World IPv6 Day

I'm sure by now everyone has heard that IP addresses are coming close to running out. Or at least you should have. Back in the old days when us dinosaurs still ruled the Earth, the internet gods decided to use a 32 bit addressing scheme (IPv4), which gave us the now familiar format for an address. At the time, this seemed like an insanely large number - some 4.2 billion addresses. Perhaps if life had remained less complex, it would have been.

Things changed though, and before long, it was becoming clear that this scheme would not be able to cope with rapid advancements in mobile technology and other internet-facing devices. Cheap hacks were invented to try and delay the inevitable. Things like NAT, where one router can serve up hundreds of machines behind a common address. All things like this did though was buy us all another 5 years or so.

Not wanting to get caught with their pants down, the internet gods of old came up with a new scheme. A 128 bit addressing system, with a format like this: 2600:3c00:0000:f03c:91ff:fe93:835a (yes, this is my server IP btw). This new scheme will allow every last device on the planet to once again have a unique IP address. This new protocol is known as IPv6. Since it has 2^128 addresses to dish out, there's no conceivable danger of ever running out. I don't even know what the proper term for a number that large even is. It's got a hell of a lot of zeros behind it.

Which brings us to today. Some time back in February or March, IANA announced that the final pools of IPv4 addresses had been allocated. Each registration authority in the various divisions the system has got one each of the last blocks left. This was one of the milestones for when we're supposed to wake up and realize time is up, that IPv4 is no longer viable. Unlike Y2K, this is an actual problem with actual consequences for servers worldwide. IPv6 may have been building up for the last 20 years or so, but it's crunch time now.

So a number of companies, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai and Limelight Networks have come together to enable IPv6 support on their websites for a 24hr period to field test it and see if it holds up. That testing began a few hours back.

Since Linode was able to come through and get the Dallas datacenter up in time, I decided to give my own server an IPv6 address and join the fray. I did this 10 days or so ago and as far as I am able to tell, it works. Though I don't have access to IPv6 support on my FiOS connection. I'm reasonably sure it all works, the server hasn't balked and the address is resolvable from IPv6 enabled testing sites.

I haven't followed this stuff along closely enough to know when the hard block comes up, but estimates are that Asia is already out of assignable addresses, Europe isn't far behind, and the US will run out of it's final IPv4 allocation in early 2012. About the only place left that's not having a problem is Africa. So time is short, and providers are going to need to start waking up to the reality. It's no longer a novelty to be ignored.

If anyone reading this has an IPv6 connection handy, I'd appreciate it if you could poke the site here, at afkmods, and the websites. Report back any issues. I won't be switching it back off either so if you missed the "big day" no need to worry. Every day is "the big day" for me now :P
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"Resistance is futile." -- The Borg
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jun 8, 2011 3:15 am by Samson in: | 21 comment(s) [Closed]
Funny, I was under the impression that every major ISP in the country has had IPv6 support for years now. (At least since IE5 hit the market) [that would be 2001 or 2002, I believe) My address is dynamic, so I have no way of knowing whether I'm using that protocol at any given time, but theoretically, I do support it.

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #2 Jun 9, 2011 1:40 am
Wow. Just... wow. Read your Giskard thread. I went to ask him if it was accurate. BIG MISTAKE. Banned instantly. He said to go read some place called mud bites cause it would show me what kind of lies Arthmoor likes to spread. So I finally figured out where he meant and been reading stuff there about you. Holy shit you sure have put up with a lot of shit from a lot of really nasty people. You ain't kidding when you say nobody has any idea what kind of people are out there. They even deleted your account cause they were afraid of your opinions. Fuck, we're all so sheltered its crazy.

@Dallen: Yes, some ISPs have had support for IPv6 in place for years. Many others don't, Verizon being one of them. Still on tired ol' IPv4 here. Mainly because the routers they supply don't have IPv6 firmwares in them. Yet. I expect they'll either update those at some point or send us new routers. Would be nice to get a new router since this one isn't gigabit enabled :)

Windows has supported IPv6 ever since the update that provided the protocol. The major OS vendors were all about 8 years ahead of the curve, which turns out to be damn good foresight since Vista bombed so badly and left M$ with a whole mess of XP installs to keep up.

