Alternative Beginnings
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Tossed in jail for waylaying a royal caravan on the highway, your trial was mere days away. Something is wrong though, the days have turned to weeks, and the weeks to months. You no longer have any idea how long you've been down here. The guards stopped checking your cell almost a week ago, and now the last of your food is running out. Your cellmate died months ago and they never removed the body. It won't be long before your bones decorate the cell as well. The Gods have forsaken you! Or have they....

Alternative Beginnings puts you in the position of the poor forgotten prisoner lamenting life's choices. You will be able to choose from several different options on how to begin the game, all from the discomfort of your dank prison cell. Your choices influence the circumstances by which the game begins, and hopefully the Gods won't forsake you this time around!

Requires OBSE 0020 or higher.
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