Cyrodiil Travel Services
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Official Oblivion Patch
OBSE v0019b or higher:

Highly Recommended: Elys Silent Voice 0.93 - Dialogue in the mod will not stay on screen long without this.

This mod is a collection of travel options which aims to recreate a system similar to what existed in Morrowind. It includes regular travel agent services at the stables, Divine Intervention, Mark & Recall, and Mage Guild Guides.

At each major city, there is a travel agent who will offer transportation to other major cities, including a few mod added desintations as well. Their services are relatively cheap and are based on the distance between each stop they service. They are also heavily armed and should you decide to attack them, be prepared for a significant fight. This may also draw in local guards. These agents WILL NOT RESPAWN IF KILLED, so try not to make a mess.

A Divine Intervention spell which functions in a similar manner to the one from Morrowind. The only real difference is that it will bring you to one of the chapel interiors instead of dropping you outside. The spell is sold in every chapel and requires Mysticism skill of 50 or higher. Scrolls are available from loot and vendor lists that deal with Journeyman level items. Divine Intervention does not function in Oblivion realms, Shivering Isles, or in a few other select areas where being yanked out might break something. It is also aware of Knights of the Nine and will not transport you to a desecrated chapel during the quest.

Mark & Recall spells which function nearly identically to their Morrowind and Daggerfall equivalents. This allows you to set a marker virtually anywhere and recall to it later. The spell does not function within Oblivion realms, Shivering Isles, or a few other select locations that will break something. The spells are sold by Alves Uvenim in Leyawiin since they specialize in Mysticism.

Teleportation services are now provided at the Mages Guild. Each city offers a teleportation pad in the public area of the guild which allows transport to every other major city. Ask around while in a guild and you'll be directed to the person in charge of the teleporter. Fees for non-members are 100 Septims. Fees for initiate members of the guild are 25 Septims. Teleportation is free once you have access to the Arcane University. Frostcrag Spire is available as a destination, but is only guaranteed to work with the OFFICIAL DLC.

Fast Travel can now be optionally disabled as well through an ini file.
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