X-Men: First Class

It's late, his parents are still asleep, and he hears a noise downstairs. Grabbing a bat, he heads down to see what's going on. Has someone broken in? Are they looting the house? Will they leave, or will he need to crack someone upside the head? He soon finds out it's just a young girl who has come in to steal some food. Rather than chase her away, he offers to let her take whatever she needs - and soon the two have become close friends. Charles and Raven, aka Xavier and Mystique.

Marvel is definitely cranking things up. They're putting out all kinds of movies this year and X-Men: First Class is yet another quality outing on their part. This time the story centers around a young Charles Xavier and his friends Erik Lehnsherr and Raven, aka Magneto and Mystique. They have finally begun to realize that they are not alone in the world with their mutations and are now seeking out others like them with the help of the CIA. Marvel tells the story against the backdrop of the brewing Cuban Missile Crisis, offering up an alternate-history explanation for why it got so out of hand that we almost blew up the world.

Followers of the previous movies will be pleased to see the development of their favorites, along with a few we've not seen before in other movies. Though it appears as though the press is referring to this as a reboot of the series, everything the movie laid out is entirely consistent with what we've been told before, which makes it a prequel rather than a reboot. There's even a cameo from one of the big X-Men later on, which sent the whole theater rolling on the floor in laughter.

The acting and special effects were all nicely done and the history used as a backdrop for the movie was very well integrated. I love these sorts of things in movies, much like Wolverine was an alternative explanation for what happened on 3 Mile Island. Oh, and obviously any movie in which all of the actors have a Bacon Factor of 1 HAS to be cool, right?

If you're any sort of fan of the X-Men, you'll be heading off to go see this one right away.

On the Horizon

Not a whole lot has changed on this front since the last movie post. I got lazy though. Went to see Priates of the Caribbean, which was awesome, but just didn't feel like writing something up for it.

A preview is finally out for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which reboots the origin story for how the apes came to rule the Earth. Provided we weren't shown the absolute best, that one should be well worth a look in August.
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Well. I guess that's that then.

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Posted on Jun 5, 2011 8:52 pm by Samson in: | 5 comment(s) [Closed]
What is with this obsession with calling everything "reboots" nowadays?

I swear, if the media starts calling Skyrim a reboot, I will be bustin' out the ol' power drill and getting medieval on their asses. :devil:

Enough with the damn reboots, already. Can we just stick with sequels and prequels (like this one really is)?

, I will be bustin' out the ol' power drill and getting medieval on their asses.

Kinky or Ghay?

Or both?

They couldn't call Skyrim a reboot as it's a continuation, in order to have a reboot of Elder Scrolls, you'd have to have a game that is set prior to the events in Arena.

No. A game prior to Arena (hint: one exists) is a prequel, not a reboot.

In order to reboot TES, someone would need to take Arena and rewrite the whole thing, changing details of the main story and even updating it with new engine technology. Usually a reboot then necessitates all other subsequent story lines be changed to match. Sort of like how they'll have to do for the newly rebooted Star Trek timeline considering they blew up Vulcan.

Sort of like how they'll have to do for the newly rebooted Star Trek timeline considering they blew up Vulcan.

Here's an example of a proper reboot: a title that starts from the beginning, but changes the course of events so to separate that title from the rest of the series, and essentially start over with a brand new plot tree. That is a reboot.

A prequel sets the scene for all the events that follow in the series that came before it, but does not actually change the course of events.

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