X-Files: I Want to Believe

So I got up this morning and was looking over the movie listings. I remembered X-Files was coming, and figured I'd go hop the early show to see it. Being a fan of the series and of the first movie, there was little doubt in my mind that I wanted to see this one too.

Mulder and Scully return to take on their roles as paranormal investigators for the FBI, only this time as civilian consultants. Apparently they've both left the FBI and have set out on their own. Then the action picks up and an FBI agent has gone missing. The agency has consulted a psychic to aid them in their search, which eventually leads to the agent in charge enlisting Mulder's help. What follows is not necessarily going to be what a lot of X-Files fans would hope for. It is however a very good pick from some of the darker corners of the X-Files stories and will definitely hold your interest, providing you were a fan of the series at least.

There's plenty of suspense, philosophical questions, healthy skepticism, and the usual back and forth debates that Mulder and Scully are famous for. The plot twists will keep you guessing, right up toward the end. Upon getting there you might wish you didn't know what's been revealed actually goes on in this world. Suffice it to say it's definitely among the darker subjects in man's history. For that reason it may be a good idea to leave the little ones at home. While not violent or gory, the subject matter in and of itself might be too disturbing for them.

Once more, I would advise not listening to a thing those idiots who call themselves critics say. They wouldn't know a good story if it walked up and bit them on the ass. Which has probably even happened a few times and they still didn't get it. I guess I was watching something other than what they saw because over all I found the movie to be quite enjoyable and worth the trip.

The previews shown today were really really bad I'm sorry to say. It seriously looks like the last good thing to see this summer is going to be Mummy 3. Which debuts next week. I'm still not convinced that Dark Knight is worth the ticket price and captive forced advertising. The only other thing that caught my interest at least a little bit was something called Eagle Eye, a spy thriller of some sort. I suppose we'll see when it gets closer to release.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jul 25, 2008 11:27 pm by Samson in: | 4 comment(s) [Closed]
As advice from someone who's seen Dark Knight. Go see it. The previews do not do the movie justice. Heath Ledgers final performance as the Joker is simply amazing. by far and above the best Joker, I've seen movie wise.

Well I've banked a lot on my instincts with previews since they're usually the most unbiased method you have of gauging if a film is worth your time. It's precisely the shots of the Joker that have me on the fence. I don't care if Heath Ledger was the god of Hollywood himself, Nicholson = Joker for me, end of story. I doubt anyone could ever top his performance. But a lack of much else to do with my time right now will probably see me there eventually. The movie isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but I'll be hitting Mummy 3 first for sure.

For me, Nicolson was a good joker, but he didn't really capture the essence of the joker to me. Ledger pulled off the Joker's chaotic nature very well, and the whole twitch-lick thing he has going gives him this whole, psycho kinda thing. :shrug: To each his own though. To me Dark Knight looked like a much better movie then the new Mummy.

Hey Samson,

I finally got to see The Dark Knight this weekend. It was such an incredible movie that I considered riding a bicycle off of a cliff. Because the minute those credits begin rolling, my life started going downhill. That's the only way I can really describe it. Samson listen to me you have to see this movie in the theatre. It is worth your money. I'm not a comicbook fanboy at all, and I can still say that The Dark Knight is defenitely the best movie I have seen in a long time.

As for Heath vs Jack...I don't know that they're really comparable. Jack's Joker was a more over-the-top comic-booky villain, which was fine for the movie and setting he was in. Heath's Joker is a dark and sinister madman, someone you could imagine coming across in the real world, which Batman Begins and The Dark Knight try to emulate. All the characters, technology, and scenarios you encounter in Christopher Nolan's Batman movies are things you can reasonably expect to come across, in comparison to Tim Burton's movies, where you had to have a suspension of belief.

Anyways, long story short, see The Dark Knight. Worth the money. Worth the hype.

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