Useless Provocations

No pretty pictures this time as this is more of a personal gripe than anything. This is directed at the asshat or asshats who have been conducting flybys of the contact form here using your throwaway gmail accounts. Enough is enough. You're not accomplishing anything.

no it's probably not bug free, but I challenge someone to even try to find a quarter as many bugs in it as I can find in stock smaug

Someone like Samson, who for various reasons i personally hate

yes, Samson is a real asshole

wild hair crld up samsons fuckn dick or sumthin. hez a dam nazi jew hatr.

Samson? Racist *CENSORED*tard. Ever read that shit from mudbytes?

Notice the pattern here? Not one comment has any meaning. They're all out of context quotes from unattributed sources. Whoever you are, just stop. If you're trying to goad me into hunting the idiots down who posted this shit, it's not going to happen. Telling me who said it won't change that. I don't care that The_Fury/Eldhamud/Tommi still has various personal reasons for hating me. I have various reasons for being equally annoyed at him as well but I'm not out there trying to press the issue. I don't care who all thinks I'm a "dam nazi jew hatr" because anyone who's spent even 5 minutes looking around here or bothering to actually talk to me themselves will know that's just a pile of shit.

So you can just go away now if you don't mind. Find some more constructive uses of your time other than dropping useless snippets of trash into the contact form. Though you idiots have given the Akismet filter some new stuff to work on later. My spam email count has risen by quite a bit. Guess what? Filtered email never reaches my inbox. Nice try though.
"It is pointless to resist, my son." -- Darth Vader
"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
"Mother's coming for me in the dragon ships. I don't like these itchy clothes, but I have to wear them or it frightens the fish." -- Thurindil

Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Aug 16, 2008 12:34 am by Samson in: | 13 comment(s) [Closed]
How nice.. sounds like someone's found a new way to 'reach' you via email even if their regular emails won't get to you. *shaking his head*

Yep. Someone is clearly trying to goad me into something, though why I couldn't tell you. All its really doing is having the opposite affect of me wanting less and less and less to do with mudding in any form.

Today's gem:
Guess i should start to re-write my network code and remove the last bastions of Smaugness from my game code and be free from the license constraints.

Enough context that I can probably guess who it belongs to. Also enough to tell me that somewhere, right now, perhaps even this very second, another Diku license thread has sprung up and dove into derivative works. I'll lay $100 right now at 20-1 odds that someone has invoked the name of Mercthievia as a shining example of what you can get away with as long as you're not getting sued. KaVir has no doubt invoked the regurgitated argument of "once a derivative, always a derivative" and the usual suspects have marched out to claim various definitions of what profit means. Someone somewhere is probably accepting donations or declaring their server fees as operational costs or some other creative accounting crap. Maybe even someone who wants to pay their coders. The horror of it.

I could go on. But why? I've been there, done that, and argued both sides of this debate more times than I care to count. It's tired, old, and worthless. My only advice to anyone who gives a shit is to go talk to a lawyer. Show them the license. Get a real legal opinion and stay out of the troll pits.

You're probably right about every bit of that, in fact, I can easily guess which thread it is on which forums even since I get an emailed daily summary of that forum, but couldn't actually verify it myself without going back and actually reading that summary rather than just marking it as read when it first comes in each day. *shrug*

What the hell is going on with people's morals anymore?

Flamers, thieves, backstabbing antics, and insults fly everywhere. Are we REALLY going to let these people tear the community apart? The admins and moderators of MUDBytes, Mudconnect, Mudmagic, etc really need to start cracking down on these people, HARD. Bans, and a public list of known thieves and their I.P. addresses would be a good place to start. I would personally ban each and every single one of those IPs from my MUD and websites and forums; if I knew what they were. I think the problem is lack of information.

I have to say that we aren't going to get anywhere just talking about it. Let's -do- something.

On another note ..

When has Samson ever been more political on Mudbytes than _ME_? I'm always the one that triggers flame wars it seems. Never seen Samson do so.. he keeps most of it to this site.

Zenn said:

Flamers, thieves, backstabbing antics, and insults fly everywhere. Are we REALLY going to let these people tear the community apart? The admins and moderators of MUDBytes, Mudconnect, Mudmagic, etc really need to start cracking down on these people, HARD.

Short answer: Yup, if that's what they're truly determined to do.
Longer answer: To a bit less of a degree than Samson, I've gradually withdrawn from the community because I'm tired of the things you've cited above. I'm still very active on my own mud and my own forums, and I've been occassionally responding to posts on various sites (other than TMC & Mudmagic to include those you mentioned - I left MM completely, without so much as a backward glance since, way back when Kyndig demonstrated so blatently his true colors and I've dismissed TMC completely except to skim the daily summary email and usually not even beyond the table of contents some time ago now as well, but, oddly enough, shortly before Samson's departure from the community announcement.) but I've made no effort whatsoever to prevent David from surpassing my post count at MudBytes (which is bordering on blasphemy for a self-proclaimed post-whore...) and rarely bother to say anything on IMC anymore (in fact, I've stopped listening to all IMC channels myself on my dev port and have added several notable folks to my imcignore list on my live port) and, for the most part, I'm just not motivated to care about the "community" as a whole anymore. I'll still participate and I might even still occassionally release a snippet, but I've almost become just a lurker, all because of the things you've cited. Enjoy them if you will, I choose to distance from them instead.

