These are the various things I spend most of my online free time doing. Listed here in no particular order.


A general puprpose bug tracking application that was written in response to lax anti-spam and security practices in pretty much every other free package out there. It was written with modders in mind and is the tracker that the Unofficial Patch Project is now using. The general layout and design should feel familiar since it was directly converted from the Sandbox package and so shares a common framework.

Skyrim Mods

My latest obsession. Though the modding scene for Skyrim is currently still experiencing growing pains due to frequent game updates, it's gotten off to a damn good start. I'm looking forward to building a whole new collection of mods. Bethesda's commitment seems pretty strong so there should be many years of fun to be had here.

Oblivion Mods

From about 2008 onward I have invested a great deal of time into The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I've worked on numerous mods for the game over the years. Some which I took over after they were abandoned, others I created myself. There are also a large number of mods I've contributed to in some manner. I've also done bug and feature testing for Wrye Bash, TES4Edit, and the Construction Set Extender. All of which are critical tools in Oblivion modding today.


Sandbox is a personal website package that lets you setup and run your own blog, photo gallery, downloads center, and general purpose website. It's the software powering this website. Though updates to the software are infrequent, I am still actively developing this and will continue to do so for some time as the needs of my blog arise. - The Smaug MUDs Community Center is a merger between the AFKMud site and The SmaugFUSS Project. The combine site is intended to be a general community center for Smaug MUD enthusiasts of all types. The site covers Smaug, SWR, SWFOTE, AFKMud, and lots of other Smaug related material. The general hope is to build it into a thriving central community for all Smaug users to gather and exchange ideas.

As of November 2012, I have handed all daily operations on the site over to Kayle and will no longer be taking an active role in things there.

Arthmoor MUD Hosting Services

Arthmoor began as a side project several years ago when I got fed up with the service being provided by MUD hosts of the day. After awhile, I had some requests for hosting space and figured I'd open my servers to others. It's been quite an interesting journey since then and I've learned a lot about linux as a result of running the service. With the downturn in the economy through 2012, as well as the continuing decline in the MUD community, the service was closed, thus ending a major chapter in my activities on the net.


Alsherok is the MUD I and several others used to maintain. It began back in 1997 as a new project for those of us who were leaving Crystal Shard for one reason or another. It grew to be quite popular for awhile before the regular players decided to move on to other things. The MUD has officially been closed to the public since May 18, 2008. All good things must eventually come to an end.