Wisconsin, Washington, and Hawaii Results

Alright, we have three more contests to ooo and ahh over tonight. Wisconsin, Washington State, and Hawaii are all voting today and for the most part, the results are about what people expected again. It's beginning to look a lot like a McCain-Obama contest come November. McCain has certainly begun acting like it as his victory speech for Wisconsin tonight took a few jabs in Obama's direction without mentioning him directly by name. Clinton is just so shrill I couldn't stand to listen to her, so she got muted. Obama was the usual blowhard. Talked a lot, but in the end, said very little other than surrender, turn communist, and raise taxes to pay for it all. He somehow managed to babble on about "change" for almost an hour. I wonder if we should be berating him for contributing to global warming for all the CO2 he expelled tonight. Somewhere in the whole thing, Huckabee got lost in the crowd as I don't recall seeing him speak. Just as well since he's got no hope of going anywhere anyway.

Time for some results:

Wisconsin Primaries - 100% reporting
John McCain: 55% +31 delegates [Winner takes all]
Mike Huckabee: 37%

Barack Obama: 58% +38 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 41% +27 delegates

Washington State Republican Primary - 54% reporting
John McCain: 49% +6 delegates [Winner takes all]
Mike Huckabee: 21%

Hawaii Democratic Caucuses - 100% reporting
Barack Obama: 76% +14 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 24% +6 delegates

Delegate Totals to Date
John McCain: 1,033
Mitt Romney: 255 [Dropped out - Delegates will likely go to McCain]
Mike Huckabee: 247
Ron Paul: 21

Barack Obama: 1,369
Hillary Clinton: 1,267
John Edwards: 26 [Dropped out]

John Edwards and Barack Obama met recently in near secret to discuss issues, most likely relating to the fate of those 26 delegates. With the race on the Democrat side being so close, those 26 delegates could become a valuable prize. Could there be an Edwards VP spot opening up again this November?

So with things coming down to the wire, it's not really looking good if you're Hillary Clinton. There's serious talk now of Obama winning one of either Texas or Ohio on March 4th. If that happens then it's going to be pretty much over for her. The next big day is on March 4th with Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont all holding primaries. This will most likely be where McCain cinches it up, and where Obama emerges a clear front runner.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Feb 19, 2008 11:04 pm by Samson in: | 3 comment(s) [Closed]
Yeah, I have to agree, at this point it's very much looking like November's election will be between McCain and Obama and, while I don't see McCain as "the right man for the job", if those are our choices, I sincerely hope that McCain soundly trounces Obama at the polls.

I also think it sounds likely enough that Edwards may ride the ticket as Obama's VP over those 26 delegates, but if Obama can grab Texas and/or Ohio, then he might well be able to tell Edwards where to stick his 26 delegates too.

Wow, two whole weeks of political respite??

If Obama manages to pull off both Texas and Ohio, it's a done deal. Game over. On to November, and Edwards be damned. But all indications are it won't be that easy.

And I think that despite much grumbling and dissatisfaction among conservatives, logic will win out in the end and they'll come to the polls realizing that their alternative is a socialist and isn't hiding it. So you either get a centrist Republican with a dash of left leaningness, or you get a socialist with serious communist leanings. The choice seems abundantly clear, yes?

I have nothing to add, save that the communism mentions make me giggle.

Also, finally, a Republican candidate who doesn't make me cringe and flee in terror.

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