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Open Cities takes all of the cities, except for Kvatch and the Imperial City, and transfers them into the Tamriel worldspace in much the same way all of the cities in Morrowind were by default. The result brings a whole new level of realism and immersion to the city experience. You can physically open the city gates, walk in, and have them close behind you. You can do this either on foot or on horseback. If you're being pursued by beasties in the wilderness, you can draw them into the heart of the city for a battle with the town guards. Your cities actually look like cities from a distance as well. The effect may not seem like much, but it adds greatly to the immersive quality of the game.

Highly recommended complimentary mod: Animated Window Lighting System - This is the evolution of Texian's Window Lighting System and is fully compatible with Open Cities. It includes Blood & Mud versions of the Bravil meshes as well.

Compatibility patches available on Nexus.
Is this compatible with Open Cities Reborn? If not, which is the better one to use?

Anonymous [Anon] said:
Comment #2 Feb 1, 2011 9:07 pm
The answers are

Is this compatible with Open Cities Reborn?

a) No, not really, though some of the cities and other features are identical. I'll let Samson go into the details, in case I get something wrong and make a fool of myself :smile:

If not, which is the better one to use?

Personally, I prefer OCR because all the new layouts and content are much cooler (I still would like a few more new houses in some of the cities though). Further more, the mod is no more problematic in terms of compatibility or the likes. However, if you prefer the vanilla city layouts, then use Open Cities Classic instead.

whoops, that was me. forgot to log in... :redface:

So, basically:?
They're not compatible because they're both doing basically the same things. & It's ultimately just a matter of which of the two styles you prefer.


Since they both replace city content, they're not compatible. Although if you want to get into the gritty details, you can mix and match some of these with OCR cities as long as you don't use two of the same city. Not sure how long the modular approach will last though since it's turning out to be a huge mess to try and maintain that going forward.

Oh, that's a neat aspect of the design, but I can easily see why you'd probably be better off choosing one or the other rather than trying to mix and match.

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