As for your IP, your post was on an IPv4 address. I don't know how your previous posts have trended but I don't think you've been using one considering I've only had the ability to receive IPv6 connections for about 2 weeks now. I suppose that's one good thing about having moved my servers to Linode. DSL Extreme doesn't offer IPv6 support either as far as I can tell. So I wouldn't have been able to convert.

@Anon: Oh yes, that was probably a bad move. You questioned his royal highness the Emperor God and have now received swift justice. I'm sorry you had to see the mess that is mudbytes, but hey. There it is. Public record. You try to bring peace and civility to a forum and what do you get for it? A reverse Giskarding. The peasants effectively run the government there and occupy the palace. It's about as far from normal as any forum you'll ever find.

I think it's mostly the experience I had there that's led to my being a pretty mellow guy in the TES community since nobody here acts like the spoiled children on MUD sites. Even in heated disagreements, nobody is trying to tear each other down with personal attacks the way those guys do.

I've noticed that I can query my connection status and it reports on IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. I keep losing IPv6 connectivity, although I have it most of the time. Now I connect to my router via wireless, so that might be part of the issue. Right now I've only got IPv4, so that's all you'll probably see right now. I'll wait till hubby has some time and we'll see about testing the IPv6 connectivity - too much like electricity for my patience I'm afraid. One thing I do notice is the faster download speeds when I've got IPv6 connectivity...

Actually I don't know if the code I put in to see IPs would be able to deal with an IPv6 address. I guess I need to look into that. Both for Sanbox and for QSFP. There must be an easy way to tell in PHP, because Apache certainly knows what it's receiving.

I know the site will respond to an IPv6 connection, but I really have no idea if it responds properly since I can't check that myself. Thanks Verizon.

Right now, were on Verizon, too...only not the super-duper kind like Samson :sad:. When I'm elsewhere, I'm on either AT&T or Comcast.
Anyway, I'd imagine there's some kind of backward compatibility built into the IPv6 Protocol.

Edited by dallen68 on Jun 9, 2011 4:53 am
Good thing the code in this blog isn't too complex to update. Unless something is really botched up I'll be able to see IPv6 address info in the database now, without it getting cut off at IPv4 length.

IRE_Exposed [Anon] said:
Comment #8 Jun 9, 2011 2:15 pm
Admins are exposed for their underhanded tactics in ousting the old producers of the game and taking over only to drive the game into the ground with their unprofessional, power hungry behavior. Some divine are exposed as well for the use of their Admin powers to give certain players and cities unfair advantages such as custom coded items and guards, spying on players private interactions, and interference in IC events through use of OOC methods.

What follows is an unedited copy / paste of a post that appeared on the Achaea forums by a former member of the administration:

--- begin log ---

This seems like a pretty good place to post this without garnering too much mod attention right away. Feel free to copy it and post it around.

Hi, this is the second (or technically third) Apollyon. It's no secret that my character was Cypra, if that helps identify me, pretty much everyone, even people that didn't know who Cypra was, knew I was Cypra.

It's been about a year or maybe a little less since I “flaked” and just quit logging in to Achaea. In this post I'm going to explain why. I could have used my three years working as an admin as work experience, but I don't think I will be able to, due to the way my employer at the time behaves, so I figure I will do now what I should have done when I left, go out with a bang.

Read this knowing I know nothing of what has happened since I left. I have not kept up with Achaea at all. For all I know there could be a new producer and co-producer.

On the surface, you have all been, as far as I can tell, very happy with Tecton's work. He programs needed things and, well he programs needed things. That's pretty much all he does really. Nobody really hears much from the co-producer, Valnurana, but she doesn't do much at all, so that isn't a surprise.

Where to begin?

