So, I'm sure the title caught your eye, yes? Good. For those of you who haven't played Oblivion or used mods or are not overly familiar with the game world, this post will suck. You've been warned, but I can't let July go with only two entries! It would be cataclysmic.

Ever get the feeling that Cyrodiil hasn't got enough villages? No, I'm not talking about those little one building run down junk places. I mean stuff like Blankenmarch, Border Watch, Water's Edge. Seems only the lower Niben River got blessed with any real concentration of these. So I began to wonder if I could find a decent hole to stick another. It wasn't long before I spotted somewhere that looked promising. And as anyone who has modded Oblivion to any extent knows, finding an ideal spot is only part of your problem.

You see, Cyrodiil is full. Not full of shit, or full of villages. Just plain full of mods, period. Practically every last spot with a blade of grass has been covered over or has been touched by some mod at some point in time. So I began the process of poking through my load order, which isn't insignificant. I figured if I was running something that blocked out the spot I'd found then it probably wasn't safe. However, much to my surprise, I hadn't touched the two cells I wanted to occupy. Yes, you can fit a small village into two cells, it's not as hard as it sounds. Including landscaping too.

So where is this miraculous little spot nobody or their dog seems to have touched? It's along the upper Niben River, directly east of Fort Variela, across from the Culotte ruin. If you're at all familiar with that part of the game world, you'll know there's this dock there. Just sitting there, unused. One might assume that it once served the now abandoned fort. A reasonable thing to assume. Also damned amazing nobody's thought to expand on it, it seems to be sitting there, calling to modders. In any case, it's mine! I saw it first! Get away from it!

Now as you know, every village needs a name or it's just another collection of random buildings. I decided if I was going to use a partially built spot that I'd go looking for a lore based name. Some obscure unknown little place on a map close enough to qualify. Well, I found one. It's a bmp file, so be warned, it might be large. Take a really good close look at the spot just below the island marked "Cyrodiil". Yeah, it's a bit hard to read, but it looks like it says "Vergayun". So it seems I've now got a decent location and a name to go with it. Oh, and yes, the obviousness of just calling it Variela didn't really click until after I'd spent time tagging everything with the Vergayun name.

Just for curiosity sake, I hopped over to the lore forum at Bethesda. I wanted to see if anything had ever been mentioned about this place, as it appears on no other maps. A single thread with a few posts from way back in 2007 has this map identified as the game map from Redguard. That's partly true, a fan actually extended the map eastward to cover more. Well apparently they took a bit of liberty and stuck a bogus location on it - Vergayun. So apparently the village doesn't really exist anywhere in any of the games. Ah well, that's just too damn bad really because the name stuck and I'm going with it :)

So by now I've either bored you to tears or you're wanting to know what's going to be in this little place. The inhabitants earn their living by fishing for slaughterfish, trapping mudcrabs, and harvesting clams. These are then turned into a delicious clam chowder, mudcrab stew, and slaughterfish surprise. Nobody is really sure exactly what the surprise is, and the innkeeper isn't talking! The population consists of a dark elf innkeeper, a nord monk, an Imperial legionnaire who drinks his life away at the inn, and two Argonians - one of whom got his name from an inside joke on the IMC2 network. Dean, if you're reading this, Pees-on-Leaf is dedicated to you. Pees-on-Leaf has an odd hobby. He raises small bushes and trees and has given many of them to the other villagers. Nobody quite knows how he manages it. Though one day he was caught relieving himself on a giant leaf. Hence the name the locals gave him. He doesn't seem to mind though. The second Argonian, Seeks-Great-Fortune, fancies himself a relic hunter and spends a great deal of time at the nearby fort and Ayleid ruin. He's brought home some mundane relics in an attempt to understand what the Ayleids were all about. There will also be a Kvatch soldier who takes up residence here after his home city is burned to the ground as part of the main quest. It always bothered me that every last guard supposedly either died or stayed to suicide themselves with Savlian's insane plan. Well, apparently not *ALL* of them did, and he becomes the village's lone patrolman. There's also one other little insider joke that was born of the IMC2 network, but I'm leaving that one for release. Can't give it all away! :)

I don't have any plans to make quests, the village is largely just to take up the hole I felt was there. The inhabitants will talk about each other if you ask though. Hopefully I can at least make that amusing in some way. And provide an in-game way to learn much of what I just spoiled above.

Oh, and Dwip, yeah, I know. ANOTHER village mod? When I've still got Faregyl additions to do and that DB Sanctuary mod? Patience avatar, that will be coming.

Expect Vergayun to appear on TESNexus in the very near future.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jul 27, 2009 3:32 am by Samson in: | 21 comment(s) [Closed]
Quests! Cyrodiil demands QUESTS! And snappy dialogue!

