The Sickness

Yeah, so I guess it's that time of year again. Cold season. Flu season. Whatever you want to call that crud that gives you headaches, chills, sore throat, stuffed nose, clogged ears, the whole bit. Considering the damn virus is only acquireable from other sick people, why can't the bastards just stay away from me? Why do sick people insist on going to work, school, or wherever instead of taking 2 days off and getting better? I can likely even tell you who it was that had the shit. Yes, you, the kid behind the counter at the cheesesteak place last week. I'm talking to you. For God sake, you work in FOOD! Can't you stay home? Aren't there health regulations covering this sort of thing? Suppose you had something really nasty like Bird Flu? And do I dare even go into the implications for your hygiene and sanitary conditions at the restaurant if you were able to transmit this to me through very limited contact? You touched my food, not me. You didn't even breathe in my direction. Ugh.

So yeah. Sick. Gotta hate it. Though it's not like I was going to do something special today anyway. Isn't it amazing that this beastly virus that's plagued us for so long is still incurable? Sure, you can shorten it up with junk like that Zicam stuff. Drugs never work on me though. So for the next few days I guess I'll be high dosing on the vitamin C and seeing if we have any chicken soup. The two greatest food items in times like these. Soup to boil the bastard virus away, vitamin C to make sure the leftovers you've spread all over the house don't get you back. Just be careful if you should decide to high dose on the C yourself. Too much can poison you.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Dec 21, 2008 4:28 pm by Samson in: | 4 comment(s) [Closed]
I always thought cold viri looked more like this? ;)

Sorry to hear that you're sick though. Chicken soup is indeed the best.

Must be a really strong strain of that virus, I seem to have caught it just from visiting your blog... on the other hand, I always had the impression that vitamin C was water soluable and therefore really high doses basically just got flushed from your system via urination. *shrug* But, either way, I'll certainly second the notion of Chicken Soup, it's been a jewish tradition for probably as long as there've been chickens. ;)

Well, lets see. 3 days from onset to cure. That's got to be some kind of record. Or just the C talking. I don't know. :)

Should anyone care to know just how I beat the bastard this fast:

1. Chicken Soup. Large quantities of it at the first sign of the cold. Apparently the broth coats your throat, the hotter you can get it the better. Just don't burn yourself doing it. I guess the addition of heat also helps to destroy some of the virus.

2. Mega loads of Vitamin C. I'd not recommend this when not sick. Normally I don't bother with supplements and such, but during the last 3 I've been hitting with something in excess of 6000mg of C. That's a lot. Normally your body won't use this much. Overdosing is possible in such large amounts because your kidneys and liver can only do so much. So don't get carried away. Just trust me that when sick, it gets put to good use. If pills aren't available to you, eat as many oranges and drink as much orange juice as you can get your hands on. That certainly won't hurt :)

3. Hot showers. And I'm talking about much hotter than you normally take. It's all about generating loads of steam. Unclogging those sinuses is a massive relief. Plus, at the same time, all that infected goop goes away for awhile allowing your body to gain an edge. Should near-scalding hot showers not be an option, super-spicy foods that cause you to get a runny nose and watery eyes work just as well. Just have lots of kleenex handy.

4. Do not under any circumstances suppress a sneeze. As gross as sneezing with a head full of snot is, you have to let it happen. It's a sign your body is winning the fight and that sneeze expels a hell of a lot of nasty crap. Just don't leave your gross tissues lying around to get someone else sick. Ew. Besides, sneeze suppression can actually be painful if you attempt to block it as its happening.

5. Sleep. Especially when the fever hits, and it will hit. Height of the battle and all that. Resist the urge to kick the covers off if you can help it. It's not fun feeling like you're freezing to death in an 85 degree room, trust me. I was just there the other night. 85 degrees ( blame the servers ) plus fever = me freezing even with extra clothing on.

You'll know when it's all over except the cleanup. Headaches will be gone, eyes won't itch, nose and sinuses will suddenly just clear up. Ears are about all I end up with lasting much past this point. I hate this part. That constant popping is the most irritating thing on Earth.

Glad to hear you pulled it off, wish I could say the same but chicken soup while traveling is not nearly as easy.. we won't even get into the challenges of hot showers and extra sleep while traveling with kids. *sigh*

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