The End of 2007

My how time flies. I seem to recall it being just yesterday ( maybe it was? ) that January 2007 was just getting underway. Now here we are in the last gasps of December 31, 2007. It's been a wild and probably very interesting year for a lot of folks. Sadly I don't really remember all of the things of significance that might have happened, so I'll just review 2007 from my own pathetic viewpoint :)

January saw the seating of a new Congress with a new mission. That mission was supposed to be one of change and all that. But as usual, it turned into nothing more than bluster and hot air as the Democrats spent most of the year attacking Bush policy on Iraq. And failing miserably. So far as I can tell, nothing of any importance was accomplished in Washington, which is pathetic.

Stargate fans were disappointed to learn that their favorite show was finally going off the air for good. SG-1 went into the history books with an abruptly ended 10th season, leaving SG Atlantis behind to fill its shoes.

I upgraded my PC yet again, this time to a nice fast dual core AMD monster system. The servers got their upgrade soon after. October saw the complete failure of the Boralis server which very nearly destroyed this blog were it not for quickly scavenging Google for the cached remains. December saw the imminent failure of the Crondonia server. Both at the hands of Western Digital, who's drive quality went from great to crap in less than a year's time. This made 4 drives in total lost this year alone. Not a good year for WD.

The internet domain industry was rocked by scandal as Registerfly went from mediocre eNom reseller to infamous tabloid evil doers practically overnight. A quick and messy legal battle erupted, the final results of which turned the registrar's database over to GoDaddy. I'm not convinced the people who got screwed by Registerfly are really any better off. The whole affair even led to me running my first ( and probably my last ) "sucks" site - I've since taken the site down as the GoDaddy takeover made it all moot.

Mars Express took some interesting shots of the Martian south pole back in March which left many wondering if there was potential for life to be found there. Beyond a few blurbs in the internet media, not much else was said. In other NASA news, Spirit and Opportunity both survived a massive Martian dust storm that covered the entire planet. The two little guys are still trucking along! NASA also tried to kill another shuttle crew when Endeavour got raked by yet another block of evil ice foam. Voyager 2 crossed outside one of the outer boundaries of our solar system in December, joining Voyager 1 as the only two man-made objects to cross into interstellar space.

On the MUDing front, Kyndig finally came to his senses and removed all the bans he slapped on people back in 2006. Let us hope he learned his lesson there. 2007 also saw my resignation from and reinstatement to the MudBytes admin team. A wholly messy affair that would not have happened had Cratylus not gone off the deep end. Thoric and the Smaug crew released a surprise update to the Smaug codebase, and a few months later he sold the domain for a sizable chunk of money. Alsherok also celebrated 10 years online in September. AFKMud and The Smaug FUSS Project both merged to form the site which is the largest Smaug resource site on the internet.

Microsoft made some more ridiculous claims about the sale rates for Vista. I'm sure we all got a good laugh out of that one :) AOL announced that Netscape will cease production and support as of February 1, 2008, ending a long history going back 15+ years.

Paris Hilton got herself arrested, jailed, and released all within a few days time. Once more proving that if you're a celebrity, you get a different brand of justice from the rest of us.

I finally got rid of the behemoth desks and replaced them with a nice new one. Air conditioning finally graced the lands of the Iguanadons for the first time. No more dying in the brutal July heat for me! I'm also finally getting the shelving installed for my dragon collection that's been sitting in the floor for months. Work sucks, as usual, but this year it seemed to suck even more than normal. Probably because the boss has decided to launch a vendetta against me.

The tide began to turn against illegal immigrants this year as a comprehensive amnesty plan was defeated in the Senate after a massive outcry from the people. Proving once and for all that if we speak up loudly enough, they'll listen. Several states are now considering legislation to restrict or eliminate benefits to illegals, with Oklahoma and Arizona both passing bills that have so far proven very effective in getting them to self deport. We still have a long way to go and suffered a huge setback when the traitors in the Whitehouse gutted and castrated the Secure Fence Act of 2006 by burying changes to it inside a huge omnibus spending bill.

We finally got the good news we've been waiting for out of Iraq. General David Petraeus gave his report to Congress in September outlining the incredible success the surge has had on turning Iraq from a quagmire into a victory. The Iraqis are finally stepping up to do what they were unable to before, and it's all because we saw it through, rather than surrendering the way the Democrats wanted.

Nicolas Sarkozy won a huge victory in France for the conservative movement and then he came to the US to announce his intentions to mend fences and improve relations with us. The speech he gave before the joint session of Congress was one of the most powerful I've seen in a long time.

Benazir Bhutto was gunned down in the streets after a political rally, then the assassin blew himself up in the crowd killing 20 more people, just last week which sparked riots all over Pakistan and has now caused the postponement of their next elections. The security and stability of Pakistan remains in the balance. Along with their 30 nukes.

Southern California suffered the worst fire season in decades as hundreds of thousands of acres of land were burned, mostly in San Diego County, at the hands of the vicious Santa Ana winds. Thousands of homes were destroyed, at least 20 people died, and dozens more were injured. With the rainy season coming those areas are now ripe for mudslides that could cause even more devastation.

The movie season picked up very late this year with most of the really good films not releasing until November and December. But if the trend continues as is, 2008 should start off with a bang and keep rolling along.

Sandbox also evolved greatly over the course of the year. Even though barely anyone is using it yet, it's gone from being a primitive script with little in the way of features to something that at least one person has said already rivals Moveable Type. Maybe 2008 will see it rivaling Wordpress. Even if there's still only 3 people using it :P

And lastly, the strangest story to hit the net all year. Toward the end of December, the Lakota Sioux tribe of South Dakota delivered a message to the State Department declaring their independence from the USA after voiding all of the treaties signed with our government. It's the kind of thing one might expect to see tons of press, but outside of one article posted to Fox News, there hasn't been another peep outside of the blogosphere. Something fishy about the whole thing not getting any coverage whatsoever.

Well, hopefully I haven't bored you all to death yet with my insane ramblings. 2008 is sure to bring about plenty more!
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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