Windows Woes

Looks like it's my turn to take a hit from the bug ridden mess Microsoft calls Windows. Specifically, Windows 7 x64 Home Premium.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, things have started to take a bad turn. First, the CSE for Oblivion decided it wanted to become crash happy. I muddled through, hoping something would turn up to fix it. Then, the game itself began showing signs of increased crash activity. CSE had also progressed to the point where it simply didn't work anymore. Then Firefox shit itself, launching in some bizarre mode that looked more or less like what happens to Windows when you're in Safe Mode. Now it's gotten to the point where the whole system has decayed rapidly into a state where Google Chrome and Windows Explorer (of all things) are all that seems to work without causing problems.

This appeared at first to be rooted in the .NET libraries. CSE is partially dependent on it, and the system had recently (without telling me mind you) installed .NET 4. As I found out over the last couple of days, Windows 7 comes with .NET 3.5.1 already installed, so there's seemingly no reason to have had this happen. Some of you tried to help, and unfortunately every attempt to remove .NET 4 from the system only degraded things even further. There was the possibility that VC++ 2008 Express Edition might have fubared something. So I tried to take it out. That's when Windows fired the big guns and an ominous warning came up that the Windows Installer Service could no longer be accessed. Uh oh.

Well, according to the administrative service menu, the service is there and is even flagged as running. Yet, true to what Google was able to provide, the service is well and truly corrupted. I appear to not be alone in this one, and there are a number of Microsoft tools that claim to be able to fix it. Unfortunately they all meet the same fate and die before they run. Hundreds of posts on dozens of forums repeat the same death dance over and over again. Something goes wrong deep in the system. The user tries to recover. Somewhere along the way the Windows Installer Service quits working. Once you arrive at this point, it's done. Everything Microsoft does operates through this service. Therefore none of their fixer tools can, well, fix it.

One possible tool to fix it is sfc - using the command sfc /scannow you are supposed to be able to have the system fix corrupted files in Windows. The tool claims no such corruption exists and declared everything good. An hour wasted on that btw. Thanks Microsoft.

So it became clear that it was time to stop fighting. Naturally I decide to do what is generally recommended when things get this far gone. I popped in my Windows 7 disc and proceeded to try and do a repair installation. Well, fuck me, guess what ONE option isn't in the menu of things you can do? Yeah, there's no repair install. There are two diagnostic options, one of which involves the system restore service which in my experience has never worked for shit and didn't help in this case. The other being the Windows memory diagnostic. I'm not having RAM issues. I certainly don't want to restore the system to factory default - there isn't one anyway.

So in the end, I must now declare defeat. You've beaten me Windows. I will exact my revenge though with a clean format and a fresh start. An improvement over XP I suppose. It took 2 years to do the damage vs the usual 6 months. Curse you Microsoft and all you do!
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Oct 24, 2011 11:41 pm by Samson in: | 12 comment(s) [Closed]
May you eat shit and die Windows, for having put me through this.

OS is now reinstalled, data recovery well on its way to done. With the exception of two things Mozilla botched (gee, who didn't see this coming): All of my email data has been lost. Yep, because Mozilla is run by blithering idiots who have never heard of storing all their shit in ONE PROFILE FOLDER. All of my Firefox passwords have also been lost. Which, while not nearly as bad, is highly annoying when one must then go back and regenerate them all. What good does it do to tell the browser to save them if it isn't actually doing that in a meaningful way? Either that or it was in some other mystery profile folder nobody knows about.

Seriously, if there was (or is) a better solution to email clients that isn't Thunderbird or Outlook Express, I'm seriously considering using it. This dance of stupidity with Mozilla and their stubborn refusal to adapt to Windows 7 is getting old. Webmail isn't there, period, although it's certainly tempting. Also, if Google Chrome didn't sunk 10 ton donkey balls as far as UI customization I'd have long ago started using that instead of Firefox. Cue the I told you so's from IE fanatics in 3... 2... 1...

This WOULD seem to be the point where I make note of the fact that IE doesn't spend a lot of time griefing me, yes. For reals Outlook isn't particularly lovable either, and has way too much shit going on, but you know what it doesn't do? Any of the shit you guys have been griping about Thunderbird to me over the last several years.

It's not that I want to be a raving MS fanboy or anything, so much as I hate their stuff less than everybody else's.