From what we could all tell, while Maya and Ourania were busy doing their job, Tecton was busy complaining to Jeremy about both of them and talking up himself and Valnurana. Maya was a great producer. I got into a few disagreements with her, but she always told you what she felt directly, and she was always willing to listen. She was genuinely interested in having us all be in a happy work environment. Her only flaw was she had a soft spot for griefers. Ourania was just a workaholic. She worked incredibly hard, and was beginning to get burnt out. Valnurana was supposed to be carrying the weight with her, but Valnurana wouldn't know what work was if it ####slapped her in the face.

However, all this - talking eventually got through to Jeremy, (this is all conjecture, no one knows what really happened at this point, maybe Tecton just said he and Val would work for less pay, or said he would and encouraged Val between Val and Ourania.) The point is, this leadership, rife with nepotism, was created. Ourania left and eventually quit, we lost our major workhorse.

Now Tecton was already known for bullying other members of the staff. He had griefed Agatheis out of the game along with Lupus' help. He's a bully, so having a bully as a producer is not ideal. I happened to be on his - list. I suspect it is because he always wanted to be Sartan and I blocked that. Tecton is also known for not giving two -s about other peoples' problems, not wanting to handle any issues not related to coding, and so forth. This continued with him as a producer. We were told we were whining if we tried to approach him about problems, and (since it has been several years now,) there were some other fairly disturbing things he said as a boss that weren't appropriate at all and made us remind him that that was in no way conducive to a comfortable working environment. Tecton is also spineless. He had pressure from Jeremy because of Ovid, so rather than handle the griefers in that gang, he let them get away with griefing and cheating. Remember when Ashtan's icons were dropped? During one of them, there was a bug with the Crystalline Circle icon where the set tuning gave a massive advantage to damage with a certain type of attack. One of Ovid's crew, I'm afraid I can't remember who now, used this exclusively during the raid. We reminded Tecton repeatedly to punish him, but he never bothered. He also constantly gave them second chances, even saying, after Ovid threatened Pentharian's life in a tell he knew Pentharian could hear that “if he did it one more time he would be shrubbed.” It took him a long time to shrub any of them, for those of you thinking he was waiting to push the button,

I could continue on for awhile about the spineless things Tecton did, god there are so many of them. He would lie to our faces, tell people they were going to get promotions they never got, and so on, but I want to move on.

Valnurana insisted on being event and building lead once she became co-producer. She and Tecton also refused any further promotions to a higher building level and demoted people that already had it. Now if Valnurana was a work fiend, this might have worked. However, she is monumentally lazy. Furthermore, let me familiarise you with some of her events:

the Dream Event that went nowhere (and this wasn't even all planned by her, I don't think she could have come up with half of it)

Shastaan women making babies after the Lion freed their men

Moles (Actually I think that was a joint Tecton-Val effort)

On the subject of the Lion, she just deposited a few Shala-Khulians in Cyrene after all those events and left the island deserted until I noticed it, and then I had to fix it. It was especially frustrating with the events I had done previously in Shala-Khulia.

Here are some events that were proposed that Val or Tecton refused.

A forestal/Evil event that put forestals on the aggressive (I tried everything to get this to work, but Tecton refused to let anything happen with the red fog, and that is the only way the forestals can be on the aggressive. I also came from several other angles but he turned those down as well.)

An Earth Day event that wasn't moles.

A multi-god event involving Hashan that Val ####blocked so hard she just summarised what they should do instead into one sentence.

Several events I tried to do involving attempted deforestation of the Aalen and a resulting conflict.

Killing the treants to further separate chaos and nature ("you can't do that, they are already established and it would look like you were just -trying- to kill them";)

Destroying bopalopia (if she hasn't already, Val just plans to throw all the stupid house toys of the Jesters into Bopalopia to make it even more stupid.)

Valnurana is one of the most banal, negative, hateful ####es I have ever come across. She goes out of her way to deny any idea that has promise, and to only promote ideas that she has come up with the majority of.

