Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The transformers return to the big screen with another go at the battle between good and evil, with us caught in the middle. The Decepticons are regrouping after their huge defeat and are searching for something. That something turns out to be a fragment of the All Spark which was destroyed in the battle that killed Megatron. Sam stumbles on another fragment stuck in his backpack, and after touching it his mind is filled with tons of ancient symbols and images. And his house is turned into a bit of a disaster area as the shard falls through the floor and causes all the electronic goodies in the house to transform. As events unfold, it becomes clear that whatever is now in Sam's head is of critical importance to the transformers and the race is on to discover what the symbols mean, why the Decepitcons are so interested in finding it, and stopping them from destroying the Earth in the process.

This movie expands greatly on the number of robots on screen. At one point there are at least a dozen, I've seen rumors of 40+ but I don't recall seeing that myself. Several new ones were introduced this time around, all of which I vaguely remember having seen in the original animated series. The pair in the picture for this posting added some very funny comic relief moments during the movie and a lot of the other bots had a lot more depth to them this time around. I think Michael Bay might have wanted the bots to not seem quite as, well, robotic. Especially when it comes down to the good vs evil, black & white, etc. as not all Decepticons are bad. Though I think it could have done with having an Autobot or two be not good.

What's that I hear you screaming? What about the ever sexy Megan Fox? Fear not. She's got plenty of screen time as well. So if you're like a lot of people I know, going to see the movie just for her won't leave you disappointed. Bay clearly played into that as well with plenty of scenes. She's not just window dressing though. So don't expect that.

There's going to be plenty of things for everyone here. Kids will naturally love it. Adults will find plenty of good solid story. Military people will enjoy it. Action fans won't be disappointed. Special effects nuts will drool on themselves. There's a reason this bad boy has already managed to pull in $60 million on opening night - in the middle of the week. Packed houses are going to be the norm for awhile. The showing I went to had not a single seat left open. At 10:40am, which has always been nearly dead for every other show I've ever seen in the place. If ever there was a truly must-see film, this one is it.

On the horizon:

Sept. 9: 9 - Yes, it's called 9. Tim Burton film, so you probably know to expect something entirely unconventional. It looks mildly interesting if the trailer was any indication.

Nov. 13: 2012 - Pretty much what you might expect. The end of the world, based on the Mayan calendar. Could be interesting depending on what they do with it.

Date unknown: Airbender - M. Night Shyamalan film. The preview seems a bit outlandish. Some kid up on an isolated mountain, and as they panned out there's this massive army climbing up to go kill him, and then they panned out more and there's this massive fleet of futuristic looking naval ships firing ginormous fireballs up at him. I'm assuming this to be based on the Airbender anime, but I wouldn't know. It's not even on so I have no idea when it's coming out because the trailer didn't say either. I doubt I'll bother though since anime stuff is just, well, lame.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jun 25, 2009 10:19 pm by Samson in: | 13 comment(s) [Closed]
Wow, Samson, maybe you should talk to a local paper or something about becoming a movie reviewer. At least then you get paid for it. Your reviews are always so detailed. Mine usually would come off as "wow, great movie, you must see it!". :D

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the Transformers movie. I've only heard good things about it so far.

9 - Even given that it's a Tim Burton, which is a strong indication that it'll be really good, "9"?!?!?? Not even "The 9" or something to indicate what it might be about... *sigh* Hollywood's getting much worse about these sort of things.

2012 - They're wrong, the Mayans that is, the world ended yesterday - for Farrah & Jackson fans anyway. ;) Seriously, I'll reserve judgement til I know considerably more about this one.

Airbender - I'm in a mixed mood about this one, my friends/family are all saying it's based on the anime too, so I guess you're right about that, which is usually a turn-off for me but M. Night Shyamalan has so far done a pretty good job with some themes I'd have normally discarded as well...

Are movie reviews in newspapers really this short? I know not many of them are all that long on the net, but since I haven't stuck my nose inside a propaganda rag... er... newspaper in ages I have no idea how lengthy they are :)

Funny thing is, people on IMC keep saying everyone either thought it sucked or that they've seen nothing but bad fan reviews about it. I don't know what planet they all live on but the movie definitely did not suck. Kayle can attest to that too now.

Yes. 9. That's the title, and it appears appropriate since it looks like the whole point is that there's 9 living beings left after some disaster wiped us all out. Leaving them vs a planet infested with machines. I wonder if Burton is a fan of the Terminator series :P

The Airbender thing is live action, not animated, but I do know from seeing listings on DirecTV that it's definitely an anime thing. I've never watched an episode but I can't stand that crap either.

I don't know for sure, it's been quite awhile since I looked at a newspaper, especially one other than USA Today (which I get free when I stay at some hotels, not that I've done that in a couple of months now) or a local rag from either here or my last home (both were small papers for small towns...), but the few reviews I have seen in the paper were that short, and not as informative nor passionate as your reviews usually are.

I've been staying busy enough to not notice most of what's beng said on IMC the last few days, but we already know several of them don't live on the same 3rd rock from the sun that we do... and don't share our taste in lots of things. Not that even we always agree when it comes to movies either, mind you. :D

Ok, amazing that they can title a movie with a single digit but... interesting plot line, for my sake, I hope it's better than the termator series.

