rest as the plot twists and winds its way all over London, Western Europe, Northern Africa, and finally to New York City as Bourne searches for more clues about his identity and his past. When a moment of pause does come, the movie makes effective use of flashbacks into Bourne's past to help us all fill in more holes as things progress.

Of course, what would a CIA spy movie be without top secret intelligence and the lengths people go to protect their secrets. There's plenty of that to go around as well as we witness the CIA's attempts to hunt Bourne down. Mixed in with all this are some very interesting plot twists that I wish they'd gone into just a little more.

I've heard rumor that Robert Ludlum wrote 4 books in the Bourne series, but his website only specifically mentions 3. Another one, The Bourne Legacy, was written by another author but uses Jason Bourne as the main character and was written after Ludlum died. Even though the end of Ultimatum ( the movie ) leaves the door open a crack to a sequel, it seems unlikely to me that they'll do it as Ultimatum ties pretty much everything off in a nice neat way.

The only big problem I had with the movie was near the end. Apparently the producer just couldn't lay off the politics and had to slip in some subtle jabs. The observant will probably pick up on what I mean.

Overall, big big movie. If spy/action movies are your thing, don't miss this one. Hardly anyone in my town did and I was at the 9:45am showing this morning. Theater was packed so I'm expecting to see some big box office returns for this one.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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