Regarding her work as building lead, she did absolutely nothing. Tons of areas were flat out ignored, and the ones that weren't were overseen by other gods. She simply didn't bother doing any work. We did it for her and got no credit.

Other people of note:


-Cheated on armour and weapons for a guild of his

-cheated on his guards for hashan

-spied on a govt clan for the Spirit Walkers even after I nicely asked him to leave

-regularly spied on my spies

-Spied on me constantly

-Used a denizen to promote his agenda even though there was nothing IC about what the denizen did.

-And of course, he did similar spying on Babel


-Outright admits to not wanting to roleplay

-Hates forestals but still holds sway over them

-griefed Agatheis out of the game over a petty reason, then had his house erase everything about him, even though the house was founded on Agatheis and his principles. (he was actually freaking out OOC at Agatheis for a supposed spy Agatheis had in his preorder, seriously, spies are common and can be a lot of fun.)

-Pretty much -s over anyone he wants because he is ancient and who else will do crafting (badly)

-I once overheard a conversation by an order member to another in tells saying “How do I talk to Father if I want to speak IC?”

So that's my story/####fest.

You don't have to believe me, I won't see the responses really, so it's irrelevant. This is more therapy for me for getting -ed over so badly and having to put up with such an awful work environment.

Hope you all enjoy your game,


Maybe those of you who wish I wasn't dormant are thinking twice now. Sadly, Tecton has a stranglehold on who plays either of the evil gods. You are very unlikely to get one in the foreseeable future.

--- end log ---

He said to go read some place called mud bites cause it would show me what kind of lies Arthmoor likes to spread.

Go to mudbytes and tell them you are me, The Fury, bam insta ban there also, you might as well get the double.

Wait, what? What's this IRE crap and why exactly are we supposed to care here?

Wait, what? What's this IRE crap and why exactly are we supposed to care here?

You and I is hard core mudders man. Didn't you know?

I guess. Someone didn't get the memo then because I haven't run one since Alsherok closed.

Hmm. I wonder. Did Diku license season come early or something this year? I've been asked twice now today to go comment on some license thread over at mudbytes despite it being fairly obvious I don't have an account there. :rolleyes:

LMAO thats gold. I wonder who is going to be ostracized this time because of how they interpret the Diku.

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #15 Jun 10, 2011 8:53 am
The Y2K problem was a real problem by the way. At least at my employer of the late 90's, it gave us a lot of work. Because most vendors with affected products did such work, major problems didn't materialize. If you didn't get an STD because you wore a condom, that tells you the condom was a good idea, not that STD's aren't a problem...

Of course sensationalist doomsday scenarios such as self launching nukes, suiciding power grids and a hew dark age were never realistic, but there is so much media in thr world today, that there's hardly any topic left that doesn't have a devoted internet tribe ready to exaggerate it to apocalyptic proportions

Congressman Weiner seeks treatment after sex scandal

Did anyone see that headline, some congressman's wiener had to get treatment after a sex scandal. man i want in on some of that action too. LMAO

Yep, seen it, the whole thing is a classic example of the double standard that exists for lefties.

Leftie: "Oh, he's sick, he needs rehab, we can't fire him."

Oh i was talking about how it looked like wiener, IE penis, Congressmeans penis had to get treatment after sex.

Well, back to the actual subject of this post :P

Someone finally hit one of the QSFP sites as an IPv6 address, and the pervasive use of INET_ATON throughout the code to store IP addresses is now coming back to bite, and bite hard. It's going to suck to fix too because INET_ATON does not work on IPv6 addresses in MySQL, which is where the conversion was being done. At the time I guess it seemed like a good idea. Not so much now.

EDIT: That went better than expected.

Sandbox was easy. I was storing those as varchar(15) and just changed them to varchar(40) and was done.

Edited by Samson on Jun 12, 2011 4:22 pm
Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #20 Jun 13, 2011 9:14 pm

Uh. Ok. While I have no great love for the Federal Reserve, isn't this taking things a bit far? Typical Anonymous though I suppose. Gross overreaction to something that can be fixed with the right people in Congress.

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