Titanic Cover Up?

So one of the most important discoveries of the late 20th century may be a cover up. At least according to Bob Ballard, the man who discovered the wreck back in 1985. Supposedly the way it all goes down is like this. The US Navy hired him to go look for the USS Thresher and USS Scorpion, both of which were sunk during the 1960s. Speculation has it the Soviets sunk the Scorpion, but there's no way to know that for sure today. The mission to find our sunken submarines was classified as top secret. The operation supposedly took place in 1982. Three years before the Titanic's discovery in 1985. Could this be a grand conspiracy? A juicy cover up? Or is Bob simply trying to make his name famous again?

Personally I'm not buying this one. It just seems too convenient. An operation of the size needed to map the Atlantic would have netted some attention, even in 1982. Civilian craft would have noticed a bunch of US Navy vessels hanging out in the mid-Atlantic. It's not like the place is deserted. There are shipping lanes going through there. It's also unlikely that an operation like this would have been able to hide from satellites over the area, or from civilian aircraft flying overhead. Someone in the last 23 years would have said something. There's also the matter of the 3 year time gap, and the fact that Bob's mission in 1985 would again have been spotted by someone. It was already widely known he was out there.

What of the 12 days he had to find the wreck? Did 12 days somehow become 3 years? Usually when the Navy says you have 12 days to get stuff done, they don't allow that to become 3 years of roaming the open seas looking for a lost cruise ship. Although given the wasteful ways of our government it could be possible. It just isn't like the military to let something this big slip by them.

So why now? Why 23 years after the fact? What possible gain could there be in revealing this now? We all know that plenty of folks involved in the Roswell incident in 1947 didn't bother waiting 23 years before they started talking and that was a far greater GENUINE cover-up by the government. People were talking about that one days after it happened and despite threats from the Army they didn't stop talking about it either. So why would Bob stay quiet for 23 years when presumably the same kinds of threats about talking were used? There has to be some kind of motivation behind it.

There are scattered claims flying about that this whole affair was made public in the early 90s after the "end" of the Cold War. However I have not been able to locate any verifiable source material on this other than the unconfirmed postings of other bloggers that there was in fact a mission to locate the two submarines. It is certainly feasible that the US Navy wanted to find the wrecks. If they did in fact contain nuclear weapons then we'd want those recovered rather than allow them to fall into enemy hands. The Navy did not need Bob's help in accomplishing this. The military has technology that makes Bob's underwater robots look like tinkertoys. They would have been able to carry it out in complete secrecy if they really wanted to. Launching DSRVs from subs or something.

I'm not inclined to believe this one. If anyone has any other thoughts on it, feel free to post them as always.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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In "The Eternal Darkness" plublished in 2000 I believe, Bob describes finding the Thresher, not sure what all the hype is about now. Guess until something shows up on TV on one pays attention even the media.

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