Well, I'd understood that it wasn't an anime but was based on one, I just don't usually like most animes and I'm not certain that I can imagine turning one into live action as an improvement on it.

Sarah and I saw it tonight. Good, clean (well, sandy) fun, albeit with random holes you could drive Optimus Prime through, but if you've got giant robots, what's a few pieces of American military hardware appearing way before time?

Well, ok. The geography is whack, but nevermind.

Sole real quibble I had was Skidz/Mudflap, the two Autobots in the picture. Dumb, and just not funny. I cringed whenever I saw them.

That aside, well, let's see. Devastator is awesome (because Devastator is always awesome), and at least this time he's not neon green and purple. They raped the character of Jetfire, but that's ok because Jetfire is awesome no matter what. They raped the character of Soundwave, which is less great, but oh well. At least they had Ravage. Alas, no Laserbeak, but they had Ravage.

The world didn't really need more Arcee, though. Oh well.

Yes, I watched season 1 of the cartoon about 1,845,968 times during my childhood, why do you ask?

As to previews, we got a whole different slate. Last Airbender was the only similarity. It could be cool, I guess, but M. Night Shyamalan lost me a while ago (the end of Unbreakable very meh), so enh. There's anime adaptations I'd be willing to watch, and for that matter we came home from Transformers and polished off the second season of Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex which is superior to most American TV I've seen, but I can skip Last Airbender.

And, uh, let's see. Whatever the second Twilight movie is, which as I told Sarah I'm not nearly thirteen enough or female enough to watch at all. Some crappy Adam Sandler thing. Extract, which is apparently by the Office Space guy and which Sarah thought looked hilarious and I thought looked retarded. And some Disney (I think) movie involving aliens, mind control devices, and ninja grannies controlled with the mother of all Nintendo controllers. I won't see it, but it made me laugh.

Transformers 2 kicked ass. I didn't really care that they totally blew the whole rail gun thing on a destroyer out of proportion. I found Skidz and MudFlap to be pretty funny, but I laugh at stupidity, so that might be why. THe whole crouching ninja thing while he's bright green and in the middle of the desert was rather humorous. Bumblebee stole the show though. His fight near the end with that one that had what's their names was pretty bad ass. I never watched the cartoons though, so I don't know any of the names but the bigger ones, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream.. Megan Fox was stunning as ever though.

Josh Duhamel was a great choice for Major Lennox though. I'm still pissed off at NBC for cancelling Las Vegas... >.<

Hmm. I'ma shut up now, my Gnat-like attention span is showing...

"Gnat-like attention span", eh? *chuckle*

Dwip - the hardcore transformers fan. I used to watch the cartoon too but never saw it enough times to memorize their names. And how could you hate the two little guys? They were awesome.

I also have the feeling they merged a whole bunch of the second series in with this movie, not just later seasons of the original. But I've never even seen the second one so I couldn't say for sure.

They were just completely unfunny to me. They weren't funny to Sarah either, but we seem to be the only ones, so... *shrug*

And yeah, they were clearly riffing off of all sorts of things in both movies. First series, second series, whatever. I mostly just know season 1, so I'm hazy on the rest, but my recollection of the mythology is that they totally faked a lot of the matrix stuff, but in a way that was less jarring to me than the hypersonic B-1s and wherever the A-10 came from.

OTOH, since I'm a little bit of a military hardware geek, who cares, really? LCACs! Woo!

Samson, shame on you! You didn't mention Harry Potter!

Haven't seen Transformers yet.

But as for the Airbender one, Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of the few newer anime/cartoons that I enjoyed. I freely admit to have watched most of those episodes (They ran on Nickelodeon for a while, I don't think it was ever canceled either, they ran the entire planned series). The movie looks pretty good, and what those ships are is actually a metal ironclad with a catapult launching a molten, flaming napalm-ish ball of nasty burning stuff.

They do look a bit futuristic, though. The series was based on the premise that there are a few who can 'bend' the elements as the Greeks knew them - Fire, Water, Earth, Air - and that one person could control them all, was reincarnated, etc.. Lot of Asian/Chinese influence in the series, but it was fairly good, so I have high hopes for the movie.

I've mentioned Harry Potter before and am planning to go see it when it's out.

I'm not sure I clarified, but the Airbender thing wasn't an animated preview, it appeared to be live action. Though it could just be really good CGI like they had in Beowulf.

It's been quite awhile since the last mention of Harry Potter, isn't that one due out soonish already? (on a related side note, I read tonight that one of the stars from Harry Potter is facing 14 years in jail for growing a drug farm...)

Nope, you'd mentioned that already, back at on 6/26 between my two posts:
Samson said:

The Airbender thing is live action, not animated, but I do know from seeing listings on DirecTV that it's definitely an anime thing. I've never watched an episode but I can't stand that crap either.

So I went to see it.

It was good.

The only thing that amused me was the fact that they were shooting M16s at the robots..

I've been on vacation with the family for the past week or so (expect to finally be home sometime tomorrow actually, but had no internet before this since the 10th...) and still haven't gotten to see it. Is there a particular reason it'd be amusing that someone would attempt to shoot at the robots with M-16s?

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