Zenn said:

When has Samson ever been more political on Mudbytes than _ME_? I'm always the one that triggers flame wars it seems. Never seen Samson do so.. he keeps most of it to this site.

Actually, I don't know who ever claimed that Samson was excessivily political on MudBytes to begin with, his politics do occassionally carry over to there, but not nearly as frequently nor as heavily as they could nor any more so than many of the members there. As for you triggering flame wars, really from what I've seen, it's been mainly one person who got excessively outraged by your website and "flamed" you over it and their actions are what triggered the closest MB has seen to a "flame war" outside the fiasco involving Samson and Cratylus, otherwise it's all been that same person who can't seem to forgive and forget your flag waving despite his constant cries to everyone else to just drop things and move on already... But I shant name names. ;)


Samson? Racist *CENSORED*tard. Ever read that shit from mudbytes?

As I said in my post, Samson's never showed (that I can remember) any more of anything political or just plain sensitive than I have there.

Kind of sad that people are so intent on splitting the community apart.

Well you've got a pretty good idea of why I've tried not to bother outside of MudBytes. Being that I helped launch the site it's not something that's so easy to give up, even though I've done so once already. Conner may not be ready to name names, but I am. Fizban (aka Drizzt) and Hades Kane seem to be intent lately on trying to stir the pot. That seems to be what floats their boats. Fine. Float it elsewhere because we're all sick of it. Not just me, not just the other admins, pretty much everyone I'm still in contact with is just plain sick of it.

A huge number of prominent developers have already quietly left the scene. Some just slipped away, others made mention of it. I'm pretty sure they all did so for more or less the same reasons. As a community, it just doesn't work. As a loosely associated band of isolated developers it seems to be much better off. That inevitably leads to fragmentation and further isolation. To the point where one day, Rom users may think they're it. Smaug users may think there's nothing beyond Smaug. Circle users, LP users, etc. It's already happened with the LP users, and I've noticed a trend in the same direction with the Circle users lately as well. They were already more isolated than those of us using Merc by virtue of the direction their codebase branched. So it's not surprising to see they're slowly walling themselves off.

I don't know how many times I've said it or how many times I'll need to repeat it. Flamers and trolls will be the death of mudding and those people are on the rise. Going hand in hand with code theft and willful infringement of copyright. It's only a matter of time.

And yeah, so if you're paying the least bit of attention there, I'm no longer an admin. Again. The same bunch of people who complained and bitched and whined and moaned about how things were run before have done so again. I don't have the patience to deal with it anymore. They all seem determined to turn MB into another TMC style cesspool with the constant attacks on anything an admin does unless it's allow total anarchy to reign. There's a reason I severed my financial ties and gave the domain over to Kiasyn awhile back. I sensed this day would come again and I was right.

Um, what?!? When I was there yesterday you were still an admin.. Damn, I really have benefitted significantly (time-wise, primarily) by only visiting these sites daily but it seems that I'm really out of the loop this way. :(

Indeed. A lot of people did the WTF with that one. But they only ever seem to speak up when someone makes a decision like this. Kayle thinks it's rash and that I should get Kiasyn to reinstate me. But that's not going to solve the underlying problem of everyone piling on me when a thread gets locked for cause. Nor will it resolve the issue of everyone piling on me when a thread is allowed to get out of control and turn into a flamewar. And it sure as hell won't resolve the issue of finding the middle ground everyone claims to want but can't quantify and any attempts to find it result in more piling on against me.

So I removed me from the equation since it seems that the underlying current is really that they just don't want me around anymore. I'm fine with that at this point. It'll be one less potential source of headaches. One less cesspool in the making that I won't have to monitor. MB started off with a good idea but the same people who have already ruined this community are intent on ruining MB as well and they're succeeding.

Well, I agree with Kayle in so far as thinking that it seems rash and, frankly, maybe I misread it but I honestly didn't think it was about you at all this time. On the other hand, you've obviously garnered far more than your share of misery out of this and if you're ready to leave it, who am I to push for you to make Kiasyn reinstate you? But as I said there, if this is your decision on the matter then your administrative presence will certainly be missed.

Well it may not have been per se about me, but since I was by far and away the most active force of moderation it more or less came out that way. Yes, it was probably rash to self-demote over it all. Hindsight more or less says that thread should have been locked from the moment I saw it, regardless of what came of it in the end. Overall that thread serves as a shining example of why questioning administrative decisions in public is simply not a good idea. The sooner the MUD community realizes this, the better off it's going to be on the forums that make it up. TMS already found out it works wonders, and though I'm loathe to admit it at all, it seems to have had long term positive benefits for Mudmagic as well.

As far as being reinstated, I've already said that I'm leaving that up to Davion and Kiasyn ( an Asylumius if he's paying attention these days ). They may not even realize I did it since it's probably been lost in the 12 page monster by now. But if they want me back in an official capacity, I'll go back. But I'm certainly not going to resume moderation duties. I'll instead be pushing strongly to pick other people to do that and stick to backend operations myself.

Nah, at the least Davion's commented on it at least once, I think.. or maybe that was.. *shrug*

I suppose to avoid these sorts of surprises in the future I should really change the order in which I hit various sites so that I hit MB before coming by here.. ;)

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