Well hopefully I can deliver on the snappy dialogue :P

Right after I deliver on the proper deployment of indoor path grids. Oops.

Who ever said IMC doesn't (shouldn't) bleed into our other pursuits, eh? ;)

Heh, yeah, would have thought, right? IMC2 inspiring not just Dean's NPC but an entire village built up to support him :)

Anyway, got the guard AI down, got the bed rental at the inn working, landscape, grids, buildings, clutter, all done. Ye olde dialogue. The bane of many modders. That's all that stands in my way now.

Oh, and of course the ever present urge to add just one more thing - like I thought up while eating lunch earlier. A ship that docks at the village once every 2 weeks or so, to present the illusion that there's actually commerce and some reason for the warehouse to exist. Yeah, I know, crazy talk. But I may yet do it just because I think it would surprise a few people to show up at the place and see a ship docked with a couple of crew hanging around and even possibly looking like they're working.

That would be badass. Pretty easy, too, I bet. Makes me want to go do something like it for Weye. ;)

I like the idea, Samson. If you're going to have a ship dock every couple of weeks, aren't you also going to need to add a traveling merchant (horse/wagon) or two that visit about as frequently (maybe half as frequently but two of them staggered) for the land based commerce?

No, I think the ship docking will be enough. The village is poorly situated for land trade, but is obviously ideal for trade on the river since it's a port. I may have to look into using one of the available ship resources though since the stock ships are rather large and may look out of place. Also going to have to come up with a way to avoid the thing just magically showing up while you may be standing nearby since the game's engine doesn't permit seeing it actually sail in from a distance.

Mr. Silka's stuff looked pretty great when I looked at it.

Clearly you need some kind of dummy quest with a script attached and a couple of timer functions that toggle the ship and people on/off. Throw in a nice GetInCell or distance check, and there you are.

Might need to do teleports on the sailors, too, depending on the AI packs.

No need for a dummy quest, can just hijack the dialogue quest for the village. The ship can be easily switched on and off with an XMarker. The distance thing was what I had in mind too, probably at least 10,000 units since that would be just about on the edge of the cell visibility for most people.

And yes, Silka's ships are the gold standard. I think he's got one that would qualify nicely as a merchant ship.

*sigh* I guess I really do need to get around to trying out Oblivion already, I bought a copy but just haven't had the time time yet to play it, even already installed it. :(
Hopefully, by the start of next week, Dragona will be home from the hospital and we can get caught up on everything enough that I can check it out... once I've done that, this mod your working on sounds interesting enough that I'll have to see what you've done with it so I can try it out and see what all this actually looks like.

Hrm. How annoying. Silka's "cog" ship is just a one-piece version of the vanilla ship parts all welded together. While convenient, not terribly useful as it actually kills the frame rates when using it. Unless I can figure out why it's doing that. My money is on a collision issue. Those tend to behave like this.

So that collision issue bugged the hell out of me. Went and grabbed a copy of Blender and installed it, then fought with it a couple of hours until I figured out how to properly export a nif file. The collision on the cog vessel is fixed and the CS is no longer Mr. Laggy anymore. What a huge difference.

Fixed a few Open Cities files while I was at it too. So that should be helpful.

Those of you waiting, the mod is done. It's been uploaded to Nexus, TES Alliance, Planet Elder Scrolls, and of course right here in my own downloads area. Do have fun and be nice to the lizards :)

Oh, and Dean, Pees-on-Leaf awaits you.

Nifty, will have to grab a copy and check it out, after I find that area in the game without it so I can see the differences. ;)
Does it require any other mods for best enjoyment?

No, doesn't require anything but if you grab New Roads & Bridges you'll get the nice bridge that's in the shot there along with it. And introduce yourself to the wonders of load order management :)

I take it that you mean I'll want to also grab the New Roads & Bridges mod and make sure that it loads before your village does then, so I'll be sure to grab both. :)

Necro post to let everyone know I updated the mod. The innkeeper now has 3 new paintings instead of the boring stock ones she had before.

Cool, downloading :)

Edit: Bah, you didn't mention NRAB was updated too :P

Edited by Hanaisse on Mar 7, 2010 10:54 am
Hmm, maybe it's a good thing I still hadn't gotten around to grabbing the New Roads & Bridges thingy yet then. Gratz on the completion of this update, Samson. :)

Heh. Well I don't have a post here for NRB4. No need in updating one :P

@Conner: Thanks, but it's been sitting around for ages and I kept forgetting to package it and upload it.

Ah, in that case, gratz on finally getting around to getting the update released. ;) :lol:

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