This picture probably speaks for itself. Yeah, in case you can't see it clearly from this, that's what's left of my rear tail light sitting in the street. With pumpkin seeds and a piece of plastic bag. The rest of the pumpkin got tossed in the trash before I could get a pic of it in all its glory. I don't know what sad pathetic piece of shit decided this would be funny, but that's what you are. A sad, pathetic, lonely piece of shit with no life who takes pleasure in bringing grief to others. You best be wary, because Chino PD doesn't look kindly on vandals.

Yeah, so now I get to have fun dealing with the insurance company to file a claim. As if I didn't have better things to be doing with my time. As if it wasn't already bad enough that I had to have a new set of tires put on the thing after that trip to Irwindale and the encounter with the road full of nails. People must think money just appears as if by magic. It's not going to be pretty if the deductible can't be waived on this.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Nov 3, 2011 11:07 am by Samson in: | 15 comment(s) [Closed]
You might as well save your self a bunch of grief, go down to autozone, & pop the $60 and tax for the breaklight. Your insurance co is going to say it's less than the deductible; so the only thing filing a claim accomplishes is increasing your premium. Installing you're new breaklight might seem a daunting task; but like most daunting tasks, the only daunting part is explaining how to do it. Once you're actually doing it, it's a reletively simple thing that will take 10-20 minutes of your time.

Except that after I went back out and got a better look at things it turns out that the bumper has also been displaced from the vehicle and will need to get fixed. Again. As if it being smashed in by an illegal wasn't bad enough the first time. That's going to cost a lot more than $60 to replace and I've been down this road before.

Yea, fixing bumpers is something the average person isn't going to be able to do; so you'll have the cost of the light, the cost of the bumper (maybe), the cost of the bracket(s) [those are actually the expensive part] and the cost of labour. Plus, the paperwork for the insurance. Poor you.

Well, all but the paperwork part anyway. Mercury is good like that. They don't make you fill out a ton of forms.

So yes, new light panel, possibly new bumper, and brackets. The last time stuff like this needed done the total was $2800 but they couldn't waive the deductible so I ate $500 of that. I'm sure hoping they'll waive it this time or it's going to make me seriously question the sanity of even having car insurance.

And this is why I hate street parking. You always get nailed by some asswipe who thinks it's funny or whatever. Meh.

Yes, well. Driveway's full. So I have little choice here.

Right. So I'm hating this insurance company right now. I called to file this claim 2 days ago now and I've not even heard a peep back out of whoever is supposed to be handling this, other than hitting a voicemail wall. Apparently they don't believe in manning the office on weekdays. Or weekends for that matter - the local branch office is fucking CLOSED on Saturday? Are you kidding me?

When I had the accident in Santa Ana, I called to file the claim and they processed everything the same day and got the paperwork started to get the repairs done. I had a body shop appointment before Santa Ana PD had even logged their police report. I had the car back before Santa Ana PD decided they didn't give a fuck and weren't going to pursue it.

This time? Nope. It's like nothing happened, or that it's just not important enough for them to care. I'm really pissed off about this and it hasn't done any good to tell the people who answer the phone at the main customer service number that I'm not happy with their service. Monday morning, I don't care what they say, I'm going to the local branch office to tell them this is getting ridiculous. Even if they're not going to pay out, it would be damn nice to be told SOMETHING.

So yeah. Mercury, you're making a very very bad impression right now. So much so that I'm pretty sure I'll be switching insurance companies once this policy period runs out.

Uhh...Yea...unless you catch vandals in the act; the insurance company and the police are pretty much going to look at you like you're stupid. As far as they're concerned you broke you're own taillight.
Plus: The fact that it happened before and you didn't store your car in a secure location, such as your garage, makes YOU liable.

Edited by dallen68 on Nov 5, 2011 4:02 pm
Oh come on. That doesn't even begin to make logical sense. They're going to assume you broken it so you can fight with them over why they're not taking care of it? Who would actually do that? If they're going to go down that road though, I'll just turn them in to the Insurance Commissioner's office. I doubt they want to have even a hint of the state getting involved over something they could have resolved in 10 minutes if they wanted to.

Also. There are no garages in any of the houses in this neighborhood. Their "secure location" bullshit won't fly here.

Edited by Samson on Nov 5, 2011 4:07 pm
FWIW, Progressive has never messed with me like this.

Not that I'd expect any of them to do anything for you anyway, but at least they'd be up front about it.

Well if there was nothing they could do, it would be nice if they'd say so. My roommates are all telling me I should switch to State Farm because they've never been jerked around by them. Plus they apparently know the local agent well and have no problems with him. Bit late now obviously, but it's certainly a consideration.

Progressive... the guys with the uber-lame commercials with that one stupid woman?

Them. In my defense, I signed up years before the commercials.

Sheesh. Well, after finally badgering the insurance people in person, I got the damage estimate. Just over $700, of which I'm on the hook for $500. Fucking high end plastic shit. That tail lamp assembly is $300 on its own!

This company is the world's biggest piece of shit. Getting the full runaround now. I would strongly advise avoiding any dealings with these pricks.

They're telling me now that the damage was done in a collision and they won't authorize the repair at the facility THEY told me to go to and now they won't release the vehicle until I agree to go along with their racket.

Looks like it's time to sick the Dept. of Insurance on their asses.

Figures. You have to track down those vandals, and get their insurance information; so THEIR insurance pays for the damage.

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