The passwords thing isn't that big a deal in the end. Annoying, yes, but fully recoverable.

Thunderbird once more being shit stupid and not storing data in expected locations? Yeah, that's just not cool. However, I am not about to subject myself to an even more hellish email client in the form of Outlook to get around this. I'd rather expose myself to Google. Even though gmail is craptastically bad at what it does I'd rather risk it all getting hacked than have to put up with losing everything all over again because someone at Mozilla decides it should all be stored in their cloud one day without telling anyone.

I mean seriously, this is 2011. Can't anyone get this shit RIGHT? It's worse than fucking printer drivers.

Edited by Samson on Oct 25, 2011 4:50 pm
Isn't Microsoft great in this way :tongue:

Yeah, well. Unfortunately the alternative... isn't really an alternative. Linux simply doesn't have the guts to play games on regardless of what they claim.

Plus, most games are designed to be played either on Windows or Mac. Sometimes, you can get something to work on Linux-but that's exactly what it is (usually-there are rare exceptions). As far as the mail thing, one has to keep in mind that gmail, and yahoo, etc are on the internet, and can be accessed from anywhere (and anybody). Outlook and Thunderbird are on YOUR server/computer. I've never had any reason to try Thunderbird, and I found Outlook had to much "excessive trinkets" for my usage. In theory, I have a POP account-but I haven't used it in years.
Back to the first thing, actually barring the language incompatibilites, one would think it would be easier to play a game on a linux system-because when you boot up a windows/mac system half of your system resources are used by the OS. (It might free up some after a minute or two.)

Says he who hasn't tried gaming on Linux before :P

It's hard enough just getting the OS into a compliant state with a friendly desktop UI. Gaming requires levels of arcane wizardry most people would slit their own throats over.

DOS mode? :p

If you ever want to game on Linux, I highly recommend grabbing PlayOnLinux. It automates a large chunk of the work, making it so you only need something such as a +2 staff and a Succubus Ring.

Arthmoor - Sorry a bit late to help here; For future use this will come in handy

Its recommended by Mozilla, and I found it to be very useful on the couple of occasions I needed it.

sfc - As you found is not as good as you are lead to believe, the following is invaluable for these occasions
Those user feedback quotes/experiences aren't just sales bullshit, he really does know his stuff with hard drives.

And as an alternative to Chome ( should you still have an inclination to go down that route - sans all the genuine plugins you have become accustomed to with firefox (still waiting on a genuine conversion of NoScript )), I used SRWare Iron for quite a long time, but recently found a better alternative - Comodo have produced their own fork of Chromium; Comodo Dragon (options are accessed through the Dragon Eye top left of the browser - And very much worth exploring every feature). Its Chrome, with SRWare treatment stripping google out of the picture, and Comodos security additions plus a few more Privacy additions which google would not implement and SRWare did not have the expertise to apply.

Since microsoft had the idea to try and compete against adobe flash with Silverlight (ever noticed how hard they push Silverlight as an important update?, if you hide the update you would expect not to be offered it again .. however they bump the version which results in windows update believing its a new important update even if you did not install it first time round before hiding it and up it pops as a new Important update) .. I believe silverlight has been the main drive behind all the .NET framework updates and fubars over the last couple of years. And a large contribution to messing up your windows installation.

Edited by alt3rn1ty on Nov 5, 2011 4:17 am
Ooh and for repairs you need to go down the System Recovery options route apparently and then you get the Repair your computer option

Steve Gibson may be a wizard with hard drives, but you'd do well to avoid his snake oil in other areas like firewalls and AV. I've never seen a more paranoid idiot than him. That said, Spinrite wouldn't have been an option here. Windows Installer was corrupted, and Spinrite isn't a Windows repair utility.

Wish I'd known about that MozBackup thing earlier. It would have saved quite the headache.

I'll take a poke at the Comodo thing, but it doesn't sound like the UI customization is going to be any better there than it is in Google's own version.

I certainly have no doubt Microsoft would love to kill Flash. Silverlight isn't that though. I never install it. It can bellow all it wants about how important it is, I just ignore it. Their .NET 4 platform is buggy all on its own though.

That recovery options thing, I saw it, and used it. It said nothing was wrong so it didn't repair anything. I was well and truly screwed, and judging by the number of similar incidents I found via Google, I'm not alone.

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